Fish Dace: description and angling

Dace normally draws in anglers for its size, meat, worth as well as, significantly, exhilaration. In length this fish rarely reaches 25 centimeters, besides bones quite.

Before you start angling for Dace, you must meticulously analyze its habitat, what season is best to catch the behavior of the fish throughout spawning.

Fish Dace common a variety of features with the aid of which you can see the fish as well as to identify it from similar. His body oblong, pressed at the sides. Ranges largely grown and also reasonably huge, silvery-bluish shade, and also back when this puts a purple blue.

Appears like elec

The fish itself is not extremely amazing, to identify her for sure, you require to keep in mind that each fin Dace dull shade of gray, as well as the anal and also forward fin are different yellow pattern with white bordering. To identify the eye of the lady from the man, it is much easier throughout spawning, the males of these very same illustrations come to be redder, as well as females obtain even more orange as well as less saturated color.Dorsal fin instead short, as well as the tail with a deep area between.

Elec regular, coming from the family of cyprinid fish, has a few subspecies, just a little varying from each various other in dimension and also exterior functions, yet the internals of the fish are definitely the same.

Today, there are only two type of ELCA is:

  1. Siberian Dace. From the Latin for « Leuciscus leuciscus baicalensis ». It lives generally in synthetic as well as all-natural tanks of Siberia, this Dace foraged angling firm.
  2. « Leuciscus leuciscus kirgisorum»»-inhabits habitats in rivers on the region of Kyrgyzstan and also Kazakhstan.
The all-natural environment of the

Elec is a dexterous little fish. Like numerous comparable species, it likes clean water– to ensure that the lower stones seemed clear. Where most real-time fish is tiny streams and drains pipes where they can easily mix with the brewing period.

Their flocks tend to wish to swim closer to the bottom, however I can swim to higher ground if they entice fishermen’s lure, or they will certainly discover pests on the water surface area.

  1. In Russia, this types has inhabited the rivers as well as lakes of the Baltic sea in addition to seas in the southern regions reside in water currents in the Far East as well as the Urals– these fish, for some reason, much superior in dimension as well as numbers of their family members from the Western parts of the nation. As an example, significantly started to meet individuals of the unusual for their dimension– up to 37 cm in length as well as considering approximately 1 kg, though the ordinary weight of this fish normally does not go beyond 200-300 grams.
  2. Desna, Seversky Donets, Western Dvina, Dnieper– the environment of Dace in Ukraine as well as Belarus. Neighborhood fish is a bit various from the normal appearance and also, probably, the name Dace L. Danilevsky. Nevertheless, its population is fairly little. Danilevsky anglers fulfill as well as the don.
  3. It is difficult to capture Dace in Western Europe– right here he inhabits just a couple of rivers and lakes the Black and also baltic sea systems, however in the Iberian and Balkan peninsulas you will certainly discover. Remarkably, in the majority of countries, this item of the continent, they were classified as unusual types.

Photo 1. Bay a tiny river. What is elec? The major foods are insect larvae and also any type of larvae of small midgets. Yet food can likewise end up being the grown-up gnats, and also insects, as well as grasshoppers, as well as worms, that lingered in the water, they instantly come to be a sufferer of a creative elec. The larvae of caddis or mayflies will certainly likewise become food of this fish, offered their environment in the fish pond.

When going to the tummy of fishes captured, are frequently located in them the remains of grains, such as oats, wheat, rye and so on. This means that along with pests and their larvae, Dace have the ability to consume some of the algae and grains, the latter clearly fall into the water by the people.

Period activity of elec

In the winter months Elets is non-active, starts to totally arise just after the thaw. Throughout the summertime, it is more at risk to lures and also health food, but it is the spring fish and consequently the most energetic time is the spring as well as fall period, when the rain and with somewhat overcast as well as a light drizzle.

Attention! It is thought that the most delicious as well as plump in the preparation of Dace can be caught just in the fall.

Dace during spawning

Reaching the age of 2 years, this type of Wake up reproductive reactions, but only individuals who have actually gotten to the magnitude of 13 centimeters and even more. The Dace is particular of very early spawning, generally just after generating the pike, when the water temperature gets to around 6 degrees Celsius.

When the water the initial side, fish shoals show up from underwater openings as well as pits, which have actually effectively lasted longer than all wintertime. After the strikes, the whole shoal of Dace will certainly need to arise all upstream and also locate a good place for spawning.

Photo 2. On the river comes the time of spawning. These fish are really « noisy » procedure spawning, because of their lot in the pack. In the pack spawning fish gather in teams where the ladies are twice the variety of men. It’s basically a given that each of the fertilized females Dace spawns from 200 to 15,000 prompt the bottom of the sanctuary. The incubation of the eggs takes place for 10 days, after that light hatch into small fish-larvae.

Angling for Dace in particular times of the year
In the winter

Angling for Dace in wintertime can be quite effective, specifically after the merging of ice throughout warming. However to capture the charlatan wish to do it, giving a depth of from 3 to 7 meters, because fish, as stated above, hibernate in undersea pits.

Interest! Attribute of wintertime fishing is that it is much better to utilize celkovou the lure– this will boost the possibilities of success. One more, perhaps the main feature that the only ideal alternative for winter season lures for Dace is the jig. As serve as bloodworms, ants as well as pupae of the orange shades.

In the spring

To capture Dace in the spring a little much easier, since the water is not cozy yet, so you can locate tiny groups near the coast. The factor is simple– in the water high enough oxygen degrees. In the springtime of the answer to the concern « what catch? » is also quite very easy for worm. Suitable and a type of sandwich of invertebrates, that is a worm and maggots on the same hook. So the lure does not go to waste, be a little smarter as well as see the worm, so smart elec was incapable to escape after paklava. Reliable if the float is fantastic, so he’ll spring to lure fish to the lure.

In the loss

Fishing in the autumn in a far more fascinating summertime, especially if you fish for sport. While angling prepare lure in the type of a large adult moth. Interestingly, a reasonably large fall eltsy can take and worm, however just if the water is a little sloppy.

Frequently utilized lure and also deal with

Crucial! Dace– a fish is not big, as well as therefore the used equipment has to meet to be light and small. Just utilizing tinculescu, the fisherman will certainly really feel the genuine passion in the « hunt» for the ELCA.

In order not to shed the desired catch, you need to carefully examine the following 2 factors:


The everyday ratiomatic fish contains numerous little insects, plankton, larvae and Tina. Possibly because of a variety of pikelets extremely choosy concerning the bait, since for each period, he selects a favorite treat. In the springtime of choice for rainfall worms, and in very early June bite on an insect, which advance off your feet.

Sometimes you can act differently as well as make drenched white bread as bait. This is a sensitive fish, so rapt to quit biting, if you feel you are in threat. As an example, if you have currently caught a number of their loved ones. After capturing two or three fish, change your fishing spot, going upstream of the river. It will certainly take a little time yet assured to double the most likely catch.


Catch the Dace recommended light lengthy pole (concerning 3 meters). Utilizing the rod is longer than three metres, you can quickly face trouble while biting and also problem due to the impending of trees ashore. Take the fishing line thinnest– 0.10 mm, and also the hook is 2.5. Typically the float is gotten rid of, leaving only the bait the hook with a tons. Perhaps the line will somewhat turn with the wind, however you will certainly eliminate the possibility of spooking fish with unneeded noise drifts.

Photo 3. Ultralajtovogo package.

Like lots of fish, the Dace can walk as well as spinning. This needs the gear from the classification of ultralight. Spinning provides you the opportunity to catch Dace not only sitting on the coast, but the slim streams, as well as boats.

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