Bad and also excellent wind for fishing

Today I will certainly inform you exactly how to select the area for fishing, not to sit waste getting here at the pond. I create this article, for those that involve fish from afar. After speaking with visitors, I was convinced that really few people understand exactly how the fish acts when a certain wind.

It’s all really basic, there is water there is fish, no water — — no fish. When the water is way too many, the bite is worse than the average water.

Offered the mass of water in the tidewater, a large effect on the water degree in the network having the wind.

The influence of wind on angling: personal experience

The more powerful it blows, the much faster the reset, the content of the channels as a result of the pressure on the big water surface area of the tidewater. The water as it « dents » in the networks. If the wind strikes from the channel to the tidewater, the water begins to vanish, and Vice versa. I saw a picture of just how water took place 2 meters for one hr. When the water in the network loaded formerly completely dry shores swamped, opening up brand-new « feed grazing » fish, as well as from the estuary, delaying food for formed for.

In summer season, the locks keep the water degree, covering as well as revealing them, in order to avoid extreme floods during heavy wind. The beach does not obtain enough water to it was complete summer as well as the coastline gradually dries up. There are just networks that feed on the tricks, called Kuban « light beams ».

In the tidewater the fish is likewise not standing still. Customize it with the wind to the coast, in the direction of which it impacts. Waves of sloppy water, increasing from all-time low of previously unattainable fish food.

In the springtime the scenario is somewhat different. Of estuary fish are spawning up the networks, trying to get on the disordered shallows for generating a prompt way. In order to begin angling at the coastline, open up the entrance, develop for, as well as harvested fish in the supposed « pit » before him. Fish stuffed literally 15 minutes after opening of the entrance. It passed into the change and cover the airlock.

Currently regarding the wind for angling. If it strikes up, the fish pulled in to the portals, but from the marshes, when blowing back, specifically, to the contrary coast.

Who knows such information, that to this particular day successfully captures the fish just focusing on the wind instructions. The wind in his ode to the side — — go to one area, the wind another, go to an additional. Discover the map if the pond is not acquainted, as well as don’t count on Russian « perhaps»».

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