Fishing on Pyalovskie reservoir

This storage tank on the river Ucha is a fave of many fishermens to the pond. There the shores are caved in by deep bays and over a large area is covered by coniferous and blended forests.
North coast, especially in the location of Tartu Bay wetland websites, from the snow standing out of the completely dry reeds.

Winter months fishing on Pyalovskie tank

The deepness in this component of the storage tank is small, and also capture there are mostly bass, perch and also roach on the jig. Great worth in this kind of fishing is discovering fish. Normally in the center of winter season begin to catch the outcome of Yur Bay and then relocate along the shore in the direction of the network.

Generally, the day the fishermen can not find a solitary flock of bass, though not large. It occurs that in fishing skovorodnem captured a lots perch. Roach are biting less usually, nonetheless, during lengthy thaws made use of to set out a great bite of this fish.

Bass in position like wormwood. Because case, if the moth bites no demand as to make use of add-ons larva burdock moth, spitted on the hook mormyshkas one striker or 2. The regularity of vibration of an appeal should be raised as well as the amplitude lowered.

Those that know how to fish with baitless jig, in gluhozime featured a large catch than those that catches with a growing bloodworms. It has actually long been observed that the fish starts to show a solid rate of interest in the jig, if nod makes from 200 to 350 oscillations per min. There are a variety of brief barrel and also tapered tungsten frameworks « Jack », designed simply for the game with a large oscillation regularity of nod.

In this situation, the fish responds to the jig are produced by the vibrations which it picks up the touchline. The function of the video game on a baitless jig is that it as it vibrates, remains in place. At the exact same time legitimate smooth relocating the jig backwards and forwards. You can likewise maintain the catch on an upright jig kind « ant », ««»osinka », « oralce », however the hook must wear the beads, which, striking against each other, release the characteristic audio that brings in fish.

Fishing pole for angling with baitless jig need to have a lengthy take care of. Approval clock is made from metal springs, and also its discrepancy from the straight airplane in the video game should not go beyond 1,0– 1,1 mm.

Fishing bream and white bream on the float rods are placed on the flooded riverbed Teach, which is closer to the southern high Bank. With a great long-term lure of the completely dry mix of the kind « Red competitor » combined with bloodworms, regulars of those places often handles to capture fish, amongst which is not unusual and also big breams. On the lure sometimes are looking good cockroach. It should be found in areas with a depth of 6-8 meters. The most effective time of the bream bite is very early morning, before dusk as well as during the night (however tents on the ice there to put forbidden).

Garliclike in gluhozime in these areas are unusual, although we needed to watch as it was intended that Aksakov Bay wintertime captured a respectable pike and also perch.

Of the routine anglers at the storage tank there are commonly a few of besnilian that catch in a plumb line on an enormous white spoon with a growing on the hook for the little plotnicki or ruff. They pierce wells in locations with a deepness of 6-9 m. Catches large perch, Zander, pike seldom. Someday we saw a young man, who was angling in a plumb on the excellent white kastmaster. It was lunch and also they had already caught 2 bass considering around 300 g and one perch under 600

As for killers, in this period of gluhozime is entitled to one of the most attention capturing burbot. It does not call for big expenses of power. Postawski has to be put along the woody financial institutions of the South in the direction of the Sunny Glade, in some cases carefully coming close to the undersea riverbed. The bottom is sandy-stony.

The plots and also like to maintain burbot. Instead of a tee is suggested to put a solitary hook with a long forearm № 1/0 -1. The most effective nozzle– ruff, reduced to the base. In order to attain success at fishing, you should commit a whole lot of time to the discovery of burbot routes. If you are permanently resolved in one of the many surrounding hotels, this task can be intriguing also. And after that capturing burbot, this unusual fish, will certainly provide you a great deal of joy.

Where to perenochevat Pyalovskie on the coast of the reservoir

In addition to traveler camps and also boarding houses, where in winter you can locate loosened for the night, there is a recreation of the business « Rybolov-sportsmen»». It is located in a Sunny Clearing and also has the exact same name. To reach those areas by bus from the train station katuar (Savelovsky instructions) to the town of Aksakovo, which is the destination of the course and also lies on the shore of the tank, or personal automobiles– the area from 30-40 mins drive away. Fishing vouchers.

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