Angling on the river Samara

Efficient area on the river Samara, we uncovered quite by crash. This air duct size from 1 to 3.5 m, overgrown with sedge as well as various other lawn, a lot to ensure that the canal is not noticeable and also 5 m. In this Bayou live the good Soroki, roaches and roach evaluating from 50 to 350 grams.

The fish probably comes back in the summer season as a result of the abundance of food, whom are residing on coast all kind of pests, dragonflies, grasshoppers, flies and also always waiting on your arrival horseflies.

Fish are timid and very mindful, she hesitates of the float, sinkers near to the hook is fixed (which it is preferable to have a premium, better Japanese). For fishing in this location will be rather a fishing rod of 3-4 m with the instantaneous coil. The primary fishing line — — 0,15 mm; chain — 0.12 mm; hook № 3,5-5 at the domestic category.

It is very vital to locate the fish as well as not to scare her. Fish frequently hides under the mud, and also in order to attract her out, sometimes you require to work hard. You can fish near the shallows, near Tina, on the boundary of sluggish as well as quick existing, just under the overhanging over the water bushes. To attract the fish, the head needs to be banging on the water or float on the river, where there is an institution of fish. After being captured one to three fish in one location requirement to move.

Enter into this canal and also pike, as well as perch. But to hunt for bass particularly, there is no requirement, the bass can be found in an air duct of a small size, the day can be captured two or three perch have actually taken a grasshopper. For pike put the spare spindle with fishing line 0.3 mm as well as the float. Live bait catch as well as move with them in removed plastic container. Tackle with real-time lure let ahead and go for it on the channel.

You have to take care, often can not see any kind of lure, no float, as well as due to this there are retired lives pike, the a lot more that come across instances of 3 kg 300 g. In late autumn, the fish catchability leaves this place on the river Samarka as well as rolled right into wintering openings.

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