How to discover the area where the bite pike

How to find the area where the bite pike? Exactly how to sh in a fish pond for pike?

Toothy sharks of enormous size wishes to capture any kind of fisherman. Yet fish are tricky and also to find it needs experience, perseverance and understanding of the habits.

Pike like to quest from ambush. Places as well as selects where food for her, as well as she’s not seen. To determine the environment of the pike, to help sounder. This types suches as areas with transforming terrain, pits. If you have found such a cavity allawite it permeate through the pit gripping sides.

Search for a location where pecks pike.

Little rivers with a quiet existing as well as steep financial institutions, in the spring during the flood rinsed by water, great for angling pike. The deepness of these financial institutions allows sufficient, comfy and also predators to hunt.

Excellent location for a catch– oxbow lakes of the rivers, bays, and networks in between the rivers or lakes. Fish migrate from one pond to one more, seeking food, and also in the color of the reeds at the confluence of the Creek right into the lake its currently waiting for pike. In the tiny bays and also arms of the rivers in superficial water frolic flocks of fish, as pike take advantage of them from neighboring thickets of grass. These sites as well as the requirement to sh in the first place — — there is excellent pike bite.

Gulls and other birds dive into the water — — so there sporting activities fish fry, as well as where the little thing there as well as perch with pike.

Uncovered the right area– support or two as well as start to sh. The deal depends on the nature of the relief tank. If the bottom zatsepistye — — shop Wobbler or minnow, so she just periodically touched the bottom. On such sites it is feasible to lose deal with, yet catch increases.

If fishing is carried out from coast, it is better to start with areas where all-time low just returns. On a slim river, you can throw from the contrary side to the shore with a high cliff. From every factor it is advisable to make 5-10 casts to cover the whole industry.

What to do if negative bite pike:
  • Bait requires to be changed. Takes a rewriter or spoons — — take a Popper or a floating lure. In some cases just surface tempts reliable.
  • Take the average if huge bait does not bite. Maybe this location isn’t big wheels.
  • Pike goes on the search in the hrs of sundown or early in the early morning, the day is active in clear weather condition when cold.
  • After a couple of wet days the bite increases.
  • Crucial appropriate electrical wiring. You need to sh in all water layers: at the bottom, closer to the surface area and between.

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