How to keep fish fresh

We talk so much about fishing, about the different ways of fishing and thousands of recipes for cooking fish, this mass of information simply forgot about the main thing: how to keep caught fish fresh to returning home, to get out of their backpack fresh fish, not smell like it happens in some cases, especially when the street is hot weather.

Methods of preservation of fish possess far not all the fishermen of our country. And there is a paradoxical situation, tackles the fisherman, the newest and most advanced, it seems, and catch the person is able, but the result is deplorable, because the fish is almost spoiled. We have aimed to consider several ways that are designed to help fishermen to enjoy the fishing and the fresh fish.

Despite the simplicity of the question – the topic is very relevant.

If the fish is spoiled, it will have the following characteristics:

1. Whitish gills
2. Bloated abdomen
3. Scales will be separated with a minimum of effort
4. The cloudy lens

The ways of keeping fish fresh

So, we proceed to the enumeration methods that will help You to keep the fish fresh.

Initially, it all depends on how You fish. If Your fishing trip takes place on a boat or stationary, the problems with the conservation of fish does not occur. The fish can be placed in the tank (note the length of the cage, as in the coastal zone, placed in the tank the fish dies quickly) or cook, the question of preservation will be solved. A completely different situation if You are constantly moving along the shore. This type of fishing is typical for fishing spinning into a transaction on a summer nod and frequent change of places of fishing with a normal rod with a float.

That’s it for the actual fishing any method for preserving fish. In this case, you can use the following methods:

1. The easiest way to do it. You need to take a rag bag (not synthetic), on its bottom put a layer of herbs (burdock, nettle or any other herb) on top of the herbs put the fish first need to be put down, and the top is again covered with grass. This method allows you to keep the fish fresh for approximately 2-4 hours, which is enough to get home and cook a delicious dish.
2. If You plan to fish the whole day, and the bite occurred in the morning hours, the most optimal method when a Fisher uses Kukan, which skewer the fish. The cook lowered into the water and tied to the reeds, the bushes or to the pole. All You need to do is remember the place, and in the evening just to pick up the fish and go home.
3. The use of insulated containers and termosolar. Method is good, we recommend you to have it in my notes.
4. If not one of the ways of preservation is not suitable, the fish can be wrapped with a towel and put in the bag. By the way, if You use a plastic bag, the fish will go bad much faster than when using conventional bags made of cloth.
5. If You have a salt, it is possible to do so: the fish gut, remove the gills, from the inside, slightly salted, wrapped and stuffed with grass (best suited nettle), wrapped with newspaper and placed or in a cool place (for example, to dig a hole in the shade or in any humid place) or put in the rag bag. It is important not to use a lot of salt, otherwise, for fishing time fish will start to let the juice that will only accelerate its deterioration.

Ways to keep the fish fresh and relevant for many. But there is one rule that must be obeyed by all modern angler: if you are going fishing, You go for the good mood, but not for fish. So if You caught a fish, limit yourself to 1-2 trophies, and the rest let go. Modern fishing is not fish, it is a cultural holiday, which means after the fight with the fish, the fish is released.

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