Exactly how to save fish. Just how to keep the catch

Water collected from the trophy, with the exception of eel, snakehead as well as other fish who have strong skin breathing or has a labyrinth organ fast asleep, specifically hot summertime. Extend the life of the captured fish to bring it home fresh, not really difficult.

For this objective it is needed to carefully eliminate the hook (maintain not just the damaged fish), put in a large cage (cotton or woven from willow twigs) and also area it in the water in a peaceful, shaded pathways with shrubs or place with a deepness of not much less than 1 m, where the water is cooler. Regardless it is difficult to keep the storage tank from breaking the Bank. The problems below are so « uneasy » that the fish passes away quickly.

The big wheel kept one by one Kukan: carp on a soft nylon cable or fishing line, gone through the gills, not just in between the Gill rakers; the killers, the pike, pierced metal squeeze the reduced jaw — — in this state she is able to chase. If you have to bring the killer Kukan behind the boat, get the clasp from the reduced and top jaw below the mouth of the fish was closed and also the stress of the jet does not tax her interior organs, triggering quick death.

Where seaside downgraded exudes icy mini-streams, it is possible to set up a type of aquarium, blocking the stream or dig an opening next to him, naturally, lower level. After filling the openings with water to allow the fish on the top and cover with branches, so she really did not jump. In the midsts of the water the fish will live until the end of angling, even if it lasts a couple of days.

Exactly how to store fresh fish Resting fish to maintain in the cage not in the water, it degrades much faster. If the fish is drifting tummy up, it has to be gotten rid of from the cage as well as kill. Yet not as usually do unskilled fishermens leaving the fish on the shore to combat as well as to sleep. The fish in this instance, obtains injured, and begins to wear away much faster, and the taste of it worsening. Blow stick on the head and also stun the fish make a puncture in the rear of the head. To euthanize the fish and also pinched the nodes of the nervous system: Karpov press hard on the rear of the head, eel — «— « pinch » the tail(Fig. 1). Big samplings are urged to kill, bridge that Gill vein (Fig. 2) and her blood. Fish meat becomes thicker, it is more tasty.

Userswindows fish wrapped in nettle, sedge, twigs of alder, these plants obstruct gills and also mouth, the carcass dried in the color prior to the formation of the body of the fish safety film that avoids the infiltration of microorganisms and placed them in a shaded area. Even much safer to gut the fish, get rid of the gills, slightly protolith inside and covered in plants. To intestine the fish, keeping its look. For this you require to cut the gills from the upper as well as lower bases, cut Gill the film, reduced the anus near the anus, eliminated gills with digestive tracts and right into the tooth cavity put alder twigs or other veggie preservative. Will aid to take the fish residence fresh cloves of garlic, a paste of horseradish. A good preservative building has vinegar. They saturate the fabric and wrap the fish in, ought to long for salty.

To deliver the fish in a container with great air flow, for instance, in willow basket. That carcasses do not touch, they change plants. Carry the fish in plastic bag only in wintertime, in summer season it without access of air degrades before our eyes. By the way, concerning winter months. In serious chilly the fish must be shielded from extreme freezing. Eliminating the hook caught fish, it should be placed in the bag and placed it in the fishing box or create on the ice as well as covered with snow. Defrosted fish home once more to ice up not because of the taste and also dietary quality will degrade.

Fresh fish benign, if it has aloe, no foreign odor gills intense protruding eyes with a clear cornea; smooth, glossy, no sticky sludge, with a pressure of separating the scales; dense, securely gotten in touch with the bones of meat, the « springy » when pushed; typical, not inflamed abdomen. The initial sign of the disappearance of fish is to separate the meat from the bones to begin with this is plainly seen in the abdominal dental caries. From eating fish that do not satisfy these needs must be abandoned, or may be poisonous.

To determine the freshness of icy fish, to be warmed in boiling water blade, stick it in the carcass, smell as well as get rid of.

Exactly how to keep salty fish. The typical as well as most easy means of preserving fish is salting. Salt — — the most well-known as well as dependable preservative, and salty fish can be stored for a long time. Salty fish in different methods depending upon the size of the carcass, the preferred period of storage, further usage. If the carcass is tiny, the fish is salty whole, if you stumble upon huge samplings, their blastout.

Salting it before not clean or digestive tract it and just have a good clean if the fish is prepared for drying out. Nonetheless, it is feasible to dry-cured and also salmon, but it already needs training.
Fish pour salt as well as put in a plastic bag or an enamel bowl dimension: first big, after that smaller as well as smaller sized, sprinkling each layer with salt. Top salt put generously especially. Stacked fish cover fanerku or plaque and also on it placed the yoke is wrapped in plastic wrap a rock, a container of water or any various other weight, the mass of which matches about to the weight of the fish.

In relation to the amount of salt there are different sights (one of the most preferred ratio of 1:10), yet practice shows that too much salt fish does not soak up. Salt the fish hold until, up until the end of the fast macovigilance. Depending on the size of carcasses that lasts from two to 6 days. Showing up juice is essential from time to time to drain pipes, so some fishermens instead of shut containers utilized for salting a loose tool such as a basket, toenailed timber box, where the juice could flow by gravity. At capability with zasalamel fish have to be kept in an amazing location.

How to store smoked fish

Smoked fish cool or warm method and also store it in a trendy location. Smoked fish prepared in an unique ryabokobylko they purchase in the shop or made on your own. The light is a rectangle-shaped box of arbitrary size stainless-steel or non-galvanized iron. Package should have a detachable or openable cover, and also a grille that reinforce 5-8 cm from all-time low (Fig. 3, a). Rather than a box you can make use of a container of stainless-steel grills and also geared up with snugly fitting cover (Fig. 3).

Fish, intended for hot-smoked, gutted, and cleaned up (or leave the scales), washed, scrubed with salt as well as leave for 2-3 hrs to proselki. If you have time, great fish slightly podvyalit in the wind, protecting from flies.

At the bottom of the light poured a layer of alder sawdust (birch as well as want are not suitable because of the abundance of gum) or tiny twigs elevation of 1-2 cm For the sawdust, include a sprig of juniper without needles, which offers the fish a specifically beautiful Golden color, for flavor — — a Bay fallen leave. Fish are placed on a grid to ensure that the carcasses do not touch. The laceration of the abdomen, you can place flavors. The box shut and put on a fire or kerosene stove. 15-25 minutes relying on the dimension of the fish carcasses will certainly prepare. If, after getting rid of the cover, to uncover that the fish was smoky somewhat, the lid shut as well as the drawer is once again placed on fire.

To cook fish hot Smoking is possible without the oil lamp. In a cliff removed a particular niche with two feet depth as well as size, and not less than 70 cm high. Prepared fish lay on a fortified on top of the stick or by linking it with string, so as not collapsed, hung. The fish make a fire, surrendering the alder as well as aspen rotten, bumps, damp fallen leaves, to the carcass twists around the thick warm smoke. After 1-3 hrs depending on the size of the fish carcasses will certainly prepare. In the procedure of Smoking carcasses a number of times overturned.

There is an extremely straightforward way of Smoking. Prepared fish is placed on a stick, however not resinous, and sticks stuck in the ground at a fire on the leeward side that the fish remained in a warm smoke.

Prepared smoked fish has a bronze-gold color and a particular, scrumptious odor. With an open Smoking scale the fish are not removed.

Cold Smoking requires a significant financial investment of time, yet the end product is salmon does not weaken for a long time, has superb taste. Especially appreciated the smoked Lenka, sea trout and other salmon, Chub, perch and various other huge fish.

Created for fish to be gutted, salted. After 2 day air and bring them in a smokehouse. It is a tent or a cover, surrounded by a mossy grass. Fed alder as well as aspen rotter, and also include optional herbs, juniper with remote needles. In the smokehouse should be thick smoke with a temperature level not exceeding 40 ° C. the Smokehouse can be set up in a high Bank (Fig. 4). Smoked without disruption for at least 2 days. The ended up fish cool and also put in a container with accessibility of air.

How to store dried out fish. Primarily dried out fish of the carp family members cockroach, Rudd, Zope, white bream etc. To get a real « cockroach », the fish is not gutted as well as salted whole carcasses. Well prosalovskaya the fish were after that washed in running water, soaked, which may use up to half a day depending upon the size of the carcasses as well as hang out in the wind under the shade for drying out. Fly fish shield gauze cover. You can also comb the fish with oil or a solution of potassium permanganate. Sticking fish generally behind the eye hooks out of light weight aluminum cord or hung on nails driven right into the wooden rail (Fig. 5), so that fish do not touch each various other.

If angling temporary as well as healed can be delayed to the house, small fish straight into the pond as you capture dipped in a saturated salt remedy (the option is fairly saturated, if it does not sink raw potato), and after that upon arriving home, cleaned and hang.

Dried out and also gutted fish, to quicken the procedure respira her abdominal area with a stick. Such a « cockroach» turns out skinny, not juicy.

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