In addition to carp, are the grip perch, cockroach, carp, pike

When winter season fishing without a nozzle on the video game, particularly perch, roach as well as bream, along with when trolling predators, many fishermens choose to put in line together two lures, as they state, a train, or a train.

This «files» frequently above the bottom of a huge « Jack-in » at a specific distance bound is additionally « evil one » of the exact same or smaller sized size.

Game tandem lure is most reliable in a strong thaw, as well as finally the ice currently, the fish frequently stands high from all-time low, in some cases even the line is required to reduce a meter or even more high as well as make the purchase. In the upper layers of the water, the fish can increase up in gluhozime when at a great deepness in the lower layer runs out of oxygen supply, than, for instance, indicates the death of the real-time lure on Gerlich.

Additionally, it often happens that in the wintertime the fish are attacking improperly or otherwise whatsoever is caught on a larger bait (jig, « evil one »), which you can promptly reach all-time low at a terrific depth or significant existing. A « engine » of 2 light and fairly little faux catchability and also to the bottom to lower it prospers with no issues.

The lack of added tools, lure, despite the great efficiency, has constantly been considered a high-frequency links over the ice of among them when playing a fish with the opening, which normally causes a descent of trophy or damage of the line. And when angling in hefty grabs no end of issues, particularly if captured, for instance, the lower « evil one », and also the top chosen the line still on the node, after that unhook holds on the top of the attraction, allowing you to combat off the bottom.

The only service, warranted itself completely in practice, was moving the place of the top of the appeal on the fishing line when the support for her base is firmly seated on the breeze line small elastic band (for 2)– special collections of the maintaining elastic band of different dimension are now being marketed in fishing take on shops, stoppers are already pre-put on the section of the line, where they are simple to move on the breeze.

When you bite on the leading lure, or involve it when potice will « slide » in addition to the stopper to the bottom and out of the water with the prize recovered as a single device. There is likewise a little problem: the « resistance » of the retaining bands is commonly not adequate to hook the top of the bait safely flights the difficult jaws of a pike perch, bersha or perch; in addition, when you « vacant » the attacks or impacts to the top of the lure it with each other with the stopper can slide down, and also after that have all equipment gotten rid of from the water and deal with the mutual setup of the appeals, which significantly slows down catch. Here it is required to do so: under the maintaining band in place of its taking care of must get on the fishing line tie a knot, which passes easily with an opening in the top body of the attraction.

This knot will not affect the total stamina of the snap-in due to the fact that the bottom bait is certainly connected to the website, now if you grasp the fish to balance out the stopper will need a greater effort and also it will definitely be enough for a reliable trip, and also with vacant attacks the stopper will certainly continue to be in position. If the broadened perspective of capturing fish, the knot under the stopper for the top of the lure you link on the line in a different area and also repair the lure at a different range from the bottom.

As well as yet, from whatever small baits nor was made up of « engine » in the center of winter there are times that the fish begins to attack extremely improperly even on them, and calls for that at least one of the attracts was even smaller. In this case, the above « the» evil one » or just finish a sinker weight on the line, as well at the stopper, is sting up a small hook on which either attached small damp fly fly, or simply grew the sphere of microporous rubber in brown or black with a diameter of regarding 2-3 mm.

Instead of the porous rubber responsible can be snugly wound such as enlarging of black or green thread, which is then cut to ensure that there is a brief « antennae-legs ». For the manufacture of such « suspension » is suitable hooks 16-14 numbers (international numbering) made use of in the knitting of fly flies. Such a hook bent inside ring, so endured the line, it will certainly be located in regard to it perpendicular, which is a needed condition.

An additional topic is using « suspension » or with wintertime baubles, or with the balancer. Here as an extra and smaller baits suspended not only from above yet from below, may be one more spinner, jig, fly, as well as « devil », as well as an unique hook with a thick coating of intense colors, such as bloodworms, additionally used a variety of « eyes » with a fluorescent covering. In this instance, an extra method can be linked on a brief or a relatively long chain as it hooks the standard hard lure as well as established on the line above it either stationary or relocating with a securing aspect.

When applied to little extra bait, when fishing predator, usually perch on, along with frequently pecking as well as « tranquil » fish, such as cockroach, Chub, IDE, bream, silver bream, and even grim Dace with. Generally, such « by-catch » occurs when an angler can hold up against long stops briefly between succeeding cycles of trolling.

A curious technique of capturing winter season carp in those waters, where he is active in this time, was established by the anglers in the funding region– it just conditionally can be called trolling. On the end of the angling line is little or ordinary in dimension as well as weight sets down baubles, as well as above it is no taken care of, openly sliding on the fishing line before the rewriter threeway. On areas of focus for carp fishing techniques that snap-in is as complies with: determined descent with the assumption that after tossing the lure up the jig was up to all-time low, and also the scaffold stayed limited, nod slightly loaded, to make sure that receptive to the bite.

When the assurance of the spoon up and afterwards cost-free loss the Threesome gets away to the fishing line above the lure at 10-20 centimeters, and when the spoon gets to all-time low, he for some time slips to her currently Karas, as well as not just he, strongly, « in the» mouth » enough the Threesome.

Together with carp, are the grip perch, roach, carp, pike. Naturally, in some cases carp as well as attack on the primary bait under elevates a cloud of turbidity and thus draws in fish, but they are uncommon and more often expressed in the form of podragivanija in the head. As well as yet, occasionally taken into consideration using carp caught is far better than a jig with bloodworm or « of the»adversary ». So in winter months, especially in a bad bite, explore « suspension » is needed, as well as the results can be unexpected and considerable.

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