It is extremely difficult to catch small Rudd

Fishing for redfin at the last ice a very interesting experience. Therefore it is needed to precisely determine the environment of this fish to use delicate deal with, the ideal lure and also the nozzle.

In the residential areas there are numerous bodies of water, which is found in Rudd. As well as if in the early and mid-winter Rudd comes up rarely, because of their immobility as well as weak feeding activity in March-April it begins occasionally extremely plainly manifest itself in the most unexpected areas.

In March, when the flow of water under the ice is small, it can remain as near the bottom, and at half depth. Right now, occasionally will meet in the reservoir in the flooded riverbed in the rivers and oxbow lakes secret pits with a deepness of 6-8 m But it can also reach smaller depths– it all depends on the advancement of springtime and also weather conditions.

The storage tanks in anticipation of impending spawning, it can relocate closer to the tributaries as well as mouths here to confirm themselves at the steep financial institutions at midsts from 2 to 6 m. it is believed that if Rudd gets on the deepness, it will certainly pick components of all-time low with some shelters, as an example, in the type of a series of tiny openings.

Later on, with the energetic snowmelt when the ice there is a great deal of melt water and that, acting in cracks, gullies and openings, revitalizes oxygen developed over the winter months water, Rudd starts to be fed at half deepness. She basically moved right into the bays, bayous as well as it is often located in immersed seaside greenery: old reeds, bushes and frozen in the ice as well as dropped trees. Right now the storage tanks flocks of fish frequently eat slim tables as well as slim coastal shelves with a depth of 1-4 m, if there the difference of depths.

In concept, the anglers, a well-studied tank, according to the latest ice typically catch it in the same places. As well as if they do not clearly directed to places its outcomes, we quickly discover them making the selected location a multitude of openings as well as attempting to capture on mormyshka. Tackle with a little attraction ideal for capturing redfin optimally. It enables you to swiftly sh in various perspectives of the water to easily relocate from opening to opening. Fishing float pole if you desire you can go when Rudd is limited on the lure. Right here all of it depends upon the choices and task from the fish.

In General, finding Rudd, it is very easy to sink to the bottom appropriate food, poured right into the trough. It can be pure or blended with ground debris, little bloodworms. Great was the fish reacts to the winter months plotline and ledovye blend, breadcrumbs. It works for the smell, include cut sunflower seeds. Among one of the most reliable ways of attracting fish to the angling spot in the shallow tyhovoddya ringleader– throw maggots or bloodworms little pinches right in the hole.

From pointers for angling on mormyshka in various water layers well-suited sandwich bloodworms with wormwood. As a larger arrival of springtime progressively, Rudd prefers a tiny maggot. It can be worn on a hook both individually, as well as together with the bloodworms. Often, Rudd, especially small ones, carries out the Joker, then it requires to hold on to the middle, leaving the short ends, or even to use a ring.

Where there is a large Rudd, she can want small worm. Particularly the worm verified to be good at capturing fish with ice on the Lower Volga. Right here huge colleges of this fish are frequently discovered in the ducts near the reeds at depths of 1-2. 5 m. Finding the area where relaxes Rudd, you can easily capture numerous kilos of fish.

The tactics of angling is to oblaivanie a jig of ideal environment for redfin areas. Given that this fish is gregarious, catch one Rudd, you need to wait on the bite the other. Constant exploration in the location of search, normally the Rudd is not discouraged– to-noise it is quiet.

Obviously, for the fragile game you require to do an extremely sensitive tackle. The angling line is taken 0,08-0,1 mm. a Nod from a special artificial material really clearly selected according to the weight of the jig. In this case, be extremely sensitive brief tight responds, made of Dacron. Game frequency average between plotinos as well as Okuneva.

It is really difficult to catch tiny Rudd. You have to adapt to make the winning kick. When fishing from all-time low of Rudd can be captured on a fixed jig, yet still in easy angling is constantly far better to play along, otherwise attack you’ll wait a very long time.

The attraction is finest fit to the little lead, considering that she’s a coordinator when decreasing. Form– go down different elongation, bullet, ant. The colour is not extremely essential. , if the group is come close to Rudd well as well as takes on the light as well as the plain jig.. When looking for fish it is far better to utilize intense jigs or those in whom the lead body leading soldered shiny ranges.

Can be linked over the jig a brief chain with hook No. 18-22. The nozzle will certainly be much more positive to take even little Rudd. When angling in suv ponds seldom on the hook of the jig plant greater than one striker, be it a moth or maggot. Larvae burdock moth responsible can be 2-3. Incidentally, priustevyh river Rudd great takes on caddis, of which snow thaw is currently possible to dial in some streams.

Several fishermens think that even the most up to date ice attacking redfin is never ever uniform. Today she takes, tomorrow. Anyhow, its springtime task is much more evident in the morning. At last the ice was able to capture it well before noon after that the bite died down or Rudd had not been right here. It is preferable to choose a Sunny, windless days, although in some cases biting, and also in bad weather, after that generally near the bottom.

Beside the roach Rudd gets negative. Therefore it is better to search in locations that are devoid of this fish. Can be caught blended in with perch, tiny white bream and bream.

Just recently some anglers great catch a Rudd on the Istra storage tank in the area Mirontseva. Fishing was on the swamped riverbed, coming on the 30-40 m from the left Bank of the storage tank, at depths of 5-6 m. although fish were not large, but pecked Boyko. And this despite the fact that snowstorm, as well as cockroach, bream, perch were caught in all negative. There was a pattern: in the local location with a lots catches for anglers, and Rudd takes just one or two, although the wells all zakormlen seems to be correct…

… In past years, Rudd has actually consistently itself at last the ice on the Oka oxbows and alsoBayous On Zemljanke I occurred to capture her a bit superficial at half deepness.

In the Astrakhan area on air ducts and ilmenite the Rudd is captured by the last ice not only on the jig, the heck out of me as well as float fishing rods, but likewise on tiny spinners with a planting item of fish, a worm or a fish eye. Video game with small amplitude as at the bottom, and greater layers of water. It is extremely comparable to Okunev. I need to state that on the Lower Volga, where Rudd grows to an excellent dimension, her General practices are a lot more like predatory and also takes it greedily.

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