In anticipation of the autumn Jora

Around the meadows of ripe berries and also a number of gorgeous, vigorous mushrooms underfoot. All this is great, however what happens if the abundant time is a couple of weeks, as well as the angling impulse to have it is impossible.

Recipe for one — — a work on the river. September in the Northern waters -« warm » time. Mosquitoes and also midgets practically no fish task boosts everyday, but hunting enthusiasts happily sidetracked from angling on the racked up fat duck as well as upland video game.

Major fishing departure we had actually arranged for the end of September. Intriguing schedule, exceptional chances for fishing — — it was all ahead, and all individuals of the upcoming journey was looking forward to the day X. a lot more shocking, a proposal was made to old friend Victor, that is also a member of the intended trip, pass the thriller remains in brief angling excursion. 4 or 5 days on the fish pond and also a couple in the road — — fulfill we had in time for the begin of another work week.

Victor is an experienced angler, a trustworthy friend, « the heart » of the company as well as, significantly, contends its disposal various vodnomotornyy tools and also huts along the banks of different rivers. Such offers do not refuse. To try to « capture angling» good luck » made a decision near the town of khulimsunt, situated on the Bank of the Northern Sosva. Circumstance, the angling was to happen under mild conditions, without the hysterical search caught circumstances to save the psychological and also physical stamina of the participants.

According to the General opinion as well as desire we might relocate to a range of 100 kilometres with a leisurely, not laborious fishing. The water degree at the time of travel on the Sosva was rather high, even close to June after flooding. So I determined that in the course of following we will certainly take note foremost as well as first, on the different streams, tributaries and also oxbow lakes oblasova their mouth as well as, preferably, seeing is available for the passage of our boat.

Quick charges, short description with household as well as colleagues, long roadway — — after some time it ends up being behind. Now it is very important only one thing — — I once again on the river, with old partners, in a roomy and comfortable Vitya boat. Ahead of me awaiting the following experience, as well as probably good fishing.

Andrew, the 3rd member of our campaign, has long developed itself as a crucial superintendent. If he is with us, the camp will certainly always be effectively equipped and also thoroughly cleaned after departure absolutely nothing will certainly be failed to remember or shed, no information on Hiking trips will not be able to run away from its economic look. Not stating a word, we when again came to a common river « table of rankings ». While catching all equivalent, however in the Parking great deal I oversee the catering Department, Andrey « rustling » in the house (tent, table, pots, fire pit, fire wood, etc), Victor is in charge of the watercraft, engine, chainsaw and other technological aspects.

In the house as well as the logistics of traveling no doubt, as well as than we will please the river? Fishing in very early September, unusual as it sounds, is much less foreseeable than in June — — July. In the wish to catch a strong trophy more detailed to the loss, several anglers are starting to make use of old-fashioned take on, big baits and hostile uploading, often completely neglecting the contributing conditions as well as variables. I myself, a significant quantity of time raving stereotypes, shed a great deal of priceless time on the understanding that angling in the early succumb to « hyped » in the journals of the appeal and completely painted by seasoned anglers locations did not guarantee a record-breaking catches.

On different brows through we were persuaded repeatedly that one of the most high-end crankbaits, spinners and ««» rubber » that completely worked with the fish pond a couple of seasons can suddenly be out of work at the same location.

In the upcoming journey all a little bothered us, because we made sure that with his strategy « relaxing » angling will certainly get optimal pleasure from the trip in any case. Angling started fairly slowly on the root river near Khulimsunt. These areas Victor recognized thoroughly. It seemed that we acted for sure, yet high water levels have actually made changes.

Relocating the first over cast day in Sosva downstream, we attempted to sh basically encouraging locations. Krutoyary and immersed in superficial water bush pits as well as sand bars, mouth of tributary streams as well as rivers — — nothing escaped our interest. Making use of a variety of attractions, we tried to prompt the passive, as we understand, the killer to take. Just what we did and not when did whatever. Flows up and down the training course « on» motor » with a variety of appeals alternated with the careful harvest of « iron » and « rubber » the best, in our viewpoint, locations. Even a solitary attempt to seduce the predator baitfish neither to no avail.

The entire first day on the water mosted likely to the understanding of what a killer ought to look elsewhere. A couple of tool sized perch however a couple of little jacks in — — below the result is quite a hard day on the root river.

Taradevi by the night rain, often turning into a suitable rainstorm, forced us to totally ignore fishing as well as separated in one of the huts Victor waiting for the mercy of the weather. Of the fish caught in the putting rain have got excellent ear, which not only had a valuable effect on rolling with appetite bellies, but also instilled optimism as well as hope for the next day.

Like an incentive for persistence and also willpower the early morning greeted us with a cloudless skies and the pleasant chirping of birds, which, as we quickly concerned himself after a long, stormy evening. In exceptional state of mind once again began angling. In bright sunshine, the abandoned towns on the steep banks of the SOS’va did not appear to us a classic views for scary movies, and river whirlpools and also eddies no longer really felt so bleak as the day before.

The weather condition enhanced, but the predator remained to strike. The entire early morning positive outlook evaporated in 5-6 hours of intensive angling. Great seats, one of the most tested and dangerous appeal had brought just a solitary little bite Surat, perch and cockroaches. By lunch break of the 2nd day it became extremely clear that additional angling in such routine is doomed to full failure. In the murky waters of the origin river pike and also perch, or was not, or they flatly refused to take. On the « backyard » is 25 ° C, the water in the river in places shade « coffee with milk»». What to do? The eternal inquiry, consisting of for fishers, in Russia…

… Knowing that huge toothy sharks and grouper-humpback are somewhere close to and in significant amount, we understood we were doing something wrong. Made a decision to entirely transform all aspects of angling locations capturing search techniques. Determined not to use when browsing for fish brand-new expensive « attractive » appeals bought over the wintertime. All the focus chose to focus on proven internet search engine. Without speaking with their rightful put on the rifles, 3 rods took mankovska ««» rubber » failsafe spinner Blue Fox No. 3 and also quick ZIP BAITS Rigge length 7 cm.

Look for angling happiness in the staying days decided in flowing tributaries and also streams, which can climb at least a couple of kilometers. As well as even though the majority of them originate from wetlands, however in this period their purity and freshness was better root river. Normally most likely to most of them and go up in very early September, naturally, fairly difficult, yet we at hand played a factor in the « huge water ». Rainfalls that transformed the main river into a muddy stream, provided the possibility to go to a number of prior to inaccessible tributaries the Sosva, where water has actually taken care of to climb, to choose a particular degree as well as dramatically brighten.

Initial sunset at the mouth of the nearby loved one of a tiny stream and climb only 100 m immediately brought the initial full-fledged trophies-heels-dimensional perch and a few jacks in the asset. Also a couple of killers rapidly got away from the boat at our technique.

So that’s something. You can, obviously, was to try to climb down the Creek searching for promising areas, but small productieve shoals as well as thick coastal windbreak right away repelled the wish of also one of the most zealous extreme.

Somewhat extra flowing second stream has actually granted our group a couple of teeth out under 2 kg, a dozen records « Humpbacks » as well as a trio of plump IDE.

The pattern is clear, determined to darkness at a maximum during log in reasonably huge local river-a tributary on whose financial institutions are huts Victor to remain to go up as high as feasible, and then act according to circumstances. In the deep dusk, moving at reduced speed, without a Navigator, I almost slid a tiny at low water, however rather good with the existing degree of the mouth of the river.

Go up to the hut 20 kilometres of the forces was not, as a result, directly into the mouth, on the small spit organized overnight.

Summed up. Also making a discount on scenarios such as the repeated everyday stress surges regularly increasing precipitation, high and also muddy water, the moon — — the results of fishing for Northern Sosva ridiculous.

Pretty inadequate catch the first two days to the richest Northern river caused the suggestion that we just don’t understand the circumstance and also time is not switched to the energetic search predator. Maybe this result is an element of some impressively and absence of preparation of individuals to the conditions of fishing. Experienced and also seasoned anglers are concentrated on capturing a prize was not ready for her crowning places for unwinded fishing. Medium-light rod, a fairly slim angling line as well as medium dimension crankbaits — — all this standard of the spinning middle of the two thousandth was long back and also totally failed to remember throughout the years of angling in Northern waters. Constantly utilizing big baits each period hunting with them for prize fish, we appeared to have actually shed the skill of capturing a tiny killer with a twitching and also middle-jigs-baits. We have attractions, ideal for various fishing problems, there disappeared than 10 for three. It had to be rebuilded entirely.

Caught perch and also pike though and provided us with an exceptional fish dinner, but positive outlook got not much. It was uncertain what awaits us in the remaining number of days of inflow. It ends up, we went VABank by placing all on one single river. Night talks as well as thoughtful discussions on this subject so hooked the entire business that we are, in anticipation of the following day, do not even need to set up the tent. Not stating a word, chose to sleep on a warm night under the open sky around a fire. And also sometimes sprinkling a little rain can not spoil the elegance and also love of this spontaneous sleepovers.

More development of the circumstance has altered dramatically. Possibly a transformation in fishing made an evening of rainfall, the paradises, as well as perhaps the conversation is abundantly skilled with angling tales, gradually flowing near the campfire. Which, in principle, wished to « fuck » each member of the group from this trip? Mountains of different-sized dead fish — — not our means. Production of the trophy? 20 days for fish dreams and outfit the next exploration. Perhaps the turning point came when under the night sky, we realized that in a fit of passion fishing we have forgotten the original function of the trip? What we desired at the river-reach fishing Nirvana.

Myriads of stars above, deafening the charm of the North, the remoteness from civilization by the morning made me think of all the XP on the definition of the fishing life. Dawn found especially zealous « night of the thinkers » in the middle of the currently a bit slurred conversation, and also the feeling all brought a powerful blow of a predator on the surface of the river. Truly trout? Much from the hills, from his typical environment?

Spinning instantaneously in the hands of fishermen, and after that a variety of attractions began to iron the morning the surface area of the river. Morning the aggressor a lot more nothing revealed, yet the message on the day was provided by the honorable.

The morning sunlight rapidly dried our clothes from the evening mist and dew, the common Breakfast appeared all healthy and balanced and incredibly tasty for the body, more traveling was seen just in one of the most glowing. Beforehand and also foretaste of the perfect bite, all without saying a word, replaced the small lure the previous day on larger. As well as such a change, as subsequent occasions revealed, was completely warranted.

The staying 2 days of angling took place under the symbol of the actual « badge of quality»». The path to the hut with a size of 20 kilometres took us the whole day, however not due to web traffic problems as well as shocks of the river, and due to the excellent bite. If desired, this area of the river might « fly » for a hr and a fifty percent, yet the task of the killer in the day was merely frustrating. It was a wrong not to take advantage of this scenario.

Let in the shallows was not the common trout and also grayling, yet the lengthy stretches surged perch, ide and pike. Shallow « listen. » length of 100-300 m and also a depth of 1.5 m was just stuffed dimensional killer. Any bait, basically correctly submitted in those locations brought a stable, positive and also sharp bite. Replacement, for experiment, large working turntables 5-7 centimeters vibrohvost as well as whirlwinds have actually significantly decreased the number of catches of IDE, yet substantially enhanced the number of huge groupers. On top of that, the ««» rubber » is held close to all-time low started to react pike, to not take notice of any kind of offer her bait.

Forgetting about time as well as area, we simply delighted in the action naturally, bearing in mind the upcoming « amazing » fall fishing. Just how can you require yourself to make a change as well as break away from the « enjoyable » of fishing where every actors any kind of bait greedily order experienced groupers and Zee? How to consider anchor, moving under the watercraft with a hefty pike together, although there is still 15 km away.

On the Northern rivers it takes place at all times — — the total bellevie unexpectedly quickly changed by a trendy storm. And at first glimpse all of this happens by crash, as a matter of fact it’s the system. System if you want the North.

North rivers Russia is unbelievably abundant in various fish. Newbie « Northern » rewriter it is just required to have a lot of perseverance and also a fair bit of luck. Individual as well as experienced fishermen, though not the first time, yet rapidly finds out the immutable yet simple facts in the Northern waters.

An experienced foreign and domestic fishermens, very first time captured in rivers of the Kola, Yamal Peninsula or Kamchatka, remain completely without a catch. After a personal ordeal a few of them despise this weather, somebody who is incompetent conductors who have an inflated analysis of the fisheries sources of the reservoir, and so on, and so on, Only a little part of real enthusiasts after an unsuccessful fishing trips, feeling the « spine» the prospect of Northern rivers and also lakes begin to service their blunders. Eventually they return to take their. Thus with the right gear, with the computed timetable as well as detailed maps, and most notably, with confidence that it is their time in the development of the North. Most of them after the first « proper » and great fishing « indication » North river do not visualize myself anywhere however on another undeveloped.

Our knowledgeable team, as it ended up, was ready for any kind of scenario. Located at the end of boxes and also the right lure, not « even the river » grabbed gradually as well as purchase the ««» rubber » with « iron ». From knowledgeable fishermens, as they claim, one response: « Not consisted of on the bite — bear, shore potapchuk boots, poelozit « braid » on the coils, a pair of spinning break — something will capture ».

Well, if you pertained to żory — will not miss her, adore catching fish off. The staying two before the discharge of all the time just relaxing. Throughout the whole plot to the hut anywhere supplied was the best bite of numerous predator. Deep pits with a return flow brought regular bites of different predators on the « tires », including huge enough. Smooth deep take advice». were Packed with energetic bass and also bullhead, which completely responded to the « spinner » and also crank with depth to 2 m And they collaborated with all the « fat kids » and the Japanese brand, as well as their various duplicates. We usually transformed the lure to a larger, a lot more loud.

For experiment occasionally on carbines stick various topwater. The outcome was only the imitation of the mice as well as frogs. All the various other functioning summertime « poverkhnostnyi » continued to be completely «disregard. And allow the optimum weight of captured fish(pike — 3 kg, perch — 0.5 kg, IDE — 1 kg) were for these places greater than — the normal, the secret to a picky killer was picked up.

Going to house, all participants of the fishing came to one conclusion. Accustomed to the extra significant trophies, we just do not comprehend that currently from our ability and also experience depends a lot less than that of the related problems — — water degree, transparency, temperature, pressure. Convulsive anxious pulsating and trembling hands in mind that we are doing something wrong, you’re missing the lunch of the third day.

First, the staff member bore in mind the original objective of the trip — — angling in the design of « relax ». Every person calmness down, gather your ideas, analyze your previous activities, have actually been functioning on the pests. And afterwards all began angling that we so looked for in this project. It is not easier or a lot more successful. It was not the very best period or a common soldier. She suddenly acquired a particular condition, turning out to be the exact same day of convulsive and twitchy in the slow-moving and comfy.

This journey is well worth it. A variety of appeals, enjoyable atmosphere in the boat and on the river, complete lack of competition, the exceptional, Sunny climate.

Up until the end of angling selected empirically in the early days of the lure as well as continued to be with the killer outright in favor. It inspected the followers are BLUE FOX as well as MYRAN from No. 3 to No. 6, a selection of lures-Faty with depth up to 2 m, medium, as well as huge ««» rubber » on jig-heads to 12 g all worked on hurrah. Exceptional biting of a pike, perch and ide allowed us not only to enjoy at some time, we have actually presumed that he went to the beginning of the autumn Zhora. Yet, as succeeding occasions revealed, an actual predator feeding period began on this river within the nature of time, and also we only captured a small part of it.

Currently absolutely nothing can spoil our good mood as well as the particular perception of the trip. Rain, the devil-clevie the initial day, the upcoming lengthy method residence — — all these variables strengthened each various other, promptly remained someplace behind. River, friends, a house, a fish — — these « slides » are still standing before my eyes brilliant photos. It was just a departure-exploration, away-walk. Whether even more will certainly come, in the main journey.

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