Fishing in tsimlyanskoye water tank

In the Rostov as well as Volgograd regions, there are several excellent locations for fishing. Rostov region is popular for angling on the wear, Manych, Miusskaya Estuary. Yet the hearts of lots of followers, conquered angling on the tsimlyanskoye storage tank. Winter months as well as summertime, come right here enthusiasts of energetic rest

Angling on the tsimlyanskoye tank

Where to capture in tsimlyanskoye tank

Length of this fabricated storage tank 180 km, size is about 30 meters, with a depth of around 9 metres. Developed, throughout the construction of the Tsimlyanskaya hydropower plant. Fish supplies in this reservoir do capture it, one of one of the most attractive in the South of the nation. The most effective places for fishing on the Simleu — — wide stretches of the old riverbed, the convergence of rivers.

The bottom of the Tsimlyansk reservoir has an intricate topography, which adds to the quick growth of the fish. Right here are two channel, various pits as well as shallows. Snags, locations of sandy as well as pebbly bottom.

There is a lesson for followers of all sorts of fishing. Quotrem you can obtain good specimens of the silver carp, fans of float fishing waiting for roach, rybets, carp, and also certainly crossbreed (individuals for Spooks).

Fans of fishing killers also will delight in the spoils. And also what can we state about carp, carp, Amur. Each fish, depending upon the time of year, right here has their favored locations. Some, defined below.

Therefore, the ranking of the Top 5 finest areas of the Tsimlyansk reservoir for fishing as well as family members getaways:

  1. Base « DON-SOYUZ ». Located on a sand spit. It runs practically to the center of the storage tank. On the boat, fishermens rapidly arrive at the place of fishing. You can catch all sort of fish, particularly pike and catfish. Fans of float fishing rods, will certainly also discover roach, vimba, bream, crucian carp and also various other fish. The only negative, the base did not have power. It is provided with batteries and generators. Special hassles it does not supply.
  2. « The Jolly herring»». The campsite lies near Novomaksimovskiy, on the picturesque area. About 140 kilometers from the city on the Volga. Coniferous forest, is shielded by legislation. Seekers in these areas do not show up. A great deal of birds, and some residents of the base, was formerly of small wild pets. There are no traces of human task. The area is extremely stunning. Channels, island. Bays of reeds lake. Peaceful creeks, deep holes under. All this permits anglers to capture trophy pike, perch, catfish. And even carp, roach, white bream. Chub, carp, carp. As well as naturally the perch, so caring sandy or pebbly base. The checklist goes on. Base takes fishermen and visitors year-round.
  3. St. Suvorov, Surovikinsky district. There are lots of camp websites and also wild camps. Good pike as well as cockroach, perch. Catfish can be caught with even more good luck. Oh and all the white fish is really active right here. Additionally you can capture winter months as well as summer season.
  4. On the spit of the Bay, near Volgodonsk, is another eye-catching fishing place on the Simleu. There is also well captured all of the above noted fish, fishing camps, will certainly take site visitors at any moment of the year, as well as experienced huntsman, will create problems for extraordinary fishing.
  5. The Village Nagavskaya. Is not inferior to the formerly named areas. Right here well will certainly feel the poplavochnikov. The location is close to the Central part of the reservoir, supplies a terrific possibility to capture pike as well as walleye.

As well as currently, allow’s take into consideration an extremely crucial concern to capture that? angling in tsimlyanskoye water tank permits you to use numerous types of gear. Consider the 3 major kinds of angling in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir. The BASICS of RENTING a BICYCLE: a BICYCLE IS NOT TERRIBLE the leasing of the bikes today are located virtually at every action, at the very least in Moscow.

Angling with rotating on the tsimlyanskoye storage tank

Fishing with spinning on the Simleu, in this large location, anglers have lots of angling options. Consider all in order:

Fishing for pike and also perch in tsimlyanskoye tank Used different lures and also spinners. Trolling, shivering is just a tiny component of the means of transaction. It is best to capture in the Central part of the storage tank, near the reeds and also in the air ducts with it. In this fishing thing is not to give the trophy to go into the reeds and immediately attempt to obtain him to the watercraft. Caught a pike on the Simleu approximately 5-7 kg, prizes over 10 pounds are uncommon. Pike truancy of up to 3 kg prevail in coastal components, as well as in bays, bayous. Develops trolling. This angling on a relocating boat, around the station, capture the prizes up to 15 kg from the deep locations. It is excellent on the edge of Simleu perch as well as pike.

Use a range of lure. It is important to remember the depth of much heavier attractions and huge wobblers. Closer to the surface area– the lighter the surface, and diving crankbaits.

Perch takes the bait, only smaller sized in dimension. There are people that like jig with silicone heads and also flopped.

Pike on the Simleu loves a tight base, and right here it is area. Caught in parlance, as well as on particular types of lures.

The feeder fishing in tsimlyanskoye tank

The feeder on the Simleu catch a selection of fish, bream, cockroach, crucian carp. And bigger types of carp, usual carp, white Amur.

The feeder fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir much more little fish on the instance of bream. It is best to make use of finely-fractional bait, it allows you to maintain the fish in place, in spring and also fall it is far better to do it on the basis of Bloodworms and also various other worms. The smaller the bait, the longer it will suffice.

A selection of bait additionally relies on the time of year, the primary

Foods prepared porridge from various grains, and also each angler has his very own keys. Bigger fish captured on the very same concept. Only for catching carp as well as carp on the Simleu usage other sorts of lure. Below and strawberry, vanilla and also many other tastes. And they are much more like corn as well as barley than bloodworms.

Fishing on the float rod in tsimlyanskoye tank

Angling on the float rod on the Simleu anglers will present a great dimension roach, bream, Zope, carp and also spooks. The most desired trophy is bream. Cockroach second by appeal. As well as it one of the most affordable carp and hybrids. The concept of angling have not transformed for lots of centuries. Watch the bobber as well as do not miss out on.

For successful angling it is needed to keep in mind favorite places of each fish. Bream likes the edge in between the pits as well as terrific depth(4-6 m), cockroach, Zope, dushman — — like places smaller sized as well as dense plant life. Easier to conceal from predators. In the winter season all go to wintering openings.

Tackle for angling in tsimlyanskoye tank

The kind of equipment and its parts depends on the moment of year, even for one fish. Let’s check out the features of the gear for every of them.

Angling in the spring on the Simleu

When the fish awakens from its wintertime tightness and also passiveness, fishing in tsimlyanskoye water storage tank in the spring is the time. The water in the early springtime, transparent, that’s why the line is much better to take more refined. It must be born in mind that during the spawning duration, any type of fishing is restricted. Annually it’s a various time, but essentially the month of might. Cockroach and also pike, by this time, nevertheless, it generates from.

The very first in Simleu plump before generating begins cockroach. At this time, the worth of the catch might depend on 30 kgs per day. Hook 3-4 areas, a small sinker and bobber. Angling line with a diameter of 0,2 as well as 0,15 leash. Excellent heavy pole, and also no reel. All prepared for fishing. We ought to not forget what to take with itself on angling, should be all type of baits. Fishing for carp at this moment is also really exciting.

Pike, perch, Zander, also, come to the huge quest. Right here, additionally keep in mind a small diameter the density of the line. As well as the darker color attractions, the sun bright, intense attractions will be even worse to bring in a killer. And also all other fish, the policy of clear water.

Angling in the summer season on the Simleu

For catching predators in the summer season on the Simleu, it is far better to make use of a cable, not angling line, it will certainly reduce the breaks and also enhance sensitivity to biting. General guideline: water ended up being extra turbid, so the line can place thicker and the hooks are larger. For catfish you must utilize just the strings.

Keep in mind with fever, should most likely to much deeper locations. The deepness to make use of lighter lures. Ought to take all of their angling lures. The predator can attack rare in Your collection, the bait.

Wintertime fishing on the Simleu

Winter season angling on the Simleu — — right now there is a full modification of equipment and also angling strategies. Fish rolls in wintering holes. The first-ice fish activity boosts, after that there is a lengthy period of gluhozime. Angling line and also hooks once more put very little.

The following change is once more predators. Pike are starting to catch on to the replica fish, a sort of summer season of circles. This sort of fishing is one of the most exciting. Increased a warning as well as the revolving coil. And also still have to run. Picture how much adrenaline you get.

The white fish are jigs, to detail them, it makes no sense. Everyone has their preferred.

Come to these beautiful locations, rich in fish and to enjoy fishing. However, in recent times, Tsimlyanskoe tank began to grow superficial, yet we believe that the second of the Aral sea will certainly not be right here.

Angling spot: Kotelnikovsky Bay, H. Safronov, Columns 22 — — 24 Feb. Great climate, excellent catch, the terrific feast! Constant favorable!

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