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Winter angling for burbot on the Northern waters are fantastic for numerous factors. First, a local killer that has a straight partnership with cod, grows to absolutely gigantic proportions. Second, in periods of Jora, particularly prior to generating, it is well caught by trolling and live lure white day.

Sitting in a searching cabin and as soon as you can reduce lengthy December night. He we in the North before long extends that often tales regarding hunting is not nearly enough and also we change to talking about angling.

Good friends this tale is, of course, listened to, but in our group today the completion, the new man. I take a comfy placement at the table, which, you understand, in enhancement to treats is something else, and begin the story. If you have a few mins, dear reader, let’s go to a really far-off fish lake Axoma.

It’s been a while, but not eliminated from the memory of the angling. My relative Alex Arkhipov, the eldest child of the Earring as well as I were angling on lake Barns. Before going fishing was a strong thaw, which is well pressed down the meter of snow. And after that, as expected, came the North wind, behind him came the chilly, vigorous this what took place is extremely thick snow, practically ice. Snow sled on such floor covering Almighty, go anywhere you desire. So we selected, naturally, lengthy lake — — to Sarek was fifty miles.

Well, we fished there, lugging perch, pikes. Come off completely. At nights look at the map of these places, and there, rather close to us, actually five kilometers, lake Axoma. Sit I think — — to go as well as escape of Gasoline … we have a great deal, enough to realize all desires. And we decide to ride on him, as well as instantly there’s beasts just waiting on the minute to ingest our lure.

Early in the early morning I load the container, unhook from the sled as well as top speed on the lake. 2 snow sleds to go made a decision not to. In this field a lot of Goroshek, ravines, upland streams, and at first it is essential to explore the method light. A bullet brushed up 2 kilometers throughout the lake, I drove up to the river, which attaches the Barns as well as Sukamo.

Determined to go for it. Another half a kilometer at complete speed, and also I most likely to shoals. Black holes of open water on the river kaliwat my passion. To splash down on the bottom did not wish to. The financial institutions are thick and steep right solid birch, on the left do not climb up, extremely high. The action happens, go back to the starting placement, that is, initially of the river.

Well, I will certainly attempt the left Bank, though it is high, yet still might be up. Top speed, as well as I’m upstairs. New snowmobile runs extremely promptly, only take care of to steer between the trees. The spruce forest gives way to ache forest and I get to some canyon left as well as right side of the hill meters a hundred or one in a straight line not to go. The compass figured out the direction of the canyon — — simply to the lake. Going better on it. He’s like a serpent, winds amongst capitals.

Impended in advance clearance. Wet from sweat and also enjoyment, decrease and also look out for how best to go down to the lake, it is as if in the valley. Drop simple, yet up will certainly be much harder. Vacant it can be done without much problem, but the sled is problematic. Looking for an extra mild way and roll out on the landing strip. On the map it resembles in the shape of a boomerang, the wings of which are four kilometers. Drive along the coast to the hut. As soon as below he flew the an-2 aircraft with the anglers aboard. I acquired a ticket to Arkhangelsk, and also here’s a wild woodland lake. Then when the plane crashed, along with the fishermen, and also trip angling outlawed.

Appreciate the lake with ache forests at the edges. On the appropriate side, obviously once strolled on fire. Separately stand tall larch at the foot of which stretches a young birch. I’m going from the coast a hundred meters and also see just how from the planet to ache rises a couple of complaint. Wave, state, Hello, guys! Mirror lake started to transform right as I arrive to the river Axoma. On the tall banks near the resource, as the picture, rose beautiful hut. At the outlet of the lake the river was full, bubble roll, adhered to by the fifty meters of water, and after that again the ice.

Spread his equine, ahead straight to the hut. Almost near the hut, at the top, the sled does not have sufficient power, I’m entering with him and help as well as he was extremely grateful, taxis to the door.

Enter into the hut. Six by 6 meters, a table, a bench around a squad of soldiers fit. The range of brick, however, all chapped. Unemployed dried straw, probably coanty loss came on the boat with electric motor fishing, this is their ancestral lands. And then I turn around and also fly delighted to Sarek. There after a hearty lunch we’re going in 2 autos with sledges going Sukamo. On arrival there instantly go sushina. Good idea we have a chainsaw. One nags, the second timber slicing, the third tea marganit.

And when the essential organization is finished, to the river. Pierce openings and waiting time, below it is, river, so, somewhere under the ice grayling. A few movements with a nod, and also I have a nibble, well, who is there to be, besides grayling. Pull. On bluesince something large and does not want me upstairs. Alex was right there, takes off his cap as well as covering the opening, they say, afraid of light, and also consequently can not draw. Slowly tighten back up, yet rather grayling from under the Lesha hats shows up burbot head.

Overall initiative extracted it from the opening. Remarkably, the beast of the deep, and then only a meter under the ice. While we took fish Earring likewise drew burbot. Well, if my own was on half a kilogram, after that it is smaller.

We still had a little time, in addition to in the river no pecking, we drove around the lake. We were stunned by the deepness of the storage tank. In some areas near the coast meters 7 to 10. Discovered in one area the proper deepness, worn-out perch. And also night, coming close to from the East, compelled us to vozvrashatsa in the hut.

The following day we did a colander on Succome. Pecking large and also small perch, and also in some cases uncommonly large roach. Unusually the climate was excellent. The sunlight all day did not come down from the sky. The snow underfoot was wet and also our faces had a day in the sunlight. In the evening he heard the holler of the snowmobile is, as we later on discovered, came Yuri Makarenko Sergei Karelian as well as, seeing Sarek our path, immediately swung below. Perceptions, naturally, we had lots of, hardly ever where you will certainly fulfill such beauty, however angling is definitely not satisfied. Anticipate more. At the end of the day we came close to the river. Simply in instance, I dropped the lure in the red. Visitors appeared of your house, greeted us and invited to drink tea. We say that currently, blavim openings as well as make them company.

Stunning night, no indication that the evening would certainly be cool. Light, clear shroud of clouds covered the sky, blinking in between the celebrities. A mild wind. Not take a breath, not a great appearance. In the hut, generally, is not preferable. Sergei draws a bite — — something big. Burbot. Alexei, as well, attack me. Get the burbot. We are at a loss. What the heck, burbot bite blestki. In a few minutes all three again good luck as well as again burbot.

Weight, although tiny, from 3 hundred grams to a kg. Times bite, someone will certainly draw from the hole. Leans stronger than darkness, more frequently attack. Each fisherman by hole already disperse a number of burbot. Nothing else fish. As well as when the evening actually took control of the scenario, the bite was simply awful. Took burbot, dipped the spoon, then feel your fingers pulled the bait. Nod have actually not seen, and the opening as well.

Drag prey, only reduced — — quickly a strike on the arm, and more without end. Alexei bigger burbot separates Vlasenko. Dark. Serge goes to him with suits, in some way they connect a new one. And also the discussion proceeds. Breaks down fish a number of times more than we secure. Occasionally live is such that even the next-door neighbors can listen to creaks fishing line on the ice.

I bear in mind the lake Ilos, the richest of our lakes. Near it stood 2 years of exploration. From Arkhangelsk to her, he drove all-terrain automobiles. And also our sibling the fisherman learnt about it and also go to the Ilos. On different cars, well, all that has even more than one bridge. Numerous individuals were going that crazy you can go. Now, the perch, and there was pecking large bass, much politicial throughout the very first wintertime. The second winter has actually begun to establish cockroach.

She pecked there are more than one hundred kgs and grams as high as you desire. So, I go out during the night to smoke near the hut, check out the lake as well as ask yourself — — to what we, the fishermen, clever. Roach, it is an excellent bite in the night. Men placed a candle light in liter or half-liter container, light it and also capture fish, Yes, so much so that also during the day so don’t get captured. Ilos superficial lake, as well as anglers resting anywhere. The impression is that the sky was covered with a lake. Not candles that melt, and stars. I reminded the males that well and we to do so, yet, alas, below’s the canisters we and also not stocked.

The bite proceeded for one more hr. Around us was currently crawling as many burbot that rustling was spoken with them nearly to the huts. We were shocked. The bite ended similar to it started. Less and also less as well as ultimately stopped entirely. The males from the hut did not endure, that we have gone a very long time, involved us with flashlights. Eyes they shone like stars at the view of our catch.

When in the light of lanterns, we accumulated the fish in bags, that were themselves affected. 2 potato sack to the eyeballs, below’s Suksma! After that I listened to that such a biting as well as in this place dropped, and various other anglers from the city. To this very pleasant minute in our angling and included that on the following day displayed to us the replica fish captured 10 pounders, 3 of which we can not draw — — keep the chains or busted hooks.

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