February on a fish pond, with an excellent bite fish ponds are not normally

So in February to see the fish ponds I have never ever thought there were any, my fish pond Saga usually ends in mid-December, when there was really depressing.

But once in the center of February I was invited by a pal as well as we are– by coincidence– a really wonderful catch. Next see I bite saw. This puzzle made me invest even more time in the dead season at the metropolitan ponds. As well as soon began to emerge some system that I wish to share.

In gluhozime Fish ponds, specifically heavily thick, the center of winter months are not the very best location of residence for fish. Water plant life partly dead in the autumn, in February begins to rot, securing the water oxygen.

Initially of February, the results of the fish, particularly roach, unusual however closer to March, the a lot more extreme attacking, as well as outs happen a lot regularly. Given that mid-February, if the month is not very icy, fish captured almost on a daily basis, sometimes instead extremely. Important point is to get to the local place where it turns out the fish. Search is important not only for flat, yet also up and down, from the bottom to the bottom side of the ice.


Method and methods for catching silver fish is considerably different from the perch. For roach you need to think about numerous variables, be approached much more methodically. Fishing harder, yet more interesting. Cockroach I’m beginning to like more bass with the very first Dating from the ponds during the duration of gluhozime.

One of the trips was specifically remarkable.

The fish pond is normal for our location. As soon as there was a ravine, a river used to run-parapluie, the river was blocked, I poured some water, placed the overflow, turned the pond. Dam damaged– well as well as God with it. Launched carp, cockroach, perch, and minnows and verkhovka in some way it appeared. Such ponds in our area are innumerable. To some point I assumed they were not too interesting from the point of view of angling, but now my viewpoint has transformed.

The course of the depths is rather foreseeable: the shores of the superficial, sharp break (in gorges, themselves stand for, what the sideline), as well as in the middle– the inmost place. Yard, koraichi– to taste. After the Volga, obviously, getting on such a micro-pond, start to feel like Gulliver for a couple of hours to examine everything. And taking into consideration that the fish pond is fished from 10 people, we can state, it was a little bit congested.

I somehow naturally flock to the seaside area, under the high coast. Nonetheless, the knives pierce below rests in the ground… … it’s a Shame, but well at the very least is not plain. Burusi a meter away from this place and also blades in absolutely nothing abut. The jig takes a whole three backyards of fishing line! Right here is what is the drop-off. I put the little pellet with a hook-saltysam, not specifically expecting a big fish. In such places it is unusual. Skewer two of the butterfly and meticulously play. Harness, 2, three. Place it under. Uploading once again, tearing the jig from the bottom, and afterwards– pull! Sport captured perch.

So change a few holes, catching each with an optimum of one perch. Fished with me 2 friends that thoroughly know the pond. Summertime is below, obviously, the main fish is the carp, however winter season is the most effective means to capture a roach, which is a lot as well as it gets to a commendable dimension. When they tell me about the reality that there are carp and also roach, I right away light up and the storm a new hole with wonderful interest. Carp from the ice have not been captured, it would be intriguing, however the individuals I disturb– carp controls here just in open water, the ice is not captured, but the roach– quite so. Cockroach rate of interests me less, particularly in such storage tanks it hardly ever reaches an outstanding size, yet generally is captured with a Bay leaf.

As well as catch periodically on the shore Ososkov and also even more I hope. However Dima, a local fishermen, actually can not sit still, he for half a hr ran around the entire fish pond as well as cooled down over the hole specifically in the middle of the pond, where the maximum deepness. On such a little pond can not hide anything, and also quickly I go to Dima to ask that it was he simply pulled? It ended up, full roach grams to 150.

That’s intriguing perch. Burusi a bit additional from Dima, however at the same level. I do not attack, as well as he constantly flogs and curses, obviously, the empty bites. He figures the stanchion, as well as the small fry and after that toss the jig up, yet instantly tosses. Look from a range– and I got a nod-it deserves! While he ran, he returned down.

So, whatever is clear, cockroach inactive for the video game not reacts, so all the power in the stanchion. Bloodworm I drew, I put a new, and also a bit of tinkering, I put drobinku to the bottom, all in expectancy of the « take-off » nod. No more bites, and I change area. Burusi at the exact same degree, which sits Dima and also the previous hole. Play, put it under. Poklevok was not ten mins, and also I started to think of the adjustment, as a nod, as if devoid of the weight of the jig, arched. While I went with the lure, he declined. One they took. Grown fresh as well as waited. A nod increased again, I’m connected, as well as past the hook just lightly touched my lips.

For experiment I connected above the jig leash with hook-saltysam. This leash truly assists with the gentle bite of white fish. Nonetheless, before completion of the day, bites on it never ever took place, all cockroach wished to attack entirely from the bottom.

Biting, I admit, was really weak. Bursch sucked in your mouth the jig and felt the weight of her, promptly tossing.

I had to go to her visit. The jig I quickly bandaged up, found a lighter, the tiny, what ever it is! And also captured one plotwise, yet fell short bites were still a lot of. I have a box of jigs was tiny « goat »– jig with two hooks designed initially for baitless fishing. I tried to utilize it, but Bursch did not react to the game.

Then on each hook of the jig I planted on bloodworms. Bloodworms were put listed below the head at 3-4 mm and also deduced a stinger until the black head bloodworm, 6-7 mm staying his calf was simply uploading as well as hanging luring played, and also when the jig lay on the bottom, bloodworms, most likely, a sexy action. The logic of making use of goats was basic– dual hook had to locate to function better than ordinary solitary hook.

And also really, the ticks came to be extra. Now after every 2nd bite I felt on the hooks live weight. Not all platic, obviously, stopped working to deliver on the ice, some fell off throughout having fun, yet the intriguing fact is that all (!) pulled out of Soroki was podborany the chin, under the jaw. This fact has forced to think about. The picture I saw the following: Bursch pertained to the attraction, drew it, however he felt the weight, then tossed. Timely cutting contended that minute when the jig fell out of his mouth fish, along with the jig was two oriented up hook, then when cutting they hold on to the fish listed below.

As well as yet it deserves noting a fascinating truth, which once again locates the proof. All the bites were rather slim strip, where we made the opening. And also this band is duplicating the line of bend of the shore. That is all essentially active the fish stood in a slim region at a certain depth. Tip left, step right– zero bites. It would seem that the distinction in midsts of 5 centimeters, and the other evident indicators, and there is no difference, however the fish chose that lane. However, this does not suggest that tomorrow the fish will get on the exact same lane. And also does not imply that it will certainly be captured from the bottom as well as mogritsa when reducing. She likely will already go to half depth, and proactively attacking the appeal to play down or suddenly go under the coast, where the depth of something unique there and will exist to plump, as well as can, and do become part of apathy for a day at the fish pond and also no bites will not see.

Later several various other ponds I used goat with a nozzle on one bloodworm on the hook, and constantly successfully. This attraction is as an indication of task of the roach. If there were no attacks on the jig, in this place or roach is simply not there, or she was completely detached to any baits in principle.

The described instance occurred in late February. At the beginning of the month, as I was convinced later, cockroach ought to have been seeking a couple of above all-time low. So capture should not standing at the bottom of the jig, and in the water column, and typically the game.

The first time I did it. In an additional hole I dropped a jig, lightly playing on the reducing, saving the fishing line and also looking for a bottom. Someone delicately stopped the descent, when the lure is left on the meter. I understood at this moment, the deepness ought to go to the very least 3 meters as well as very carefully hooked. Pulled out the roach was quite good by the criteria of the fish pond, 200 grams. The descent I kept in mind and also majority of the catch of the day was caught just in this descent, regardless of whether I caught 3 or 5 metres.

This case is indicative of the truth that the Bursch on the day he located himself usually at the exact same deepness (as I stated, regardless of the depth in the area of catching). In some details days, the level of the small fry, in a manner of speaking, may differ. There are lots of elements influencing these changes. Mainly, the stress and oxygen.

To sum up, attempting to catch a cockroach should get on a tiny goat with the head of a bloodworm on each hook. As well as look it is essential not just « strip », which is a cockroach, but the degree at which it is held, that goes to all-time low or at half depth, and after that under the opening.


Urban fish ponds tiny perch. And not since he’s young, but since he is a degenerate. These fish ended up being sexually Mature, considering in between 25-30 grams, very limited expand. In the very best instance can get to a weight of 100 grams. But if the fish pond together with Frank caught perch trifle bigger, from 200 grams, after that there is every reason to presume that there are 2 subspecies of perch– little perch tuggelite and fully efficient in attaining in the weight extra pounds or more. Right here is what to do as well as Amateur fishing.

In General, those fish ponds that are residence to exceptionally little perch, I walk around the side. Fishing below is not really intriguing. You can frolic in pervologo to catch below zhivtsov for zherlits, however at the time of gluhozime ideal not to go below.

If I decide to catch the February fish pond perch, initially attempt to locate out if there is bass right here is larger than 100 grams. If Yes, after that it makes good sense to look to it approaches, if not, better to manage the cockroach.

Coastal perch I captured primarily in the pits. A requirement– the presence of a Bush or some driftwood. The best alternative was a Bush expanding on the slope of the pit and reaching to the ice. Tiger party positions bypasses.

Here it is better to feed bloodworms. Throw a pinch into the opening, as well as he gradually sinks. This defines complementary feeding and also method of feeding lure slow sinking jig. I took the light from his Arsenal as well as gradually « drowned » captured « on the descent ». Below the important things was not to play a jig, you can just do 1-3 « zavalivanija » jig for the whole stage of decline. When I used to feed them bloodworms, above the jig, put the chain skewer bloodworms, however were placed in the middle of the larvae. In this situation the important point– do not overfeed the fish. Finds himself a perch at different levels.

Towards evening he is likely to discover himself already near the bottom or on the slope of the pit– where he would certainly eat our bait.
One more important point. In February, on the Volga perch caught actively trolling and the rocker, then in the pond at the same time, along with the jig nothing better to supply. To merely save time. Because perch on the iron is not responsive. Still pervalent he might afford such liberty. Currently it is challenging to entice also a baitless jig, instead to make use of the lure and also put the most miniature jig. And make sure the chain with a hook above the jig. This leash is in some cases essential to 90% of all perch attacks.

Perch up to 300 grams are the simplest to persuade of the jig (I have actually functioned a demon) with a growing bloodworms. Pick up the video game falls under the state of mind of the bass. Sometimes even easy having really recurring Rybacki. After such rivecca need to provide a little time out. Fascinated in perch are usually immediately trying. Angling problems typically develop if the fish pond is enough a lot more or much less large perch. Most significantly, to make a decision just how he likes to be captured off all-time low on a standing jig or a game layers of the water. Draw much better the devil and the moth, perhaps, not to think. With the exception of still fishing is to use a « goat.»

» Another point, if the fish pond has a reproducing herd of bass considering from 400 grams and also above. There is normally a Jack and also Joker are not divorced…

… In this situation I capture them on lure. Beneficial normally little whitebait, which can be acquired in any kind of angling store. Place on the end of the angling line sinker just above the chain with a hook, which put the whitebait. Fishing is typically on the stanchion, with periodic perturbations lure, as in fishing bersha on the Volga. Most of the bites occur on the stanchion, in the initial seconds after the deal with played. Angling is easy, however brings excellent dividends– fry perch I caught from 300 grams and also over.

So, in the city fish pond at Kerimbekov one wintertime I had the possibility to cover a flock of large perch evaluating as much as 600 grams. Before the jig I fish bigger than 50 grams is not caught. So, if you want to check the fish pond for presence of huge perch, attempt to catch the fry, it will reveal the actual image. And also Feb for this examination is the very best month. After November, certainly.

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