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In all tanks, the fish stopped to recreate and the number was so small that close to the moment when the fish will go away completely. Ichthyologists have quietly seen the catastrophe of the fish fauna, encouraged that they are not linked in this catastrophe.

But it’s not. Ichthyologists in all the fish ponds was inhabited by Amur carp, which have the capacity to multiply rapidly and to acquire valuable weight. We now know that fast reproduction of carp, together with various other variables, is in exile all of the fish from their native areas, which formed places for spawning as well as growth of adolescent carp. Quick weight carp that have concerned a various place happens when the supply of eggs as well as fry of fishes like natives, which brings about the cessation of reproduction and also, consequently, to the full loss.

Most likely to hide these hazardous top qualities Amur carp, for their sale, developed the variation that they are silver carp, do not have their men, and their eggs are fertilized the male of other varieties. This variation resembles a spicy joke for April 1, was seen by scientists-ichthyologists dogmatic undeniably and of evidence as legitimate.

For years these contrived bestuzhevyh carp that live just theoretically as well as psychological of scientists, studying major individuals, making clinical explorations as well as writing of the thesis. This fake science is harmful not just real science however also damages to nature as well as economic situation of the nation, sidetracks interest from the genuine scientists of the Amur carp, which are the reason for the discontinuation of reproduction of all fish and also their loss.

Fictitious bestuzhevyh silver carp is verified by the reality that they can not be the representatives of the Amur carp, which besanzoni carp are not and can not be a silver carp, although they look like them. Details about the life of Amur carp gotten by carrying out observations as well as experiments. Some realities needed for the post listed below.

In all tanks, tiny and large, formed in river flooding levels, dams on little rivers, waste pits, swamps and other water developments live Amur carp, while in populaces with different stages of advancement. In these tanks, as well as not in the sea or a large tank, it is convenient to research the life of the carp, due to the fact that they are accumulated in one place carp of every ages, from hatchlings to grown-up. To discover carp should pick a fish pond additionally carp nothing else fish, adult carp include females, and near the shore swim a collection of young crucians.

The behavior of the fish after leaving their places of birth were observed in the Lower Volga in the top component of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. It turned out that Amur carp are hermaphrodites, as well as they alter their sex several times during their lives.

Carp are birthed males and when they grow up, they end up being women, generating spawning throughout this moment and also prior to leaving for other areas at the age of 7-10 years. On the region of the other egg-bearing women do not consume normal food, as well as during spawning of fish-natives eat their eggs as well as fry. After generating all fish carp, event in large masses, do not search for food, but without motion until the following spring. These egg-bearing women, researchers accept as bestuzhevyh silver carp, which is a mistake. Multitudes of carp is a fish of aboriginal territory on which the fish feed on.

Fish, lacking conditions permanently, leave its area. Carp on the totally free websites prepare locations for spawning, for which the crucians will expand and also losses from predatory fish and also eat without rivals. These conditions and various other elements provide explosive recreation.

Amur carp, can start new populaces in various conditions: from single fertilized eggs in the existence of some young carp and engagement with them in generating adult woman, two women(one of them will end up being a male), one lady(she would certainly have both Mature eggs and milt ). As can be seen from the above, the Amur carp can not be besanzoni silver carp. The visibility of info regarding the life of Amur carp shows their real presence and ownership of existing water bodies the big variety of egg-bearing ladies to the unknown mind of the Amur carp, not to bessancourt silver carp, confirming their fictitiousness.

Every person with the trouble of bring back fish recreation, you need to bear in mind that while in the water are Amur carp, any interventions will certainly not create favorable results. Currently, recognizing the first information about the Amur carp, much easier to reach study them in a clinical method as well as begin fighting with them, keeping in mind the extensive their catch. These measures will result in the resumption of fish reproduction and also repair of their number.

FROM THE EDITOR Our reader put the question, obviously, questionable, need an unique study. Nevertheless, based upon personal years of experience as well as long monitoring, I can mention the adhering to reality which can be taken as an instance of the loss for no apparent factor various other fish in Karasevich waters.

So, in the South residential areas near town Shishkino it has actually long been a network of moving ponds, which till recently, other than carp, were performed a lot of perch, cockroach as well as gudgeon. The pond is not infected, it was not in them, as well as Zamora, but perch and also cockroach went away entirely. Currently these water bodies populated by rotan, verkhovka, progressively vanishing gudgeon, pike, which can not breed to fascinating for anglers, however it is mostly the prominence of silver carp of different dimensions.

Remarkably, this carp during prolonged winter thaws are biting well and also ice with wintertime on the hook frequently caught men, and also in the summer in the catches is dominated by hypnotic trance. VIBRATION Naturally, prior to magazine, we might not get in touch with the experts-ichthyologists.

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