Great the “points” can be both short-lived and irreversible

Called in the night a friend of an angler. Said was fishing, however unexceptional. drilled over a dozen holes, transform the place of fishing. But captured only a few little «tails. »

I replied that I, as well, was angling, and as it turned out, on the exact same fish pond. However was pleased with the outcome: captured for more than four kilos of skimmers. Hence he clarified, that during the whole time angling was constantly sitting in one place– on their acquainted as well as long-proven trendy « to the factor ».

Odd– summed up the discussion friend. What brings in fish in there? Absolutely nothing unusual here.

For many years fishing practices from experience how crucial it is to discover in the huge body of water the place where the fish are in some way polivaet particularly active. And this puts on both wintertime and also summer fishing. The only distinction is that in the winter months to cool down factor hop on the ice as well as in the summertime swim at the boat. What is this amazing «point»? What draws in fish in there? Evidently, it is tough to respond to certainly.

Since the angler does not see what is «the situation under his opening or under the boat. One thing is clear: the place is not random, under water or grabs or collection of boulders or the incline of the bottom, or the bottom of the recess, or a verdant hill … but you never ever know what can draw in fish below. And it is extremely crucial to keep in mind to secure this area next time again ahead to its « pleased » wells. If we are chatting concerning summer angling, the fishermen will want to secure it again on their great spot.

For instance, on the Istra storage tank there is my» favored « factor » in a picturesque Bay, South fishing base « Trusovo ». I remember when I initially came here, a long time took a look around me, trying to «figure out where to drill the hole. Really did not intend to come close «to a tight group of fishermens, focusing in different areas.

I wished to go fishing in a calm, secluded setup, however, and not to overlook with a catch. As well as consequently made a decision to start to « feel » the bottom with a deepness scale to locate a far better « point ».

Lowered the deepness scale in one location– deepness of 8 meters. Walked away regarding 30 feet, gauged deepness of over 11 meters. Pierced the hole in between these « factors »– the depth of slightly more than 9 meters. I determined, in this area the base is irregular, with a predisposition. And it is well known «that fish, specifically bream, enjoys to stroll in such places. Below as well as draws, established three float rods in the pierced next to the openings. Searches of fishery is fully warranted. It went right away.

One or the other float smoothly appeared, I was hooking and pulling out another bream. And also around me, for rather a large location– not a soul. For one reason or another, the fishermen clustered, as usual, some limited groups. If it was there, under them, definitely collected all the fish. And also I also enjoyed the truth that next to no one is deterred by his noise lured me fish. Caught after that extremely well. Considering that typically come below. When pondering where to drill the hole, and. Understood to me just seaside targets accurately find your method.

And also if the ice after the previous angling was covered with fresh snow and no trace is not noticeable, I come to a favored area. It was feasible to detect reputable cool the place on the Ruza storage tank. It is positioned on a vast ples in between « Rus » and the former rest home « Luzhki».

I dropped on this « point » two years back. Bear in mind, pierced and also draws 2 openings in three locations far from each other about 30-40 meters. Transformed the conventional « triangular », the perimeter of which I occasionally passed from one hole to another. Went not for long, as it quickly became clear that actively « working » only one « factor ». Below «attack complied with one after one more, I barely had time to hook in as well as pull the skimmers. As well as the fish was pretty decent, captured in the 300-600 grams, «and captured bream. While the «other»lured the « factors » of the attacks were really uncommon. Naturally, this « factor » I again detected by notable seaside sites, which are well kept in mind. And also in the current winter season, December 29, included his child Basil» right here for the angling.

I really wished to «inspect», will certainly thrill this trendy « point » in the current winter. Drilled two openings for lure. And also what? The angling was excellent. Caught 7 kilos of large bream. Deepness– 11 meters. The following fishing on this « point» was January 2 of this year. And once more, well– the catch is pulled on four kgs. As well as this is thinking that the pressure was reduced– 732 mm Hg.

Then fishing from January 12 to capture 5 pounds. The adjoining anglers, notification, closer as well as closer crept to me, pierced openings in the instant area. Yet oddly they still do not attack, as well as I maintained hooking and pulling the skimmers. And in the following visit I was dissatisfied to discover that the earlier a fisherman had currently drawn the camping tent over my cool. Obviously, the last fishing he saw how I maintained his arms up, reducing and viviva an additional fish.

And also remember it, then to resolve in below. Which he did. I had to dodge. This decided: it is required to arrive very early to defeat possible competitors. Naturally, I do not want to assert that these trendy « places » the fish are attacking frequently as well as safely in any type of weather condition.

There are absolutely Bellevue days when never ever attack. And yet, I make certain that also in bad weather the chance of capturing fish here greater than in various other components of the reservoir. As well as if we below do not bite, so do not attack anywhere. I intend to keep in mind that this awesome « point » can be both short-lived and also permanent. For example, the above-mentioned great places on the Istra as well as Ruza storage tanks can be thought about constant, as effectively I fished there several» times over numerous winter.

But frequently it happens when successfully fishing in the same place it is feasible for only a certain time, for instance, during the last or first ice. And then munch right here slowly damaged and even terminated. In verification of this can offer you an instance. In the past year, according to the most recent ice my son and also a number of journeys to the Ruzsky storage tank in the district Palastina.

And also really successfully capturing huge skimmers every time on the exact same opening. 1 to April 8, 4 times we fished on this amazing « factor. » Sitting with your child just five feet from each other, each of us had one hole. For the passion of pierced openings simply 10-20 meters away from this great place, yet have not seen a single bite. As well as our « point » the fish somehow proactively pecking, and within a few days. How to describe such a phenomenon is unclear. Maybe my boy and I mosted likely to the so-called fish-path. This location we found and decided to test it in the current Jan. Drilled the hole appeal. Bite not bad, yet still not as energetic as in April in 2014.

Captured with 4 kilos of skimmers. Really intend to inspect, exactly how will this « point » once more in April, yet this year. Let’s see and also wait. Just how to find cool « point »? We have actually currently mentioned that the found a trendy « spot » demand to be spotted at coastal targets. How to do it? Of course, in our time, in the visibility of « smart » navigating to make it much «hassle. However, first, not every fisherman has a Navigator. And secondly, this gadget, as much «as is» recognized, specifies to detect the location accurate to 5 meters. Such « accuracy » is unlikely to please the severe» fishermen, specifically when you need to reach your « point » with a variance of not more than a meter.

And the manner in which I want to tell you allow it to locate your angling place, if not with absolute accuracy», only with the minimal mistake is not more than a meter. It is the following. Fisherman resting on a box on its hole on the Bank chooses two noteworthy landmark situated on the very same imaginary line from it. It is desirable that one of the targets was near the shore, and also the other much further. Near the coast you can keep in mind as a landmark a private tree or a Bush, behind which is seen another site– or mast of high voltage power lines or a house, or pole, manufacturing facility pipeline, etc.

After that best or left from the initial taped line similarly, we need to bear in mind 2 various other spots, located once again on the exact same line. It turns out that these two lines converge at a point, where rests a fisherman. Therefore it is necessary to make every effort to make sure that the angle of junction of these lines was as close as feasible to a straight (would have had to do with 90 levels). Only by doing this is attained the greatest precision. These lines with the assistance we require to remember, and for greater reliability to illustration in a note pad. Now detected by doing this cool « factor » can easily be located on the next fishing expedition.

You dropped the shore on the ice, and also progressively far from shore, be sure to appreciated targets (wood blog post )happened on the exact same line. Afterwards, remain to accompany this imaginary «line till, till you are straightened on the exact same line 2 other noticeable site (as an example, tube– building). The crossway of these conditional lines and also is a desirable angling place. In the summer it’s likewise feasible ahead to an amazing place on the watercraft. The dependability and also efficiency of this method ticks the awesome places I intend to verify a certain example from my angling practices. When fished from a boat on one of the Shatura lakes.

Attempted in different places, but the bites were uncommon. Once again altered the place of support. And then, as the anglers say, begin! On 2 poles barely had time to strike as well as eliminate from the hooks of the skimmers. Soon the tank had lots of fish. I detected this location, referred to as above, but also for the safeguard reduced right into the water at the demanding of the freight boat tied to the buoy of foam. The buoy is somewhat imbedded in the water to ensure that it is not visible from the outside.

A week later came here, seen the standards came to the desired location and anchor. And also was happily amazed when I saw top at the strict of your boat, immersed buoy, which is currently forgotten. Once more persuaded of how true and also effective this technique of finding the place of angling. … So, if you permitted angling happiness as well as you instantly attacked a cool area, do not rush to get rid of it. Try as much as feasible reputable to find this « factor ». And then you don’t have fishing piercing a lot of holes to move from area to location, as …it occurred, however, my unlucky good friend.

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