Killer in October

At the time of Mature autumn as a result of the quick air conditioning fish ponds for searching predators with a rotating rod there is a special situation, due to the dense concentration of various fish at fantastic depths.

Here up to freeze-up with equivalent chance can occur bite the huge pikes, Zanders or perches, departed to the location of the future prospective wintering after food.

In October the capacity of the angler in the option of technical-tactical circuits is quite slim. However in October there is an actual opportunity to capture a huge perch, Pike, asp or perch. Devoted Galletti case that Chub as well as a bullhead can be caught on spinning in October.

I have experience, however, is not, therefore, restrict ourselves to in today’s discussion regarding the October rotating angling « large 4 » of our Volga predators: pike, Zander, perch and also ASP.


Lots of requirements makes fishing tackle. To start with it need to be sufficiently long-range. As well as it concerns all parts of the equipment, and also not only spinning reel: the reel is best to select a larger diameter spool — — 3000 « Daiwa » or 4,000 « Shimano ». Do not be disrespectful with the ropes, damaging load of 5-6 kg in most cases will certainly suffice. Purchase occurs off the rocks into the deep, to make sure that calls with the covering as well as unusual in the Seine estuary decrease offs snags are marginal.

If you have any uncertainties, you can raise the density that uses even more hefty weight to discover an extra powerful spinning — — all this with each other considerably coarsens deal with as well as makes the dealing with less pleasant.

Spinning choose in last time is not as well long. There was a time when he was trying out ««» sticks » to 3.35 meters. The spreading was truly lengthy variety, but this catch is not brought. Currently the Arsenal is also rotating « standard » jig size to 2.7 metres shorter. However, the lure fly well. Dish: possility lightweight rotating reel with large size spindle, a slim cable wound under the edge of the spindle.

Plus the proper weight of the lure. Not the situation toss 20 grams spinning reel with the test 20-40. As well as fly far worse, as well as the sensitivity will certainly be low. Rotating with the dough is better to work where needed ogruzka 30 grams, as well as even better — «— « the ceiling », i.e. grams to 36-38. Which’s where the work loads of 20 grams, better to use a spinning with the dough to 23-25 grams.

Option jig draws instead an issue of preference. In the last couple of years, I usually catch inches Mann’s Predator different colors. Generally catchability on the Nizhny Novgorod land is taken into consideration the shade of « carrot », « lettuce », « Spartacus » as well as others. Vibrohvosta doubles are equipped with VMC № 1. During an excellent bite of the perch to find the fish possibly more than an economical double, however usually the bite can be characterized by the meaning of « meh. » During this attacking quality double can save fishing, applying a two of 2 or more of 3 attacks.

The complete price of the lure is quite substantial, but the October jig in deep places can not be called much of a worry: loss baits on the decrease offs Seine estuary is not a lot. The jig, you can capture walleye heavy (in my instance, up to 30 grams) ratline. No unique advantages, in my viewpoint, rattlin does not. It just takes place that the jig was captured and quit. That’s when it makes sense to place rattlin to « shock » walleye — — bite sometimes resume. Are rattlin as jig, action. To tempt far better shook, the gap between the baits must refrain from doing coil, as well as a spinning, effective patascoy. And coil simply to select the resulting slack line.

Spring fishing walleye: ice and open water

The leash is a must. It is clear that for the walleye metal chain optional, however on the Volga there is no such location where the bite of a pike can be excluded therefore, so a leash is needed. Preferably not less than 20 cm But these chains violently attacking the lure huge pike occurs to be disturbed.

As soon as you discover a place and gathering the appropriate gear, you need to be person and wait on the walleye. I have not yet managed to develop the dependence of the outputs of the perch by a certain time. In some cases, arrive in the early morning to the factor perch already captured, yet sometimes need to wait prior to the pike will strike the bait… … Revealing among the October fishing last year. My companion and also I got to Sudakovo point discovered yesterday, and also virtually quickly began to capture pressure up to 1.5 kg Caught 5 items, and also I used to finish the fishing in this place.

To let go of the perch, raised from a deepness of 15 meters, it was meaningless other swimming bladder was falling from a sudden drop of stress, as well as others were not lessees, and also the fish, as such, after a half hr of fishing was no longer needed. Called a close friend who is in the exact same area, managed regarding his successes and knowing that he’s in trouble, supplied his point. Buddy got here and also we went to catch a pike on large attractions. Half an hour later the pal calls: captured a pike on 4 and also 5 kg, angling finished, offering the ball back.

In General, we had no luck. What could I do? Glad for the close friend and also proceeded to capture pike on lures.


As you understand, pike is a lot more plastic, so to capture her at the very same time on sprinkling with the depth of 2-3 meters and the pit 14 meters — — there were such instances. But one of the most efficient are three tactical as well as technical schemes.

The initial one was designated the jig on the Seine estuary decrease offs. In a similar way, bream is searched with finder, however the boat is not on the edge of the decrease off, and also in its middle, at a depth of 4-7 metres. Pike usually is not « under the fish»», «as the perch, « bream on », to make sure that the specified deepness will certainly be most efficient for the purchase. No one interferes, certainly, to do casts and also initially of the drop off, and at a depth of 2 meters, as well as 10 meters as well as even more.

Tackle as well as bait appropriate the like for Zander, is that you can decrease within affordable limits the weight utilized weights. A chain is called for. Besides that it shields from sharp pike teeth, it also shields the lower side of the cord from abrasion on the shell. When fishing for pike you can use chains length of 30 cm or even more. The acquisition does not suit me for various reasons, so do leashes himself. For jig angling rather appropriate chains of steel wires of a field telephone wire.

The 2nd technical and tactical plan for the October pike angling is connected with the at huge(to 130 mm )cranks. Angling is conducted on the very same Seine estuary side with bream. To put the boat if the sharp side, and also its start, and in the middle. Has been shown that pike increases to the « krupnomery » strolling on two meters deepness, with a deepness of 5 meters or even more, so do not be afraid « neprimenuli » deal.

The primary concept of angling with large crankbaits — — the sluggishness of the deal. Professionals of this fishing take care of to stretch one cycle for 5 mins or more. I don’t have the patience for such meticulous job, but I also try to do the wiring as possible leisurely. The October pike are not as frisky as September, so we require to offer the killer the ability to « Wake up » as well as rise to the bait, getting to significantly over the horizon of its Parking.

Tackle can be the same as for fishing the jig, if the rotating is not too long. Yet the chain is better to change — — to place a difficult string no. 2. Variations of the lures weight, only in my collection of their two dozen, no much less. And clear any longer: « balisong », « Rudra », « mosqued » —, « tip » — it’s all in the amount of 130 mm or so

. The method large plugs next. Two or three leisurely patikami driving Wobbler to a functioning depth. Next off, make short jerks with differing regularity, yet with the necessary long pause after a dash or after a series of jerks. Hooks several of the plugs do not hold trophy fish, so if you have an opportunity to capture the « crocodile » (on the Volga an opportunity usually is), it is needed to change the hooks on the more durable of the exact same size (I place tees business Owner series 36).

It would seem that at the exact same time and in the same places it is feasible to fishing a jerk. And also it is certainly feasible. But somewhere mid-month. In the-winter, when the pike on crankbaits as well as jig is still reliable to catch a pike on jerk becomes extremely challenging. This schedules, possibly, to the activity of bait — — jerk is continuously in motion, not as a Wobbler, « hang on » for a long time at a particular depth. Ultimately, the
third technological and also tactical system late fall angling for pike is capturing on grabs with a depth of 6-8 meters. Amongst the immersed grabs of the Cheboksary reservoir is the pits — — the former flooding level of the lake. Generally, the pit is clean, but the boundary contains grabs. At the end of an entire day to walk with a good expertise of the waters from the pits to the opening as well as check for fish. It is feasible to utilize as well as light jig, and large plugs, however I such as to capture in such places on spoons. If holes happen, change the regular tee on a 3/0 balanced out, an interior five-inch Twister. Remarkably, the execution of attacks when switching to uncoupled the style of the bait continues to be still high.

Particular lures will not be called for 10 years of technique has actually attempted more than fifty versions, and nearly all are quite well worked. Can hold spoons and uniformly, if well selected, the weight as well as the spinner comes off much from all-time low, however better — — with stops every 2-5 turns of the coil. A great deal of attacks take place during pauses, so they can bet on.

We discussed 3 plans of capturing the October pike. On an intense Sunny day an excellent pike leaves can be linked to the early morning and also (specifically) evening sundown. I have actually read write-ups of his colleagues, alleging that pike outstanding bite in the middle of a bright Sunny day. Colleagues I rely on implicitly, however the pike is a lot as well « timid » to eat in the Sunny days. Where is the bite better in gloomy weather — — after that it extends over the entire of the brief October day. On a Sunny day I’m either catching pike in the morning as well as evening, or capture one more fish. ASP.


It is thought that the ASP — — year-old fish that can be captured sooner in the summertime and early fall than in October. Till October 14, 2005 believed me. Not yet appeared on the Volga in the facility of a significant » ASP » of the central heating boiler, from which each throw was to snag fish up to 2.5 kg. And Chub was not scared of the watercraft, the bite took place in the 50, as well as 15 metres. Caught great deals of after that, after which, incidentally, seriously thinking of the requirement to launch the captured fish. For numerous years, nothing similar can be seen, although routinely examined location. Last year happened once again: the fairway, the center of October, the magnificent group of ASP, which showed up on the surface, successful angling.

In this as well as in an additional situation captured on spoons lengthened, as well as in the last case — — even on a sinking stick-Shada (bladeless lures), a well-deployed throughout stops briefly in the fall, due to the fact that the ASP is continuously changing perspective. On the autumn of the same functioned as well as rewriters. With an overall depth of 14 meters attack happened from the surface and also up to half deepness.
Catching fish on a river deep in the water and no indicator of him without ruptureds. In some cases the best lure is jig — — ASP takes all-time low under, speed the transaction.

Any special gear to fish in a boat I do not hold. Regardless, I make use of two or 3, so there is constantly something spinning, suitable for angling pikermi or stick with shad.

Astrakhan — a bit of a various tale. There at the end of October had the ability to catch a single huge fish via the ducts. Summertime, presumably that the fishing, yet fishing on the eve of the night the temperature level got to 6 levels, so behave fish was not in the summer. Success brought wobblers 70-80 mm, held by leap. And the last significant asps leave, 4.5 and also 3.5 kg, were captured on light jigs.


If the summertime success perch fishing bring active bait: turntables, wobblers-cranky, ratline, after that the further into autumn, the much more large bass need to stop throughout the purchase. To accomplish such stops briefly can with a few appeals. The very first point that enters your mind — — of the jig as well as its ranges. Throughout the purchase action jig time out is 3-4 seconds. In some cases that’s excellent enough for late fall perch, he voluntarily responds to the jig recommended by the pike. « Rennesance » I directly do not like to capture, yet inactive cold water bass can be caught and making use of « naznaceno ». You can capture the uploading of a « step », however as opposed to jig to make use of light spoons.

« Hang » in the water column can not only jig however Wobbler-m. As well as if jig you can « hang» for 3-4 secs, then the m — — at any moment. Huge bass captures when fishing for pike on krupnomery. During the October angling you can catch a lot of walleye, great deals of pike and even a great deal of ASP, however never ever prospered in October to catch a great deal of perch. It really is about bass from a pound and up.

I hope my colleagues in the hobby can make something for myself from this article to take in the future to put into practice. Not long after rotating the most effective it’s time prizes — — pre-winter capturing of a big killer.

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