Fishing for catfish on spinning as well as Kwok

The strategies of spinning searching for catfish is mainly in determining the most likely place of the feeding fish.

This ought to include those issues that can take place at the chosen location during playing of production: defending life som not fall short to benefit from choraginae, holding on to her with its effective and significant tail, or relax behind a boulder or a high ledge on the bottom.

Given that this fish is not very conscious pain, it is not likely soma of this fortress to obtain alone, without turning to the « beaters », which, using the watercraft, will certainly attempt to drive the predator out. It is very important to understand the time when catfish are most active. It is straight pertaining to seasonal rhythms in the life of the fish.

In spring and also autumn, when the water temperature is not high enough for fast digestion, and also catfish, normally tiny, consume in the daytime, and also in the hot season they are the most hostile in the daybreak and also in the intense June evenings, especially at full moon. Searching killers offer themselves powerful bursts when on the surface there are some wicked-looking tails stretches, appearing the entire of som and heavily, with sprinkles sinks to the bottom, leaving the water surface area the black swirling funnel as well as cool down deviating waves.

Usually so loud hunting occurs on exit from the pits around nearby thickets of a yard or the nearby deep rifts anywhere, where the mass collects a range of fish trifle, yet constantly near the pit-den som where they invest the majority of the day, absorbing the prey. Why a thankless task to try to capture catfish straight in the pit, and also even a day.

Only in the autumn of this catch can be successful, given that atthis time there is gathered a multitude of prospective sufferers and hungry killers are additionally starting to be attracted to the depths. Fantastic can be capturing catfish in the summer, when unexpectedly the river starts to go, a thunderstorm, damaging the perspective continually defeating with lightning.

This sensation was seen on Akhtuba: the blackened clouds impending from the surface of the water all of a sudden started to experience solid bursts of fattening fish. Huge vibrohvost was captured by the catfish on the initial actors. The battle lasted a minimum of 20 minutes — the fish drew hard duralumin watercraft, not intending to drift to the surface area. All finished with a large disappointment — aligned like a dependable built hook —. Braided fishing line regarding two feet over the bait was covered with a thick layer of rubbery mucus Somova — such was the — size of the killer …

Then it began raining, as well as the rises quit. When the rainfall had quit, in any way zivcovic equipment, got on constant « patrol » around the pits or were torn off the hooks or sitting soma. Fishing for cockroach in July as well as August Speed and publishing spinning lure when angling for catfish is figured out mainly by «the sort of the bait as well as angling problems (deepness, presence of flow)

and fish task. If the oscillating spoon

or Wobbler is best to drag uniformly near all-time low, of a shad for the most reliable rate will certainly be playing with declines of appeal to the bottom as well as raises to 1-2 meters right after the touch of the soil, which is evident by the sagging of the line. Snastochki you can play in addition to vibrohvosta, however it is preferable to raise to a couple of secs of time discovering bait on the bottom the catfish can get dead fish from the bottom, « thinking » his feeling of smell.

In all instances, as well as also when fishing in the shallows, where used just horizontal wiring, the speed of the appeal need to be really small: catfish — the fish are enormous, «inert, fast evasive victim, not go after. The bite of a predator is commonly similar to a hook, or should, smooth Patika. Certain cutting will permit a huge hook to make their case — a deep stab in the mouth of a fish. Connected catfish is not seeking straight to crush the take on, and also makes initially 1 or 2 instead sluggish activity, as if he were examining the enemy as well as — trying to the upcoming fight.

This brief moment, the start of extreme battle should not go in vain and also for the angler — it is necessary to establish the size of the fish, as well as choose the methods of its playing. If the catfish is large, it is far better to free the boat from the anchor —, throwing the rope with a buoy overboard. In this instance, you will have a great deal of swim in tow fish, not just toss her out of a sound. Small and medium-sized catfish in great gear it is best to pull ahead — it’s « demoralizing » the predator, and it swiftly surrenders to the victor.

When fishing for catfish, especially big ones, without a companion can refrain from doing — at the turning point he will take the fish responsible. If manufacturing is purely sporting interest as well as desire it in a future release in their native aspect, you have to — make use of a special internet of ideal size with solid delu. Large catfish is better not to fill the watercraft, as well as to tow the boat hook to coast, or else its magnificent reach, he can toss the fisherman overboard or create severe injury.

Inexperienced anglers occasionally make inappropriate mistake when trying to get rid of a catfish from the water, sticking his hands under the gills. The predator intuitively slams the operculum, like a vise pressing his hands, as well as dove right into the void in the water it is a lot more powerful than a male … Catching catfish with Kwok in his own poetic, provides the angler the primitive feeling of unity with the eternal Nature … fishing Success here in the wonderful extent depends upon the quality of Kwok —an unique method curved lever, completion of which the functioning component is a smooth depression in the kind of unguis. It publishes with a sharp entry into the water and also at a certain angle to the surface area indescribable as well as characteristic « smacking » noises as if a brief and also strong kiss.

This occurs cavitation surge captured « unguis » air bubble. Before, it was taken into consideration that the audio sent out in water by Kwok «, mimics the croaking of frogs — a favorite delicacy for catfish. But held a special acoustic researches have shown that this noise is more fit to cotton, which makes Somavia mouth presently of capture of food, so predators are beginning to relocate to — the place where the substitute intensive feeding of other fish. Certainly, contemporary Kwok will refrain from doing it from the horns, providing them a lead « unguis », as described in Homer’s Iliad, as well as used more advanced products, such as plastic as well as steel.

However such commercial products, as the practice of their application, yet inefficient, as they discharge in the water also « hard », with «abnormal tone to the sound. A real master of his craft favor to make Kwok of thick timbers, especially pear and also Apple, expecting this procedure a difficult treatment of drying out the workpiece. As a whole, how many fishermen kokoshnikov, «a lot of layouts Kwok used them, and also everyone believes its the most effective. Kokova fishing is such that it is constantly with a boat or water craft, because the tackle with lure installed in the plumb, with the nozzle reduced to two-thirds of the deepness in angling or elevate also higher. Better, catching 2 or three and also helping each various other, to establish by contract the equipment at different midsts. Kwok just one sitting in the watercraft holding a used take on.

Exercised two basic means kokowai angling: fixed at support, and also paddled a drift over the pit with the present or wind. Unskilled seekers the angling is done on under-studied area, prefer to go to swim with the « alluring » locations for the picked area.

This technique was mainly utilized for a very long time. However the method experienced anglers, normally working in a familiar tone, rather various. They are persuaded that if the chosen area listened to several « floating » Kwok, it only perplexes killers puzzled, wary» huge fish. These fishermens favor « standing » on the anchors in the appropriate location and also are frequently compensated. One popular and knowledgeable kokoshnik performed in one of the richest catfish akhtubinskiy Yam such an experiment: he and a pal very first half of» the day (it was October)Kochel in the swim and afterwards switched to angling with supports. An objective picture of» what is taking place in the water provided the watercraft mounted on a three-dimensional sonar.

In the very first case of attacks and was not a Fishfinder big fish near the boat are not tape-recorded. At stationary angling on the popular « the side » (the drop-off in pit )sounder after some time has actually registered a large fish showed up in his field of view, as well as the things relocate towards the boat, while climbing from all-time low.

Right after the bite as well as was taken a few suitable for this time of year kgs. Tackle for catching in a plumb line with Kwok is fairly basic, the only» point it need — high integrity of all its components, since you have to make use of all the power and also, inasmuch as possible, to attempt to maintain saccharose predator in the water column, not enabling him to lie down under where the opportunities of resistance it is a lot more. The size of the pole, offered the nature of angling, tiny and also is 1.2-1.8 metres, it is usually made from strong fiberglass whip or use a butt knee from the effective spinning. Inertial reel with a big reel or pressure multiplier is wound at the very least 300 meters strong braided cable or nylon monofilament with a size of 0.6-0.8 mm.

Weight embeded in 1-2 m from the bait, as well as its weight is determined by the presence and also power of the existing, along with the requirement to maintain the bait at the preferred deepness, if she’s still to life, as an example, a frog that always has a tendency to drift to the surface. Hooks relying on the type of nozzle utilized solitary, triple or double or incorporate them, making snastochki. Dependency soms to the various lures differ extensively depending on the reservoir as well as season of angling. In the spring, making up for the shed winter season fat gets, weight in catfish eat a selection of fish entered its spawning of the pack.

Overfed by mid-summer, the predators come to be the teeth, and to please them is challenging — catfish instead ingest a dead crow or helpless duckling than to go after a frisky fish. Understanding the love of catfish to the characteristic « flavor », in some cases capture on scorched in the fire of sparrows, poultries, impure meat or fish, nonetheless, intriguing « locates » there might be many. On Akhtuba the best lure for catfish all the warm time of the year is an eco-friendly marsh frog, however catching these nimble animals inAkhtuba floodplain swamps and lakes, totally overgrown with dense reeds and also ernika — one more tale: clouds of insects as well as gnats, and also serpents, accurately protect the peace of the marsh « princesses ».

Fishermen on the lower do not believe an effective hunt for catfish without complex « sandwiches » on the hook, made up of locusts, mole crickets, big caterpillars, crayfish and meat of — freshwater mollusks. Angling flying grasshoppers, or like a mole, entering into the land of mole crickets, naturally, requires significant ability and mastery — in the black of the southern night, just flashlights hunters huge pests» recommends that someone is prepared at dawn to go with catfish.

The bite of catfish on kokopuu tackle consists of numerous phases: first, the fishermen can feel the panic scooped a large frog, adhered to by a couple of positive but mild twitching; then — potica at the time it ought to be made strenuous moves. Assessing what the fish responsible, as well as begin combating the fish, the treatment is a little bit different from the activities for pulling a catfish on spinning deal with. Only when it comes to huge catfish bite partner needs to quickly release the watercraft from the anchors, leaving them on the buoys and also pull up various other gear.

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