Another training before the competition

The job of the test pits, which we catch in the side and the autumn beside these pits, along the way looking ASP. To fish are not expected, yet wanted.

Another training prior to the competition, I do not understand what yet the fact that thisworkout is most definitely. Remarkably today went out early, not also started to lighten.

At night of the strikes was not, altered a couple of locations, swept by great midsts. Regional base on a boat 20 metres from the shore and thrown into the side of the earth, that they hence catch and stopped working to learn.

After dawn started biting, caught a few little perch as well as Berchem, however out of the competition.

Circled a couple extra hours, however without outcome.

It was made a decision to leave the area, and we went into the air ducts. Inspected a couple of well-known grabs, continually caught little perch. It did not fit us.

The heat, the calmness, it was required regularly to drive with the wind, to somehow cool down.

Closer to the supper was rather unbearably hot, however it in some way influenced the fish. In our location we initially razlomalis perch. They pecked the requirement, provided that the lure drops out of karaski comprehensive and totally disregarded the lure if she were more than a meter away from grabs.

Changed the attraction on a huge Intech Turborib in the hope of a huge perch, however after a few transactions after the next delay with driftwood felt the hook, which is gradually pulled right into the midsts. Surprisingly monster resisted feebly, revealing only his passion only in the watercraft.

A quick image and the fish is launched, about 10 minutes, I filteringed system the pike gills, so she started to relocate, and gradually Povilas tail, mosted likely to the midsts.

The location is located, the fish are biting like that there will be a week unclear.

Even more our way exists to one more place, whatever is just pike, for a hr, have some bites as well as catch one more one. Fish is no more pushed it and also go on to the next area.

Known factor, in full sight of every person, the walleye bite on practically every purchase, caught the scoring. So as not to palitsya on the point as well as our boat is currently visible, roll as well as eliminate into the shore.

The fish is discovered, will it attack in a week is uncertain, however there is a chance.

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