Information from the opening of the season

The long-awaited start of the period of fishing from watercrafts, as expected, accompanied by numerous emotions, both negative and also favorable.

The reason for the last not just in the nibble fish or in the summertime weather with warmth, cyclones, and the dirty water, but in the repercussions of human activities. Repeats pattern feature of the last couple of years. Once more « clarified » that the fish was inadequate. With the exception of small ponds and lakes that are periodically restored unnaturally carp.

The continuous dispute on the restriction of trolling in a particular region. Fishermens are proactively going over poaching, yet catch-pike, chub as well as perch. Like each year, expectations are ahead of fact.

Since the fish is not aware of the elimination of restrictions on angling and not sustained by passionate fishermens. In this instance, of course, concerning the predators, yet with peaceful fish, several related disappointments. No more « functioning » reliable places as well as factors due to the reality that conditions transform, to ensure that the fish gradually yet undoubtedly destroyed.

Appears unfortunate, however the most foreseeable and also steady outcomes for those fishermens who have actually adapted to fishing in storage tanks under constant pressure from poachers. On the little rivers have long to capture a single pike or bream was the successful conclusion of angling.

Pleased with the carp, although that, in many places, this fish continued to generate. Near the shore were groups inhabited with spawning, and also bite a little much deeper the exact same size carp as well as crucians. Attacking temporarily transformed from summer to spring. That is one of the most vital point was not a lure as well as quality take on, as well as hit the worm responsible under the nose of the fish.

However in General, almost everywhere the character of fish came to be the summertime, that is, the fish began to feed and peck at specific periods. And also these periods are coming to be shorter. Already there are days when the fish are attacking just at the dawn as well as during the night. Progressively need to trying out appeals is coming to be more important as the lure as well as the ability to use it.

There are routine ruptureds of activity from the bream as well as white bream. Really energetic bass, which is now caught almost everywhere as well as on everything, that’s simply the size of the fish is not extremely impressive.

Commonly currently the most challenging to find walleye. The task is made complex by the reality that the last factor might not function. In this feeling, it is easier to catch in rivers than in reservoirs.

The opening of the showering season in the Central areas typically causes additional hassles as well as even risks for everybody on the water as well as in the water: the waters relocate and also lug watercrafts of different caliber, run by people of doubtful sanity.


The atmosphere generally is comfortable for leisure as well as professional fishing. The fish are biting as the coastline edge, as well as watering as well as departure from the pits. The end result is established by exactly how well the picked location and also depth of angling with this climate condition.

At the daybreak the bream with roach method the coastline, where they quickly can capture the usual centrifugal rod. Excellent angling the feeder at night and also at fairly tiny ranges.

Zander dropped back as well as stood at the pits, the pike chooses smaller sized areas and smaller attractions. At the edge of riparian vegetation throughout big bream.


Below the transforming weather stimulated the fish, not just cockroach, perch as well as small carp, however likewise pike. In the last days of the years all over captured near the shore on the ground about a meter comprehensive.

It is noteworthy that the nature of the bite was practically the same as in little ponds, and also huge and also deep quarries. Fish momentarily ended up being extremely energetic, which was right away obvious in its reaction to the lure.

Started functioning flavorful structures with a fairly high web content of big edible fractions. One to 2 kgs of lure mix for a day of angling simply not enough little urban fish ponds.

In a deep quarry it is necessary to make use of 3-4 kg of the blend, thinned down with the same quantity of land. Nonetheless, it ought to be noted that some quarries due to the recent cold snap the water is clear like glass, so the fish do not attack during the day in Sunny weather.


In bigger rivers, fishing is really only throughout the week or when it rains. The fish still took a basically permanent. Displacements take place drunk of adjustments in water level, the toughness of the circulation and also pressure of fishermens.

In bigger rivers, it ends up being much less as well as less locations where you can more or less ensured to capture a suitable dimension killer. The preservation of the remains of big fish rather contributes to the saturation of the marketplace deal with the « scrap » appeals from the group « costume fashion jewelry»»


Pleased to note that agriculture, which supports a herd of active trout as well as pike, « dragged » to their waters a great deal of fishermens who are concerned concerning the vanity. On the little rivers came to be a little calmer. Small trout caught. With a pike that was to be anticipated, those that understands just how to catch.

Regarding the like the majority of other fish, such as carp, carp, tench. Those who picks to tackle at the actions of the fish catches are far better than those wings equipment under the hair.

Good sturgeon caught, just prices for the very same fish, the exact same fish can vary by virtually 2 times.

Generally, on paid reservoirs came to be more satisfying. Reduced pressure from the not too proficient lovers « free offers»».

The carp bite is constantly as well as all over, but you have to find properly and also actively attraction to capture.

Numerous are already fed up with pulling Karpov as well as relocated right into the camp of seekers for killers, roach and also bream.
Variety will certainly quickly include the mushrooms.

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