Experience big water. Educating

Big water, a new reservoir as well as severe weather. The initial training before the Adrenalin Open. We are best equipped as feasible for us. Cutter tiny tools, let and financial, however they truly act, an electric motor 9.8 mares and, of course, rotating Maximus, thanks to the EcoGroup workplace for support.

It took as long as 8 hours: buddies, who are mosting likely to Ivanjkovci, it is not essential to go through Dubna. There is a ferry, which is a long time to get up. Not without shame: the road has actually lost the number from the trailer flew off. We still have normal individuals, male on the Gazelle for a long time we blinked.

Finally they placed the boat and also arrived on the base. The climate passed with the wind, rainfalls and more. Not wrong, you bastards. Beginning at the 4, and also covers us from the wind as well as rain, which lasted all angling. We still managed to draw a different area of the fish pond where we prepare to catch. Found fascinating areas.

The fish were eating incredibly disgusting attacking off the tails, as well as just body bait. After bite, dolomite was difficult. I have actually been able to elevate small pike-perch as well as ride a couple of respectable fish on the Maximus Gravity.
Really taken pleasure in dealing with him on the huge water. No surprise the team Fell Selivanov-Fedorov selected these sticks.

The 2nd set was Maximus Advisor 24 7-35 test. I really did not anticipate much, because adelka worth less than 5K. I was surprised when I was able to differentiate for him the framework of the base and also feel the autumn of a weight on the bottom really clearly. One-of-a-kind stick, the price of 7-8 rubles for it would be warranted, and afterwards 4…

… Unfortunately, the 13th day weather condition beat us: exhausted, drenched, and not happy until the end, we confessed our defeat as well as went to rest, hoping in the evening to return to the water. Yet by 16 o’clock has begun hurricane as well as thunderstorms. Pouring rainfall, under which the catch was difficult a priori. Assuming, considering all make a decision to move home.


Very much has actually been not able to confirm and also to recognize. The factor is intriguing, yet not clear their « performance»». The tournament will certainly show that we did something ideal or missed entirely. Experience, all experience.

Vital experience! It was really interesting, thank you to my companion David. Will try in the competition. Tackle take the very same: Gravity 23 5-21 and Advizor 24 7-35. I have them going in tandem with Daiwa 12 legalis 2500 and also cable Intech Exceed 0.8 as well as the Black Side Magnum 3000, which is wound on it, don’t bear in mind. I refused to chain string for flurocarbon Intech 0.55 and fittings.

Well well. Waiting on the competitions would certainly be great, job is to visit to 30KU.

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