Happiness was so close, Part 3

The story will certainly be long: with summaries, stories and also all the rest. I advise you when — — be prepared or do not check out. There is not the photo. A sleepless night as well as way into the night. The weather report regarding the approaching Apocalypse, it was made a decision to overlook, due to the fact that it quacks level 99.

After short preparations, energy by itself, so as not to sleep, and be guided Ilyukha looking for new places on the river. Departure at 5:30, in the very first point was about 7 in the morning. Location for buddy interesting, but are interested in the riffle on the side of the river, which is pleasantly appeased fry a rather big ASP. Tuzha not toss it our appeals, so angling we start with the pit on our side of the jig. Futile, not counting a few potucek.

Assuming, considering all the « pros » and « cons », I mosted likely to try to find put on. Found one huge roll, however incredibly fascinating for us, he did. Better. Checked out two more places: one zapretka with barbed cable and a present at the second convergence of the river right into a bigger as well as a lot of swimmers. Near the «coast floated a lot of Chub in the location of 200-300 grams, however it is not our dimension. Assuming, basing on the shore, watching the happy bathing individuals in picking the places of fishing is not exactly any type of(happy, and perhaps Vice versa … ), I chose ahead on a large roll, in the beginning of it.

The time more detailed to 11. Upon arrival, not without issues: fell down an opening, intelligently camouflaged when driving, decide to take a number of pictures of the location. All « spoiled » a breast close friend. The maker to take a photo stopped working penalty. Hereafter « attractive » photoshoot move to some shade and start to…obtain dressed. Will certainly go to their new waders Alaskan Adventure with the same shoes. By themethod, the soles of felt– tale.

Do not listen that says she slides over the turf or something there. All fine, but on the rocks it’s even wonderful– as if they were not. Stick in hand as well as vperd to the roll. The place is ideal. On one side of the jet with the pit, after that stranded,» however the jet with the slowdown of the flow and also the trees-bushes. Standing in the center of the river, oncidium this hedge in different methods– deaf. Wonders. We pass a little below.

Oh, yeah. In the center of the islet and also the river. Throw Golden Mean Hellion ssr black coloring on the Cape of the island, drained pipes the loop and also start the circuitry is very slow-moving. BANG! Whatever in guide. A blunder. An embarassment, however ultimately at least some progression from previous fishing trips. Going a little additional the bite is taking place. There!

Enchanting fish, and also Chub on 600g in your house. Snickering a lot, not wounding, take out the Wobbler will certainly not manage.

Had to grab the good-looking. Catch on. This sandy island came bathing … you can not sit at residence?! In this wilderness residence. Transferring to this considerable solid roll. Bites no. I kicked back. Valleron’m sluggish on the roll. And after that IT took place. A blow of such force that the fish knocks the stick out of his hands, breaking the nail on his thumb. In scary, grabs a stick and start playing. Stick in an arc.

Mark rotating: I have a Maximus Fish Poison test 210 2-11. Such test enables to cope with 40mm cranks strong on the jet, stay with 6-8 grams and not be up to function easily. And the margin of safety and security is required here. The cord is Intech all-range 0.5 and also chain from Flyura 0.29 Intech FC.

So, stick in an arc, the clutch screeches a little. I gathered myself with each other, with confidence, battling with the fish and also win her away and also get rid of from the major stream. « This is the cruiser! »,-listen to back from your partner. Chub broke the surface. It was the one for whom we were going. Kilo+. Since of my bad moves in the start, it is poorly identified.

Simply a few meters from me, pulling the head off. Disturbed? No. Because I was able to do it. I was lastly able to obtain him to bite as well as virtually absorb «hand. It’s a pity only»one point– no pictures. We choose to capture a bit more, as his buddy began to hurt feet. During these 20 mins, Ilyukha was an additional effective bite on the Jackall Chubby is a timeless. Yet again by.

On that note, we complete angling, since my close friend couldn’t also stroll normally. In the car, on feelings, influenced as well as with a substantial experience going house. Later on it became clear why the Chub is so weak activity. We captured the circumstances, all stomach and mouth blocked with grass. Don’t wolf it fry as well as beetles. This put the missing dots on the i, however the enjoyment is not lessened. Quickly once more going to see brand-new areas and also capture a trophy Chub.

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