A number of small cockroaches there on the initial ice

The Rybinsk sea– dream ice angling followers. In their sight, is a fish of Eldorado. Reports regarding the rich angling in these parts, especially parvaldu, continuously walking in a setting of anglers and excite the creativity.

Far and tough to drive– no problem. All, without exemption, think that there they will fulfill a vacation fisherman of ton of money. If not there, then where else? It is just required to drive. Alas!

Frequently, this welcome good friend giggles directly when faced with our seekers best of luck. You assume that stops them? Not at all! Day and night without sleep, breaking the exhaust as well as skidding pipeline on the road, they come here repeatedly, persuaded that this time around the experience will certainly be for the remainder……. And surprisingly enough, frequently come under the « leading 10 ». If the guessed time, otherwise leaping the air pressure and the wind East, and the location selected appropriately, as well as if another thing, after that the Orgy of pleasure! Right here go the reports and also not exaggerated.

That « something » took place to me on one trip on the Rybinsk tank. In some way at the end of November our bus, on a tip from among the regulars of the Rybinsk water location as well as got Renu, among the small rivers flowing into the reservoir. Gotten here after dark to shore, the good news is the ground was frozen as well as no snow. Hastily drinking some tea to perk me up after a sleepless evening, the fishermen counted on stroll on the ice. My observation is that, state, early, dark still had no solution.

Having actually agreed on the cost when fishing at seventeen thirty, the anglers went out. I understand from experience that the start of the bite is necessary to expect after dawn, and also later, however whenever I go due to the fact that the others go. This herd attitude, however such is the angler.

I appeared of the bus and looks around. In the East a little twinkle of dawn, yet still dark, and the river can hardly be seen. A little wind and frost, really feeling regarding ten degrees. In my point of view, the climate for angling was great. Completely troubled by the trouble of strange places, it is always and almost everywhere difficult. Where to go? I only recognize that on the right, two kilometers away is the mouth of Reni, as well as nothing even more.

Entirely to the river. The ice is bare, without snow, the first ice– truth, heating the fishing soul of fantastic hope. Pierce the opening, identifying the toughness of ice. Its thickness has to do with 10 centimeters. It is an instead strong ice, which can move easily, without anxiety of repercussions.

Who is seated where, without going much, determining to choose definitively with the dawn. I’m not quickly, smoke as well as think about upcoming occasions. I assume that, maybe, there is over and also will need to adjust to it.

Slowly the skies turn grey as well as begin to appear the describes of coast of the river. Make the opening and also spread the bait. Yes, there is a small existing, due to the fact that you can’t define the bottom as the jig impacts. Place heavier currently regular. The depth of about two meters as well as a half. Baited with bloodworms and also start to « normality ».

Fifty percent a hr passes. No outcome. Dawn damaged, and also I see all my associates, intently bent over the hole. Nobody is swing his hands is a bad sign, no attacking.

Fifty percent a hr later on, the anglers begin to disperse. I likewise got rid of from the scene and also rise the river. Pierce the ice, attempt a various method of « trembling ». Vacant! Starts to sour the state of mind, yet I function to open new holes as well as with any luck work in the same way. A number of tiny cockroaches there does not change my views on angling on the first ice.

I’ve currently lost her, go alone and also see where we can best position. Ahead on the right you see the Bay. Now, it appears, is the place. Go, sit in the fresh hole and tough fishing, considering fishing the transpositions of destiny. All seem to have: rich fish pond, and the first ice, as well as the climate is exceptional, however the tip rod is still inactive as well as doesn’t flinch from the bite.

At some time intuitively turn your head as well as see the single figure of an angler remaining on me, nearly forty meters away. Something concerning her attracted my attention. Look and also think your eyes: in spite of the range, you see beside him, dancing on ice large « tails ». Here he acquired hands and also the next moment was thrown in front of another fish. It’s way too much! Pick up the box and most likely to the fisherman. Fit.

Look him as well as his « tools » spoke about the fact that he’s neighborhood. He remained on an overturned bucket in front of the hole, the torn edges and the dimension of which discussed the truth that she hacked with an axe, existing at a range. He was using an old quilted coat, cotton soiled his trousers and also lined boots without galoshes, on the head– soldier hat.

By sight to it was years forty-five. In his hands he held something about functioned, looking like a fishing rod. A spreading of big cockroach in front of the angler was fascinated as well as thrilled. Some « pull » on half a kilo. Along with the cockroaches to dance and also wide white fish, evidently, skimmers or bream, the exact same dimensional. I was « knocked out» is
«seen. « Hello, » I greeted, approaching him.

— Good wellness,– okaya in the North, warmly replied the fisherman, counting on encounter me.

Can I ask what You capture?

— Please,– he readily agreed and began to select woodland from the water.

On the palm, outstretched to me a fisherman, I saw a massive, 8 millimeters in size, lead jig, the hook of which was spiked a shitworm.

— That’s it! As well as I have bloodworms nothing,– I mumbled disappointedly.

— So the moth is even far better– with the accent on the « o » quietly, without reversing, said the angler, taken part in his deal with. He stunned me with its final thought. Just how so? That can not be,– underwent my head. I took pride in their excellent fishing rods with sensitive witness marks, considered himself a skilled « service technician », however turned up empty in a situation when «…« … the Joker also better.» Probably, below the place is superb, the edge of the coast runs, which maintained the fish I obtained for myself is seen, heard and also my failing.

— You ruby as well as rest right here, close to me!– brought me back to the sensation of the fisherman’s voice.

I instantly pierced 5 meters from his opening as well as began masterfully to work as a guideline, tensely expecting that he quickly twitches and I really feel down most platinuw heaviness. Did one transaction, getting rid of the jig from the bottom on 2 feet, made the second, fifth, tenth… … Zero! A large round no! My nerves can not stand, approach the angler and also climb:
— Nothing! Something below not so!

— Well, let’s go see– a friendly okaet he goes and rises to my opening.

— Catch! if it were me.

I’m beginning to show « strategy », and after that there is silent idea:

— Not needed to drink! You placed that down!

Put the lure on the ice as well as podmetina line to make sure that the jig touch all-time low. An angler waits as well as sees my actions. Has actually not passed likewise half-minute as an audio of triumph March: tip solemnly went up! It’s time! Reducing! It! Multihouse really feel bottom heavy. Working with his hands, intercepting the woods thoroughly and smoothly, not providing slack, dragging. With an unique squishing sound from the hole is very first to the ball and falls on the ice a substantial stunning roach. Hands drinking, searching for a cigarette and consider the educator.
As well as they claim nothing! Congrats to you!– chuckling my a good coach.

It was actually only the beginning. I shared the bloodworms with my great expert, and also the subsequent three hrs invested in this spot was fantastic, interesting and remarkable for a lifetime.

I promptly grew aware of the method, and the scaffold cross-section of 0.15 mm acted simply perfectly: no damage, although that regularly needed to take out fish weighing as much as an extra pound. My challenger also effectively caught that was incomprehensible and unexpected, bearing in mind its bait-home-made with her line-a rope as well as a jig the size not the greatest hazelnut.
In the time out, for tea, which I showed him, we chatted on an angling style.

He said that the worm shops in the autumn, keeps it under the flooring in the box of manure and catches on all of it winter and springtime. In the spring of the sea in Renu is available in a range of fish, and also this time around, in his idea, is genuine angling. I immediately envisioned what it is, if the here and now for it– the typical.

We said goodbye to Nicholas, was the name of my buddy, friendly. I offered him the spool of angling line and also a few jigs, and also he left me his address for fisherman’s « intelligence» for the future.

Back to the bus, I went slowly as well as greatly: reduce shoulder band box, stuffed to overruning with fish.

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