Fishing in the winter months. The risk of thick ice

Winter gradually passed over the middle: in spite of the thaw, several ponds were covered with trustworthy ice density of regarding half a meter.

This is the safest season of winter months angling is frequently called his « gluhozime «. Although right here the angler can trap really undesirable surprise. The first point to focus on huge rivers as well as rivers with medium to fast present. The ice here is rather extensively threatened from listed below by the streams of water that slowly however undoubtedly slim ice. On top– a thick layer of snow, due to which these locations are invisible.

Most likely is the effect of ««» base » on the ice is where the jets of water swirling from the lower Svalov, attacked, over springs, or domestic sewage. Normally, these areas do not transform their setting, and also in an acquainted body of water you possibly understand. In a new place much safer to stroll on already beaten the path or often checking the ice a successfully.

Near cities as well as enterprise zones there are often water bodies with an irregular temperature level regimen where the ice is loosened and incredibly inhomogeneous throughout the waters. At such places must always be really careful, especially after thaws and snowfalls.

A typical example of a pond where to fish in winter season, possibly not anywhere, is the lake-cooler by about Shaturskaya GRES. For example, is very dangerous in character is the rural river Pakhra taking a whole lot of residential waste water: here, often also half a meter of ice has such a loose framework that can not endure the weight of one person.

Constantly dangerous ice even in the cold on the Oka river below the confluence of the Moskva river, which right here descends over a large location with lasting warming. There are places with really poor ice on the Moscow sea, specifically below the Tver and in the location of Konakovskaya GRES. Undependable ice cover created in the top of the Uglich storage tank– normally the lengthy segment from Dubna to the White Town, including power over.

During the winter fishing on still water bodies, specifically in reservoirs and large lakes with reduced circulation rates, where the wintertime is a continuous decreasing of the water degree, it is necessary to take into account that the ice occasionally breaks short right here around the shore. If in superficial water it just is up to the bottom, near the high financial institutions can be patches of open water, covered with snow, where all of a sudden to arrive, spoil your fishing.

Often ice activities are so wonderful that considerable areas of open water end up being an overwhelming challenge to leave of fishermen on the shore In snowy winters months the undesirable scenario take place in the vastness of the huge storage tanks, where followers of winter months fishing is in the area « water bath ».

This stretch of ice, covered with a thick layer of snow after a long snowfall, which under the weight of the snow cover begins to SAG as well as crack, the water streaming. These bathrooms are developed exactly in those areas where over the optimum midsts of the ice is significantly thinner than around. The already slim as well as currently saturated with water ice quits ices up and also comes to be harmful, especially closer to spring.

Unsafe takes the ice for winter season angling, when the ice ends up being thick on tanks with great water area, such for instance, as Ladoga, Onega or Rybinsk tank. Below the ice because of the temperature contortions as well as the wind begins to rupture as well as develops hummocks, which frequently get individuals, snow sleds, cars and trucks.

Likewise, know that reservoirs, particularly the Volga cascade, by the middle of the wintertime due to release of water are so boosted within that there are huge gullies, initially covered with a slim, not yet obscured by ice. The ice pick in this scenario is necessary, as well as the opposite way you require to examine a number of times a day.

Wintertime angling is really interesting and fascinating, however regarding the threat of dropping under the ice, it must be thought of constantly!

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