Knowledge with the O. S. p. Pointer and also a stray pike with jet

The following day after a successful fishing and capturing kalashnogo Chub, I once more took place the river for the wattles. The weather condition made its very own adjustments. The evening had turned cool, the stress fell to 10 systems, and Belle just stop attacking.

On this fishing expedition it’s time to obtain acquainted with the brand-new spinning frame from Kusadasi 2018 years– Pointer 183ul c examination 0.5-6 grams. I haven’t caught a pure ultralight, particularly with cleanoil tip, and decided at that time to take this model. The tip-quivertip well-transmits vibrations of little baits, and it is easier to track the job microcellular and also crankbaits. A lengthy length of rotating on a small river is not required.

Along the road particularly ran to among the shallow areas are always teeming with clouds of fry, yet there was no hint of killer, although on hot days here always in mind spinning huge Chub as well as serectary!

Then climbed via the seaside forest and cow parsnip, ran by magic and go back to the pits, but toothy didn’t reveal there task.

On treasured Chub roll, masked as they can as well as toss it at 45 degrees to the circulation, that’s exactly what I got last time dropped krupnyakov on the initial casts. This time no attacks. Tried a few appeals and also crankbaits– there was no response. Fit complete size to the roll, are, assholes, on the point, yet no take. Naturally they identified me as well as went deep right into the sea.

Turn on the following roll. It is extra deep as well as powerful. Put tested the KranK: Golden Roger MIDI as well as thrown downstream. Spend a couple of times, and then on to the most highly tekoha there is a sharp impact. A little late with cutting, yet the fish resting there and clearly good. Rubbing configured, so for him I am not fretted. The adversary began to play off the cable with some terrific force, and also loaded the ultralight is not juvenile.

I take care of to bring the fish a few meters to his, and afterwards she with terrific speed in an instant with the middle of the river coming at me and dives into the grass near the shore. Who exists? Chub for Chub or 2? It is not clear. I’m not forcing, and also quietly tear a fish with thick plant life as well as Lily, since she plainly horoshee. Time lawn, 2 Bush, and that seemed pike head, now whatever is clear. That’s simply the leash I put very slim– 0.28 nd flur, might quickly be cut (due to the fact that the pike really did not count). However this moment I was lucky– Wobbler was totally beyond the mouth. Deduce it from the yard, hang on a couple of candles and also Park. As it turned out, Fleur the frog still harmed, but not a lot that it broke.

She pulled on the 1100g, the ordinary pike for these areas, yet she is solid, and it is an enjoyment to drag her to the ultralight! A half and also a minute was vivarelli it properly. Identical in weight yesterday Chub not even near showing such a resistance. Summertime pike is a real torpedo! Take a few pictures as well as launched.

Then an additional number of hrs stroll in the shallows, even back to the most intriguing of them, when it was Sunny, yet Belle had no reaction. Well, a minimum of from absolutely no gone stray as well as unexpected pickerel, as well as my new spinning passed baptism of fire!

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