Just how to take care of your animal fish with self-respect

Consider the lowly goldfish, spending its whole life in a tiny container, swimming around the very same plastic castle, eating the very same foul-smelling flakes of fishmeal and also looking out via the exact same gloomy glass.

Comes the day it either dies or is no much longer desired, as well as it’s thrown in the garbage, purged down the commode or dumped right into a neighborhood waterbody.

Not only are such disposals unceremonious, they can be downright unsafe to the environment. Which’s where an uncommon yet innovative brand-new product comes in-the Fish Pod, a totally biodegradable small coffin made from bamboo powder, rice husk as well as corn starch.

Notes from the strange, wild and also goofy outdoors

Made by Paw Pods, which likewise offers caskets for pet dogs, felines and various other family members pets, each vessel comes with a seed-embedded sympathy card that can be grown to produce a living memorial of the beloved fish. The hulls apparently decompose in three to 5 years after being hidden.

In 2016, Paw Pods partnered with Alberta Environment as well as Parks to introduce the “Don’t Let it Loose” project, developed to increase public understanding concerning the problem of disposing dead or online non-native fish, plants and invertebrates into regional tornado drains pipes, ponds and also rivers-all of which can bring about invasions and the spread of condition.

The same goes with flushing the likes of goldfish down the bathroom. As Alberta Environment as well as Parks states on its web site, “Make sure to bury your fish after it passes away.”

As well as in our mind, absolutely nothing claims respect like a Fish Pod funeral for a long-suffering finned close friend.

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