Burbot it’s time For ice fishing

And fish is hard in such problems under the ice: deaf– oxygen is little, nearly no light. That moves it is the last effort on the water in search of somewhere to remainder, but in a dark world representation of the practically spring sunlight to delight in. As well as you, the angler, think of where it could be.

Only one very unusual fish our waters the February Blizzard climate and also frequent in this time of frost, however with a breeze, extremely like.

It is a ruthless nocturnal killer, the burbot, which in numerous locations, for this period ends with a generate, which is likewise uncommon, as well as starts posledeistvie feeding duration when burbot up spent on love joy stamina as well as get fat before the lengthy summer season hibernation, as it does not tolerate cozy water.

Amongst fishermens, there are lots of followers quite lengthy quest for burbot in the wintertime– and also all as a result of the extremely yummy, significant liver this freshwater cod, which I’ve Nalimov and accumulate all the reserves of nutrients for the farming of eggs and milk to the following spawning season and long summertime article. The most favorite food of burbot are almost always the rockfish, because their meat is extremely tender, and also the « prickly » in the winter season like barrels filled with amber delicacy, besides flocks of ruffs are exceptionally various as well as fish yet this is not so active, so you can conveniently flee.

Burbot’s mouth resembles a Python and fairly conscious numerous Ershov thorns, that’s why also very large hooks with bait the predator ingests fearlessly as well as deeply. Before capturing burbot, simply require to discover the area of its results to search, i.e. to find during the day fishing locations concentrations of ruffs, and at the same time to prepare the bait. Right here and need to be closer to the night to place equipment on burbot.

Deal with these are rather simple ice postawski in the form of an item of fishing line with a hook and also a weight attached to lying throughout the opening a stick. Normally, the length of the equipment must be equal or somewhat better deepness in the place of angling: burbot– fish totally bottom. You can capture burbot and also typical Gerlich tie up your line on the spindle when the sinker of all-time low of the burbot quite to puzzle the line or to obtain the take on in grabs, if you offer him a totally free turn after bite.

There are a lot more « sporting » methods of production burbot. Here and also night trolling on the « noise » spinners, and capturing unique burbot with jigs in the hefty lead of a cone– capture them « on tap» when the lure is monotone beat on hard base and make it only the rear heavy part of the lure-cone without lifting the hook from the bottom. The bite burbot is revealed in a couple of weak shocks or suddenly arised on the line of gravity. There is need to make a certain move, and securely drag burbot up.

Do not, obviously, to think that the burbot in the winter months bite specifically at night. As an example, in the Northern lakes as well as rivers, and the majority of the Siberian tanks it posledeistvie angling in the daytime is commonplace. The fishing success generally contributes to gloomy or perhaps rainy climate. And between lane, as an example, on the Oka winter months, not just in hefty snow happened throughout the day to leave the hole in the inmost areas of the river measuring burbot, levavcha on a big jig with a worm or bloodworm on the hook as well as on the balancer while searching for a walleye or Bursch on channel decline offs with a hard bottom.

When it comes to catching burbot in the present winter season, the scenario is not as desirable as in previous years. Probably strange and also protracted warm, which last summer struck a huge territory, the worst effect not just on the task of killer, however his strength: on the very same Oka, Klyazma and also the Volga at the optimal of heat was observed a great deal of dead burbot– yet I believe it’s simply the one fish, which for some reason came out of the openings, hideouts and also the amount of her dead were left under… …

Perhaps because of this, in lots of areas, and it was not a regular fish burbot on the eve of winter season. Going for a night predator, currently you need to select those pools that were outside the destructive results of extreme heating.

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