Fishing in the Black sea (Tuapse)

To begin this story I would such as that as quickly as we decided that going to the coastline (as well as a lot more especially in Tuapse) I was interested in the inquiry of the ability to catch fish there. I count on the Internet, mosted likely to an online search engine and made the request « Fishing in the Black sea » — to which I offered a great deal of web links, however no certain details discover I couldn’t.

I determined that I would certainly have to discover every little thing yourself, and started to believe, what kind of rods and also take on to take. After evaluating the feasible problems of fishing, I determined to take 2 rotating reel as well as 2 spinning reels as well as a collection of hooks and also weights (the weight of 10 to 20 grams)– in order to make the Donk. The float pole determined not to take, due to the fact that it did not represent the problems of angling, and in effect of this choice was almost correct.

When we (me, father, mother and also bro) came to Tuapse, then the next day went to walk around the city as well as mosted likely to the waterside, where we saw fishermen. Come close to and began to observe the initial group– they were captured on a float (but it was not such a fishing pole which I have)– they kept ««» trip » of the rod length of 7 meters. Immediately struck by the reality that they are utilized as bait– one wound on the hook for something from the syringe, the second made use of white bread.

And if the initial catch appears to such as the classic approach (nonetheless, the materials of the syringes stayed an enigma– there is an assumption that this special boiled semolina gruel flavored additives), the 2nd captured in an extremely special (at the very least for me this method was an uniqueness). Their deal with was somewhat different– rather than solitary hooks were used dual, and also white bread they are placed above the dual hook, as well as the biting fish hooking.

The catch specifically have 2nd and also very first different– the rep initially captured a big wheel– 30 inches (it was probably the mullet), the second caught more often, but their catch was small fish approximately 10 cm, whose name I sadly can not claim. After going a little farther, we saw anglers that fished on the donkey– and also I recognized that the right tackle. A little bit after watching their success, we went residence to prepare for fishing the following day.

The next day, after evaluating where there are fishing shops (used Spravochnik 2gis), we initially went there for bait. Came into the shop and asked the sellers what it is possible to fish from the coast– they recommended me to get black sea shellfish (70 rubles per section 200 grams ), offered in icy kind and also while going to the area of angling is readily available for usage. Bought 2 donkey for 30 rubles– they were a classic setup(moving load as well as 3 hooks– 2 lots over and 1 below), in order to quickly start to capture, and look at made use of by local fishermen take on.

Likewise the sellers about related where you need to capture in order to precisely catch as well as there wasn’t a great deal of hooks. Getting to the fishing place(initially, we readjusted for the ship « IRBIS », which is every 1.5 hours approached to take travelers once a tour to the rock Kiseleva), however intended to rest where there already were people. Dismantled tees, linked the donkey, have actually grown the shrimp as well as tossed (not far, just a couple of meters– the deepness was about 5-6 feet). The bite was not long in coming– it was aggressive strikes, hardly ever broach.

Yet reducing was the trouble. It deserves claiming, initially we didn’t clean the shrimp (as the prawns prior to consuming), yet then I understood that it is better to do. As it ended up, despite the fact that the fish was subjected hooks quicker as well as soon was caught the first fish (it resembled a ruff– spiky and also scary).

A male came up and said it Skorpena, and that it is poisonous, but if effectively cleaned, it is possible to consume. Mom viewed on the Internet actually Skorpena is one of the most venomous fish, and she was released. 2nd fish captured was much prettier than the first– resembled bream.

Again, this exact same guy recommended that this Karkosik and the fish entered the bag with the catch. Was later captured one more fish really comparable to cod (and once more involved the aid of a man and stated the fish is the name of the Dog that it is not edible and also felines don’t consume).

Accordingly, she was launched, however was later on captured and denied 2 more words relating to the cats, they ate the fish with great satisfaction. Polovit a bit, we Packed up and also went residence, the catch was modest– only 1 Karkosik, and also all the fish caught bro.

The day we went fishing again, and also this time around he came « in a timely manner »(after trying to capture on the float pole, made of spinning) might being in one more location, where he efficiently fished other anglers. There we fulfilled a female– her age is half a century, caught it effectively. She had full tools– high chair, 2 spinning, 2 lure and also a container of 5 liters under the fish, which is continuously restored catch. Threw the donkey (it was currently done by me: because the first day bought was left on the seabed as a result of hooks) and waited on a bite. They were in contrast to the first day of the rarer, yet a lot more effective– brother caught a Mullet (the fish, we understood in advance, and also we really did not need any person’s aid in her recognition), as well as later on brother as soon as captured Karakosta. I only saw the bite and also quickly filled up the container sitting alongside women. Yet a little later Fortuna came to be a lot more positively disposed towards me, and also I caught a Mullet.

Polovit a little extra, we went residence– we already had actually provided the very first day of the 4 fish– 2 Karakosta and also 2 red mullet, which was fried and consumed (though it was tiny, however extremely yummy).

There was a third day of angling, yet he did not bring any kind of outcome, other than that we learned about the low quality of the bait marketed in shops contrasted to just captured the bait (crustaceans) as well as checked out how other anglers captured Mullet of centimeters on 30.

It’s time to summarize the results of the reconnaissance brought modest outcomes and some experience. Even though we fished a little, I intend to give recommendations to meaning to hinge on the sea– bring your rotating poles and also a donkey. As bait will certainly come close to the crayfish from the shop, however, as shown, freshly caught crayfish is a lot harder, the fish can not remove it and also it commonly finds. Naturally, you can purchase an aquatic worm (marketed in buckets of mayonnaise)– however there is a lotto, it can be like only 1 worm, or if very lucky, the pieces 15, while the rate is high. Worm fish takes the hook much faster than the crustaceans, as well as the worm passes away really rapidly. For ease, the alignment will certainly show you where we fished in the scenic view– day 1 and day 2.

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