Carp: fish, tricks of angling

Which fishing lovers never imagined catching a prize fish, which is not embarrassed to show it to his other half, family, good friends? Such desirable victim is the white Amur.

Capture its not as very easy as it appears, yet if you understand some secrets as well as methods, there are no worry with catching you will not have. It is required to consider the season of angling, weather, time of the day.

Of great significance not only selection of lure (bait), yet also on what equipment you capture.

Carp: what is this fish?

It is no secret that carp comes from family members Cyprinidae, and also is as a result extremely similar to carp, typical carp, IDE. The fish can get to large sizes and also weight of some instances exceed 30-40 pounds. He was bred in synthetic problems in China, after that spread to the majority of component of region of Russia and in other countries.

Amour is particularly well created and is putting on weight placed in lakes where there is no running water and also a lot of vegetation (reeds, sedges, algae). At the exact same time the fish suches as tidy water with high oxygen focus, so it is commonly expanded in business fish ponds.

Carp maintained in the pack, it can define the quality as outstanding survival rate, versatility to the setting. In winter season, the fish goes into hibernation or is inactive lifestyle– it stays near the bottom in wintering pits. One of the most promising period of capturing this big fish is the spring and autumn. In summer it is likewise captured, however not so strongly.

Where can I catch yard carp?

Although that it is fairly a big fish, it grows well in tiny ponds or lakes. Catch her in these giant rivers like the Volga and also the Yenisei, is thought about a big success. If you wish to capture a Cupid, you need to discover it in those areas where the concentration of this fish is high.

This applies mainly to pay lakes. It is very important to observe optimum silence. Picking up the slightest risk, the fish are simply concealing as well as not reacting to the recommended him the lure. A good chance to go house with a good manufacturing there. You would require to tempt one place and toss back their gear. Sooner or later the pack will certainly fit and begin to consume the lure.

What is Cupid? Just how to catch him?

I question what some anglers call « brown cow» because a bite can happen on almost anything. As bait suitable corn, tiny tomatoes (cherry), cucumbers, barley, eco-friendly beans, young peas. Often capture document trophy’t also on the sink, packages of reeds, the fallen leaves of the willow. Does not reject carp with worms, Nightcrawlers, maggots, bread.

The most efficient is angling with Hominy, which is butchered in a special feeder. A great option would certainly be pea mastyrka, bread crumb, mixed fodder and also various other blends of grains integrated with breadcrumbs. Carp perfectly captured on carp take on with unique mosaics, fishing pole feeder with snap-ins.

Numerous fishermens « discharged » at that ignore the stamina and power of this fish. Cupid quickly bend and damage hooks, tearing the line. So its capturing need to utilize only premium and dependable tools.

When playing a fish to do without a landing web is nearly difficult. Being persistent as well as solid, carp withstands to the last, which is why the celebrations usually occur near the coast. The touchdown internet requirements to be with a large basket as well as light-weight, yet long lasting handle.

« Maksimikha »– the excellent area to capture a Cupid in the suburban areas

Where you can catch this wonderful and tasty fish far from Moscow? A fantastic alternative is fishing a mansion called « Maksimikha ». It is located in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow area– from the capital only 60 kilometers. You don’t have to go someplace numerous miles away « in the town to the grandmother»».

With us you can relax, also alone, despite family or friends. You have all for angling: the required equipment, fishing rods, rotating rods, lure and groundbait, means fishing pole, touchdown webs. That is, if essential, all equipment for angling can be rented from us.

Our fish ponds are rich in not just the carp, but other fish:

  • pike and perch;
  • catfish and also carp;
  • trout and also sturgeon;
  • tench, pikeperch;
  • crucian carp, silver carp;
  • carp, carp.

With such diversity you will certainly not only discover how to capture decent copies, yet simply relax, sampling a delicious soup in the fresh air. We routinely skyblue their fish ponds to preserve a high concentration of fish in the fish ponds. Every consumer, also the amateur will catch a legal prize, which you can be pleased with! Look into the prices on a paid angling, using our catalog.

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