Cold angling is not a hindrance

Today with a buddy once more made a stroll to a new point. This moment the climate was not positive in any way. The night was a pretty reduced temperature level, at some point involving the other day’s factor, we saw that the coast was covered with ice and the range to the water concerning 2-2.5 meters.

Yes, it would certainly be possible to capture, in spite of the ice, however the bottom line is that bass are focused near this coastal location, there is the edge, which he holds. In the end, before fishing needed to sweat a little, equipped with thick sticks, we started to udivliat the ice near the coast, and then sent it sailing down the stream.

Well, the fishing area is prepared, it’s time to begin angling. The air temperature level is roughly -11– 12 levels Celsius. Today I armed myself with microgrooves rubber SPRUT. The night before fishing I greased the cord oil Johnson’s Baby, and as it appeared after that, was not in vain.

Catch begun with a proven inchworm SPRUT HIROKO in yellow. This bite was not like the other day, perch came to be passive, and also to convince to take it was not so simple. Yes, there was some light prodding and poklewski however it’s OK to miss the bait the bass desired. Still after 5 minutes of my « dancing of the tambourine» I still catch the initial perch and also open up an account today angling.

From the point I capture an additional little okushko. Comes a lull. Determine to alter your attraction and put SPRUT HIDOKU paint MGR-UV and also capture an additional striped. Possibly in this situation was the adjustment of appeals, as the bass ordered the currently obnovlennom.

Once more a lengthy lull, transform to darker shades. Try SPRUT KANTO STRONG, this worm a number of times saved me throughout the summer season angling, how he will materialize himself now? Poklewski was, and also there was one event, yet it appeared to me, the appeal is too huge for tiny, and also passivnogo perch. They did not have just the side of the tail and also allow him go. The battle is HIROKO paint the engine oil with bangles and also brings me a number of small acusat.

… And once again silence … the other day the perch bite continues to be simply a desire. Bass today is really different. Possibly his laziness is in some way gotten in touch with the cold, as well as possibly we ‘d frighten him with moment Ottaviani ice in the coastal zone. Okushko catch on the purple HIDOKU. Identified striped not the typical way, as listed below. Possibly he crushed the bait, or just arbitrarily podagrica.

Once more every little thing is silent, begins shuffling appeals. A couple more tiny perch brings me yellow worm SPRUT TAKARI STRONG.

It was truly cool, and we made a decision to go home. Yes, today the angling was much more small, however nevertheless, portion of the pleasure I received. Eh, still the weather condition is nicer…

… I Hope it will be soon.

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