Angling non quit

Again at the weekend break checked out the Volga. The water was practically loss, which means that the fish has come to be more and more active, eating sinking right into the network fry. It is a pity that this is just academic reasoning.

In practice, the water fell as it started to lift once again and also not separated from the discharge of water, the killer was clearly at a loss. It revealed the very first couple of hours of fruitless jig Postings on numerous « trendy » locations. A great sounder draws fish from all sides, yet primarily herds of carp, ruining all life around them.

It is proactively captured in a « CMYK » in all its symptoms, however it is, luckily, not our way. The situation was nearing night, and the fish better as it does not come to be, it was consequently chosen to select an area to remain overnight on the water with the amendment that the father will catch on the donkey, as well as I’m going to be rotating.

And also below put forward, we start to capture. Sundown remains in an hour, as well as some over task was observed. What I had not dipped the jig, bites never ever made. Yet going to the cranks, with 2 casts caught a wonderful pickerel as well as perch, and this is encouraging.

Closer to the sunset once more on the Wobbler can often be an effective bite, as well as somebody did not appear on the surface, straightening the tee, left residence on business. Well, I believe I’m mosting likely to reload and also battle again. And also after a few casts, background duplicated itself. Again effective bite and also the fish concerns the surface area, and also push down. Even thinking, that would certainly it be, slowly accustomed to turn on a solid stream, do not get tired of fish. After flashing silver flanks, as well as the internet is ASP.

That you not attack on the jig, an excellent challenger again lipowy Wobbler and also revealed what he’s qualified of. Then there was a time-out as well as change of the heap of plastic toys, but the bite is still at the very least one ASP I never got. But at sundown, at sunset, I was recognized by the presence of tiny holovlit, which attacked just the same deep Wobbler. As much as I handled in the dawn, had just one crank with a strong active game.

The — watercraft took one rod — global Maximus Advisor 2.5 m to 42 gr. He had to drive in varied circumstances, and also he was in the appropriate location at the correct time. With the jig I currently looked at BB and any type of discoveries not made in terms of good sensitivity. However with the appeal, his work is a little shocked with the routine. Externally quick Patriach, under tons tipovyh krinkov, the type started to be included when uploading someplace on 1/3, while responding to the activity of the crank stayed stock for a good effective cutting.

Something reminded sibiravia stick for crankbaits eminent Japanese, certainly in a more affordable variation, but still. Due to the building likewise did a good work on the casts parousiasi appeals, sending them away like a catapult with ottyaga.

I swerve. Following was evening angling and also there was meant to be fun, yet it ended up not so rosy as we would such as. A ground pole at the dad slowly caught carp, cincy as well as polemiki, as well as I have at this moment till 12 in the evening there was not a single contact on a jig or appeals. After twelve o’clock at night started some unusual calls, Sedivy for the fish, but she’s not Bouncing off.

On one of the next casts, at last, really feel the bite and fish the night really feeling odd habits of fish, as well as in my head creativity illustrates of the next prize, as a matter of fact you can see just spinning, not a lot more. And also my intuition does not fail me, after a short time playing in the boat is… … Carp.! Unusual, yet found it on the chin on the orange vibrohvost in size 4″ ″ Sensor, while taking care of to virtually damage. It is unclear exactly how he did it, however the truth stays. After that all night once again as it was plainly sudchina bite, but it ended with the consuming of rubber right beside the double, and also the fish I really did not also hold.

By dawn I was undaunted, packed a lot more orange vibrohvosta obtained extra tipovyh crankbaits and also gradually altered them as backlava. First awakened perch, little, but at the very least I got– and this is motivated. Nevertheless attacking they were not included and 15 minutes, yet a couple of loose ends to obtain it to catch.

After that tried a lot of points to no avail, when instantly an additional permutation not far from the watercraft chasing after a solitary notice ASP. Dimension there was plainly 5 kg, and also the bursts he would certainly have been given even when the morning’s soft wind. Placing the reliable, Luremax Garletta 60S on the second wiring obtain a powerful bite, and afterwards a struggle taken place. The strong warm of the ASP was simply not to move, he pushed deep and played off, meter by meter, cord. Regarding 5 minutes absolutely nothing was simply impossible to do.

After that fish began to quit and also slowly approach the watercraft, yet to uproot it in the surface simply had no possibility. Attempted numerous times to obtain the touchdown internet, but fruitless. As a whole, the outcome was that having fun, with shaking hands, a crank geared to the side of the landing net and also gone fish. At a glimpse the fish was more than 3 kg, however the precise weight naturally currently will remain an enigma. Why was he effective and so energetic as well, is uncertain, yet a wonderful fish, which he gave me, simply keep in mind.

However adjustments, the rapid descent of among the smaller fish, and also lastly caught sarasper, a little over 2 kg. of The vitality that his previous counterpart, he definitely really did not reveal, however he kept at it enough time.

Hereafter bite finished, and also as I had not tried anything beneficial caught was not only the herring sometimes attacked my attraction thinning down reigned full silence under water. The sun by that time starting to be rather warm, and also pleased but worn out, we determined to go and also finish this interesting angling house.

Unusual happened fishing. Working in the evenings dips, in the early morning popularnosti, the jig is nearly quiet, Zander virtually was not, overall, the bite of a predator was honestly « not very»», but handled to stretch and also get some water, take a breath some fresh air. Just the same intriguing as well as unusual angling trophies as well as more on new brows through.

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