Early Wake-up telephone call

Early Wake-up phone call at four in the early morning, not a bit I was not dismayed, since I do not have to rise early for work or to take a trip, because today is might 1 like everyone, I have a lawful holiday, and if I have a day of rest– that implies just one thing, I’m going fishing!!!

Gear collected and also Packed last night, so the typical invigorating morning coffee mug and forward, far from the city sidewalk to the beauty of wild animals. Measly number of hours and my good friend get on the scenic and gorgeous river.

When collecting gear, particularly this time did not experiment: a spinning Black Hole One’s 642— L and also spinning reel with front drag Shimano Stradic Cl 4+ 2500S 2ML, yet all various other consumables maker Intech. As well as this: knotted cord Intech All– PE X4 Range of 0.4 RE, a leader of fluorocarbon Intech, Intech silicone lure Soft Baits as well as a retractable tungsten Cheburashka and also holds from this supplier.

I will state honestly that the collection was no emphasis in this manufacturer as well as additionally then was extremely stunned to see his production. Well, fees is over, the routine mug of coffee, as well as it’s time as if the fish catch.

Go to the river a few casts in a solitary, slim cable as well as tiny dimension freight bait Turborib 2″ away and also simply send out towards the opposite shore. Below at the bottom is not a negative grab, the type plainly in hand passes all the sliding on it of my lure, however the silence, this can not be, because it is just one of the favorite environments « candy striped bandit ». End up the wiring as well as once again toss a little more snags. As soon as there was the first touch of the underwater challenges, time out, sluggish change of the handle (so as not to drive the balanced out into the wood) and also here it is, a definite « skidish»», sweeps and also rapid playing first bass this angling.

Photoset, and on the concept of catch as well as release. This koraichi shoot an additional 3 perches and also after idle transactions make a decision to continue your journey along the river looking for points of prospective habitat for candy striped.

Every bite noisally passed my hand my ONE’S engaging in combat and not permitting them to go greater than one perch, no matter its size. Polovin from the heart on Turborib 2″ and also after the biting has calmed down, decide to transform lures Slim Shad is 2.5″ from the same maker Intech. Simply a number of casts as well as spinning captures crisp bite, exactly how nice pressed as well as withstood this striped, particularly when captured in the stream circulation, but the form did not offer the smallest possibility to avoid capturing the burglar on my cam. Polovin sufficient bass, you can listen to calling to me my pal.

Like, so and also so join us, located a spot where with terrific pleasure to the rotating pecking relaxed state of mind. I, naturally, the chance to miss out on was gone. Will inform you people, attack cockroach is something that none of the killer so it does not pass, the sensation like that really promptly spent on a washboard with a stick (a penalty tremor in the hand), as well as her playing, comes with an intriguing resonance. Yes, in a word relaxed fish is not a killer, and also habits it is entirely various.

Polovit a little bit more Beli, choose to still end up today as well as encountered the side of the car. The way back in the direction of your house, customarily, passed swiftly in the pleasant memories of past fishing expedition and also obviously on upcoming trips, as well as furthermore, that is stone’s throw off trips with an overnight stay.

Well, I finished your tale, trying to communicate to You the feelings that have actually experienced myself and customarily NHN and see you on the water.

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