Attributes of fishing from the ice in various conditions

In Russia, numerous rivers of tool and also little dimension as well as most of them fish. To catch fish in the winter the river is not so very easy. You need to think about the numerous subtleties and also recognize exactly how to check out the water.

The concentration of the fish on Avodah and lining jets regular for rivers of tool dimension. Normally, in order to effectively capture fish in winter season on the river, you need to analyze it in the summer. In the period of open water suwadi and also whirlpools to spot a whole lot easier. On such rivers as the Pakhra, Sturgeon, Protva I had to find the release of huge cockroach, bream near wintering holes. In the location of villas « Sunny meadow» there is a pit depth of 7-8m.

Over the river tightens, then broadens, and below, at depths of 3-4m, the lower lined with rocks. On stony ridges gets knocked down over food, and furthermore, among the stones in the silt tolerate the winter months amphipods, bloodworms, larvae of aquatic insects, tiny worms, leeches. Fish frequently out right here, for feeding in January as well as February as well as was well captured on the training course with a bait of bloodworm, which is lowered down cone in the trough. The hole for the feeder I pierced to 1 m over the holes in which angling 2 float poles. Over on stony ridges strong, so make use of angling line with a size of not greater than 0.12 mm, so it’s not really blown.

In areas of rocky ridges, which can likewise be close to the coast, great to place the bait of big bloodworms. It is better to draw fish routinely in the morning. She also frequently will start to emerge to feed.

At the start and also end of freeze-up excellent locations for fishing can be spotted at the bottom of the drop-off going from the shelf where there are waterlilies in the summer season. Likewise good for finding fish Creek below the rapids. Below in silt, the fish discovers food. In General, whatever that was stated about the option of location in huge rivers, can be applied to medium-sized rivers. The fish likewise chooses suwadi here as well as depending upon the types of distributed power jets.

One more function of medium-sized rivers of the center band is that they commonly discovered the wealth of Chub. On the Zushi, Ugra, UPA, the Sturgeon is occasionally caught with success not just in the thaw, however in the chilly days. As Chub feed upon leaves on the average toughness of the jet for the capes, Islands, at the start or end of the roll, the snap-in rods are commonly made use of mix. Here the sign bite is a nod, as well as at the bottom of the snap swivel is repaired by relocating « olive 7;, computed by the force circulation, as well as it takes place the leash with a hook (one or two) with a length of 25-50 cm for Moving back and forth nozzle (the light beam bloodworms, little worms, maggots) attract the much better Chub.

When angling medium-sized rivers, specifically at the beginning as well as end of freeze-up, you need to very carefully analyze the areas along the coast. Promising are the coastal shelter: bushes, algae, which can stand big fish. There is likewise less complicated to capture combination, a fishing rod or a fishing pole, created to speed up deals at the present. This technique enables you to effectively deal with demolition: with rapid flow (prior to Bush) to leave on the quiet (under Bush), and there is passing as well as guarding food fish.

One more fish worthwhile of interest when angling on the rivers of mid– sized perch. He can grow below up to a good dimension, as feed in fry and different aquatic microorganisms, it is constantly sufficient. Typically the banks of rivers of typical dimension much thick with shrubs, so shelters for fry are missing. Perch and ambushes near the shrubs, algae, drift timber and driftwood. Right here he frequently discovers and also larvae are well developing in the roots as well as stems of water plants. Specifically he’s a huge fan of Kazar– the larvae of a dragonfly, and also if this nozzle is on a hook mormyshki, he should take it.

On the river Protva, I was able to catch a suitable Humpbacks near the areas of departure seaside springs. I when discovered a tiny seaside sagebrush, which obviously obtains the trick. In well-oxygenated water spun a great deal of verkhovka. Her and seen huge bass. The best place to quest predator by the flashing trivia of the hole, I thoroughly approached to the coastal sedge, pierced a couple of holes next, priteni them with snow as well as efficiently captured one after the other Humpbacks, alternately permitting the opening to loosen up. Remainder of the holes to be offered always, because after catching two or 3 candy striped attacking normally calmed down.

Tipped up attacking the jig adjustment one type for one more or more brilliant colors to darker and Vice versa. Occasionally the bass is mischievous and also provide him a chain with a tiny hook baited with a solitary bloodworm. The leash must be short, 2-3cm, as well as it locked up to 10-25 cm over the jig. Much better if you discovered exactly how to fix the leash on the angling line movably (for this use of the repairing sleeve), after that the place of the chain you can do greater or reduced depending upon what level is perch. Therefore, in the fishing box you require to have a fishing pole with different snap-ins, including locations to try to catch the little Vlasenko.

The tiny river, for example, near Moscow, Tarusa, zaoksky of Bespuca or Smolensk Resen can often amaze the angler an abundant catch. Usually the big wheel in the winter season here hinges on Bacharach. To thaw in the morning and in the evening she makes the outcomes to prey on the shallower components of the river. Deepness angling tihovolya components of the shoals may be only 0,5-1,5 m, so the regard of total silence on the ice– a requirement. If the fishermen knows exactly how to check out lower topography, focusing on the financial institutions or using the depth gauge, he picks ideal locations for drilling openings.

On little rivers angler-universal makes use of a various gear. For instance, on the UPA a close friend of mine catches of Chub, perch, roach on a fishing pole with a nod as well as a jig, while others favor float fishing rods. Oblasova coastal areas comes the day several miles, as well as the second will make several pairs of openings in one or two areas, appeals and also sits in these openings all day. In some cases the outcome is better than the initial, and also often is the 2nd. Much of the success relies on appropriate fish for lure or she needs to establish some lure under the nose.

When fishing with a float pole the proper option of the section of the river plays a big role. For example, Tarusa on the spring ice Chub, perch, and also roach are captured listed below the Islands, rapids as well as shoals, where the rapid existing come on silent. On the forest streams in various durations of freeze-up can focus on the locations near the coastal bush and in 2015’s sedges.

In spring, great angling is in the tributaries of the Rybinsk tank. I typically dropped in the course of roach, IDE, white bream, white bream in the city Seble, Day and some other rivers. Caught with a jig as well as float rod on Bacharach. For them reduce. Faster the shallows for fishing is better consolidated snap-in (a nod, plus a weight on the end of the line above with an attached chain). Of nozzles fit below bloodworms, maggot, larva of beetles, small worms, caddis worm, the larva burdock moth. On tyhovoddya ringleader often assists baitless angling on the « adversary ». Need to pick up the rascals and also jig boring colors.

On quick rivers, utilizing various versions of the game the jig, caught primarily in Pacific waters straight under the branches of a seaside bush. Not regulated rivers, also near the coast there is nearly constantly a present, so frequently there are hooks. As in tiny rivers of white fish border often ignores the bait, lures you need to pick tiny, however that it would be destroyed. Typically, however, Chub, roach, perch, Dace well respond to the demolition of the jig when it is enabled under the bushes. In this instance, you require to consider the length of the circuitry that was not connected.

Angling for demolition normally takes place by a step-by-step lowering of the lure of greater water layer in the lower. If Chub or roach goes to half deepness, after that start to decrease the appeal with the speed of the circulation is feasible from the lower edge of the ice, slowly getting to the half-waters. In some cases Chub, cockroach bite better near all-time low. In this instance, the electrical wiring for the demolition start with the level at fifty percent deepness and also full demolition to make sure that the jig was on all-time low under the branches of the shrubs. Several of the masters of catching Chub in sanctuaries attain such accurate transactions that make use of different weight jigs stories close to the shore as well as remote from it. Fishing lead active movements along the Bank, picking up suitable for fishing submerged weeds.

If the current on the river is weak, caught in the normal way, by playing a jig on the bottom in half-waters, and also occasionally under the ice. Ways the deal can be extremely various. Out on any type of land, drill a number of openings on the elimination of 7-15 m from each other, in order not to terrify him with the sound of mindful fish. Passing by slush in the hole with a stick make a little opening for putting the jig– after that chubs is not alarming passing through under the ice the light. When the fish relaxes, start catching, gently relocating from opening to hole.

You must begin with angling a jig the top layer of water. Nozzle can serve Motyl, larva burdock moth, red worm, woodworm,, « sandwich » maggots and bloodworms, « sandwich » the moth as well as larva burdock moth or beetle, and « sandwich » the worm as well as maggots. If fishing is possible the emergence of solid instances, captured on a large jig with a growing verkhovka, tiny minnow or plotnicki. This lure can be played both near the bottom as well as at half deepness. In some cases it can be efficient step-climb or step-descent.

Occasionally, the Chub is held at the start of the rapids. It comes out here in the thaw of the much deeper tihovolya places to feed. In the shallows it appropriates for submerged trees, bushes, Islands of plant life, rocky ridges and other distinct places where delayed demolished over food.

Angling with replica fish on small rivers likewise has its very own features: below you can catch pike, big perch as well as Chub. I was extremely shocked by putting on one tributary of the Oka for the evening six zherlits and also in the morning rather than the expected pike eliminating them 2 polukilogrammovy chubs.

Chub as a result of its care on replica fish comes mainly during the night or in the wee hrs, when the river yet anglers. Chub takes the lure extremely meticulously, so we need to ensure line not iced up, and also the evening needs to cover the opening with plenty of snow. Extremely suitable for this imitation fish held high over the ice coil, for example, zherlitsa on the tripod. Classically, on the river Tarusa Chub a great take on minnows. 5 set of two Gerlich gear was baited with a minnow as well as 3 ruff. Chub neglected ruff and also captured both replica fish that was baited with a minnow.

For angling on tiny rivers it is far better to utilize replica fish without a chain or with a leash of monofilament. Ogruzka– « olive» with a weight of 5-20g, relying on the strength of the flow. It is chosen the fishing line through the swivel or lead pellets. The leash is quite long, not much less than 40 centimeters Hook solitary No. 6-5, with long forend, double No. 6-8 or tee No. 8-10.

Replica fish with the very same snap-in ideal for grouper-humpback, which in the unregulated rivers frequently fallen behind in the water trees, near snags, undersea humps with Islands of greenery.
Pike likes to stay either pitted watering openings, where for some coraini she ustaivayte ambush, or in seaside algae. It happens that she gets on the run-of-river pit for appropriate shelter. Pike replica fish many anglers equipped with a steel chain, but I commonly go without them. Pike can not attack monofilament, if it is to make a leash and move for the so-called « condition»». You need to be on the reservoir as well as maintain an eye on equipment.

Tiny odpruzeni rivers, if the circulation is weak, imitation fish for Chub, pike as well as perch are putting on the network deepness. In some cases it does not go beyond 1.5 m. in addition, catchability locations will certainly be areas near the various sort of debris, heaps, in the area of bridges, the mill swimming pools.

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