Groups of anglers crowded to the frozen sea

The construction of the reservoir started in 1970, slightly over the village of Kurilovka, under God’s hill, the river Sura and the nearby shore was obstructed by a large dam with a size of about three km. along the financial institutions of a big valley– the prepared disaster area– throughout the years the construction was at the origin of the cut and also partly rooted out trees.

Falling in this area, the village was moved higher.
In 1978 in the life of Penza has actually happened– in the full sense of words– occasion: a 10 km from the city, it was appointed in Penza storage tank, quickly gotten in the everyday life of the people the name « surskoye sea»»
. The function of the construction of the reservoir was the supply of water of the city of Penza and also Zarechny and also watering of 40,000 hectares of surrounding farming lands. The mirror of the sea exceeded 100 sq km, the width in the center component had to do with 3 miles, and also the location of bayou prolongs nearly 30 km from the dam upstream.

With the onset of winter 1978 -79. group Penza fishermens flocked to the ice-covered sea. Below in different places well captured perch and also different white fish– cockroach, IDE, bream.

Well keep in mind fishing the appropriate shore of the sea opposite the huge town Alferovo. With a buddy, we concerned Alferenko, placed the auto in somebody’s backyard and also walked across the ice to the appropriate Bank. Right here the ice was sticking obvious grab, where it needed to move 30 feet in the direction of the left Bank to get to the spiritual area It was found on some altitude of the bed account to a deepness of about 3 meters– a type of « table » on which he enjoyed to spin and also have a great peck at the fish– mainly « great » perch about 100 grams. At this place we wish for « grazing » while there is no fishing on our rivals, as well as the angling was silent. Soon the local fishermen revealed us another very inconspicuous location to get to which was just feasible on the sites– trees on the ideal Bank. Once, when there was no snow, a type of « lighthouse » were protruding from under the snow vacant bottle. There is additionally very actively captured perch, as well as reached an extra pound.
A few years sea angling ended up being peaceful, yet quickly there was an actual « Klondike » on the river over the bayou zone. Below, in tidy water, hurried massive schools of fish leaving the sea, apparently as a result of oxygen malnourishment brought on by deteriorating does not rooted out the origins of trees and staying ground plants.
The author had the opportunity to go to one of these trips. Individuals were full. Along the coast stretches a long chain of cars on the bigger Parking great deal.
Caught mostly different white fish got the jig very greedily. A number of neighborhood anglers was sitting on the ground, where the depth was not more than half. To me among individuals, overcoming resistance, pulled the IDE not much less than a kilogram.
My buddy captured nearly to the top cabinet of significant size. Great sex I am.
In the complying with weeks we selected places even higher on the river, where well captured perch and skimmers. As soon as I was sitting really near to the shore to grab the area where a very smartly went perch. Taken care of to catch virtually package. It holds true, typically needed to use the unhook.
After a few days when the ice was found the network, showed by the poachers, had these locations to go and leave for a new one.
Next year the sea water is purified from the products of putrefaction, as well as in the location of Alferini began fishing for bream, handled a mass character. As to the gold mines, seekers to bream « stolbit » a section of ice pierced the openings and also regularly between the fishing went to him, dropping the attraction. The advancement on such land could cause a rumor, occasionally with the massacre.
When I was able to enter the zone this of fishing. Sight it was stunning-from ice standing out of the stakes, bars and also posts; concerning « staked out» of the hole stood a wall surface of snow. In short, the human imagination for legalization of possession recognized no bounds.
One time enjoyed wonderful appeal, the previous convergence of the river Ties with the Sura, turned to the spill of massive proportions. I remember the delighted day when trolling I had the ability to capture walleye at 2.8 kg, pike 1.3 kg and the bass on the 600 is Having problems with filling my little box.
To fish near the dam better than 2000 m soon prohibited. But there were always anglers who made use of consents. Among my friends is a very effective fisherman that regularly checked out there and the traveling caught up to 12 — — 15 (!) great– approximately 2 kg of bream, while his companions were content with one or two. No pre-feeding it is not used.
I remember in years past, when we needed to go back to Penza at the weekend break by plane, make prior to planting, hand over the sea, you could see gone the clouds fishermen zapolonili all the ice from coast to shore.

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