Improperly sverkaet the bell, and then one more, and after that stops

In late winter, not willing to take positions March, burbot surviving in Lovat throughout the illegal battle and also electrotek, developing an active voracity. Searching for a victim the predator takes a look at a pit, shallow and garagiste space, taking in everything that comes his means.

The primary approach of manufacturing gets us angling with trotlines. At night, clothed comfortably, and also taking with him everything required, we go to the Islands. Right here are looming dark pyramids future bonfires of dead timber, harvested throughout the day. To the side are packages of hay, old, supplied on the eve of my partner.

Andrew deftly drills an opening, and I — — hooks with long fore given that the loss collected Nightcrawlers that were kept in the basement in a pail. Down in the red lure. Cargo, lead spoon, easy to be carried to the bottom line of 0.6 with lure. Throughout the opening lay a stick 30 centimeters in length with a wound on her angling line. At poklevke a predator easily unwind it and then salceda, as well as tied her little bell reports. All one has a catch, go ahead. After five tackles, mounted under the shore of the very first island, rapidly darkens. Partner includes a light and Shine for me up until I mess around with the bait and phone call.

Second five deals with establish the various other Islands. It’s obtaining colder. Boring a half-meter ice warms, however the cool wings as well as makes kindle fires.

Improperly sverkaet the bell, and afterwards an additional, and after that discontinues. We are working on this exciting call as well as draws in the snow little nalichii. There is a start! Heart defeats joyfully as well as carelessly. Naiwu and also reducing the ground, quickly to an additional trap. The angling line froze strong and offered a phone call to proceed the trill. This Donk was a large perch.

The second leading market brought three huge burbot. Delighted luck, we went back to the fire, warmed up, drank warm tea from a thermos as well as returned to the rigging. Angling interest by the hour was obtaining stronger, sustained falling on trap fish. The opening was a little icy and also we had to remove them in ice. To speed up the procedure of angling, we tied bells, and the hole shut sheaves. Fishing went deaf to the touch, as well as it was the best choice.

At twelve o’clock at night, the attacking stopped. We removed the donkey, placed them in a fishing box and went residence to put out the fires. In the morning took pleasure in a tasty fish soup with eco-friendly spices.

The following evening, the procedure was repeated. Bells called routinely, nalichii caught small, but our joy was immeasurably greater. Twelve o’clock at night finally got a strong duplicate. The fires ultimately wore out. This time we left donkey for a day, preparativ sheaves over the opening with snow.

When the day we concern the catches, we discovered countless Fox tracks and also magpie crosses– birds as well as animals were getting the remains of our supper.

So, the whole week we were caught after fattening gluhozime spawning predators. Thaw and needed to alter techniques. Closer to the center of the river developed gullies, in them we tossed the donkey, tying completions of the woods to the seaside shrubs. The bells now rang jumping, making all haste to hurry to the desirable traps. The night passed quietly, the cozy weather condition allowed us to satisfy them until the early morning. Angling was no much less successful.

Evidently, light bonfires in the fall and spring, brought in killers, and fresh water raised their voracity. One of the luckiest days of small perch, stranded on a hook with a worm, swallowed a big pike. Remove it from the abyss was only with the assistance of a lengthy post with a fork at the end. We have long marveled at the truth that this river is the crocodile did not attack the leash of nylon fishing line.

The February calls brought us a lot joy and remarkable moments of fish playing for a very long time maintained in our memory.

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