Angling in the upper reaches of the Oka

The river near Tarusa not so deep and vast in their reduced reaches, however the side of her different sort of charm. Because the second half of August until late autumn, right here you can discover a great deal of convenient and also stunning areas for fishing on the bottom equipment.

The constant catches of large bream, IDE, in some cases catching bersha as well as unusual in our days of Podust. The primary item of angling for donochnyj below — a rather large bream. Oka bream follows places with more or much less noticable relief of the bottom is usually rough drop offs into the deep, where the primary solid existing boundaries much more moderate.

It remains in these locations, occasionally at depths not surpassing 1.5– 2 m, there are ledovyh packs. On the lure by scent River bream due to the advancement of the sense of scent is easier to discover food by scent. After a pass from the trough the most greatly spreads the scent in the very first 10-15 mins, and bream throughout feeding ground in the seaside area is the bait.

It must be kept in mind that the Jumbo is frequently fed alone, and smaller birds — in tiny flocks. Depending on weather condition and also other conditions, the outputs of bream in the seaside zone for feeding can vary noticeably by age. The largest bream, normally show up on the tame locations in the evening dusk, the night to 1-2 hours in the early wee hrs.

In September, with chilly water to prepare for the upcoming winter, lutoboka rejuvenated and extra active. Throughout this duration, they comply with the vast river stretches with a sandy-muddy bottom and the Parking great deal they can be located more frequently near the network to a depth of at the very least 5 meters. Required unique deal with The technique of capturing bream in the location of Tarusa reveals that the regional bream really elusive in the wiring. He generally responds far better to silently lying the lure on the bottom, as opposed to the one that destroyed rather swiftly.

Well, breams bottom fish and also this truth have to definitely be thought about when selecting equipment. In this feeling, lower fishing pole is the best choice. The main feature is that when fishing on a strong current equipment feels rather hefty tons. Feeder and also rotating poles for donok so you should choose a weight test of at the very least 120 g, that is, made for casting with hefty feeders. When angling for bream on the course, the rod-type Feeder is an efficient take on. Catch them as you can with the feeder and sinker. The role of the alerter attack it satisfies a removable versatile pointer (quivertip). This tackle is still more ideal for modest or slow currents.

When fishing on a tranquil river reaches. Its usage is restricted by time of day — throughout daytime hrs. Evening require other donkey. Bottom fishing tackle when fishing on the training course likewise has its own attributes. When choosing gear is more effective to the two handed pole permits lengthy casts where the factor of angling far from shore. For instance, when the Seine tidewater part of the river is divided from a wide band of superficial water.

When angling with rotating appeal in the top reaches of the Oka I utilize a fairly effective inertial as well as spinning frame. In a breeze of the lower poles must be used as the major test the toughness of a fishing line size of 0.30– 0.35 mm. Entwined, much less elastic, not very suitable, given that cutting has to do the sweeping as well as quite dramatically, resulting in constant damages fish lips. In other words, the scaffold must have a good damping.

As for the leashes, they need to be less resilient than the main line. Some anglers placed also solid leashes of braids that deep at the toe results in the loss of snap. In order not to lose time perenashivanie snap in the procedure of angling, it is desirable to have a ready-made leashes. The loop the loophole can promptly affix to the primary line. Chains are attached as listed below the trough(sinkers)and also above. Pike angling in June on spinning As you recognize, the feeders are open, semi-closed as well as shut. I generally take a few different sorts of feeders. The reserve is necessary because in some cases, in the case of a hook, with a feeder you need to say goodbye. Specifically in case when it is tightly stuck in between the big rocks.

The same can be said concerning gruselig. When fishing in strong existing I usually make use of a flat weight, it is much better kept at all-time low, as well as where there are rocky ridges, it is far better to make use of weight type Tyrolean stick. Simply a couple of brief jerks with the rod and it is freed if such weight is after a pass between the rocks. One more vital factor is the capability to attach the leash.

There are two primary choices.

1. The leash is affixed after the feeders or sinkers that are complimentary to move up the major line to the stop.

2. Feeder or weight is connected firmly to the end of the line, and above 30-40 centimeters attached to the leash. In the first situation bite are appreciable if the fish took the lure, sent to the depths or to the side. If the fish comes to the coast, the bite may not be noticed. Feeling the resistance of the feeders or sinkers, the same bream throws the bait. In the 2nd case, the fish really feels the resistance, if she took the bait, heading to the coast.

Nonetheless, I have to say that when angling with heavy bottom snap-bream as well as various other fish often samozaschita. In places with a rocky bottom the 2nd choice of installation is preferable — lowering the possibility of snags. As alerter bite usually used traditional bells (feeders rattles, which are attached to a versatile pole ), and numerous type of sliders on the angling line in between the reel and also the bottom ring of the rod.

The best option — framework feeder Cord spiral feeders as well as the plastic open, as experience shows, excellent on low — tide. Typically, however, Oka bream can be caught in locations with rather strong currents. In this situation, the most appropriate framework hefty feeder fishing which has its own quirks. Itself feeder evaluates 30-80 g, and bait one hundred and also more. Right away prior to casting aroundthe frame Obinitsa thick lure. Normally, this calls for a feeder rod high tensile stamina.

Generally this karpovici test 80-90 grams or spinning rods with size as much as 3 m with the very same examination. To spinning reel is additionally extremely high demands. It needs to include not much less than 100 m angling line with a diameter of 0.30 mm. Snap-in for the donkey might be carried out as in the deep, as well as in the gliding version. In the initial instance, the primary angling line attached to the swivel on top of the trough, and the leash to the swivel at the bottom.

The chain from the line, the random sample 0,22– 0,25 mm I do short, no greater than 10 centimeters Thus, we have an empty snap-in that is created to samorodnitsky fish. In the sliding personification, the snap-in is somewhat various. The primary fishing line is gone through the center of the trough and is attached to the swivel that slides inwards-filled feed trough. For capturing on a strong present I is generally higher trough placed protivogerpetical — transparent silicone tube.

As in the first personification, the leash is utilized short. When selecting hooks, pay attention to the reality that their sting was very sharp. During the night both choices allow you to capture large bream as Slobodskoy, and also without it. On the lure The lure you require to include weight components if you catch a sinker. Crushed rock. Some fishermens blend the food in the clay. Heavy spheres securely get to all-time low and gradually washed — away by the existing. Nonetheless, it’s all good in the daytime.

Evening to throw the lure to the wanted point of angling is very bothersome. Another thing — the trough. Three or four lower poles to allow bream delicious scenting station where they will be trying to find food. And the closer the trough is located the nozzle, the a lot more possibilities for a strike. A well-prepared bait must follow the trough, not to fall out of it at the time of casting, not to break down when striking the water surface.

After concerning half a hr without any bites I charge the trough. If the trough stayed a large component of the lure, after that you require to « right » her consistency. I typically utilize an exclusive lure mix for carp fish, during the kneading of which add « excellent food »: toasted ground sunflower seeds or hemp, finely cut earthworms , feed bloodworms, small maggots. A couple of words about fishing for bullhead and other fish in the Oka donkey. Feeding the vending area, either way, you will be taking care of a range of carp fish.

Specifically, when fishing for bream are commonly caught heavy IDE, specifically throughout periods of» cold water when all the fish prefers to feed from the bottom. It is important for orientation in the selection of tooling and one of the most reliable suggestions. For night fishing, along with the configured base equipment, you have to have a tent, a
comfy chair, light extractor for extracting the hook as well as other tools.

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