Lake Volgo, Tver area

If you pass the community of Ostashkov en route to Rzhev collapse near the town of Sorokino in the side, then very soon you can be at this stunning Russian lake. With incredible coastlines open his eyes all the beauty of the Valdai hills.

In contrast with the majestic Seliger from the Volga, certainly, has a distinct benefit: because of the lack of large areas of reed there is nearly anywhere feasible to carry out fishing from the coast.

In the open water season it is not essential to push yourself in the project on the Volga and also a rubber watercraft.

Fishing on the lake Volgo

On all sides the lake is bordered by thick forest. The regional center of eco-friendly Paradise called Selizharovo. Actually, the lake Volgo is actually the Volga river, clogged by a dam over the community and also extending throughout the flooded gullies for tens of kilometers. The woodlands around the Volga– a real storehouse of all-natural presents. Lovers of mushrooms and berries in season out as well as the ears will not take out. And with the opening of the open season at lake hurries a military equipped with double-barreled weapons individuals. The most crucial point right here, of course, angling.

Angling on the Volga is great. From late October until freeze-up right here, excellent bite burbot common postawski. With nozzle can not specifically event, as the burbot in the Volga do not care, treat you a cockroach or simply a reducing from it. In addition, frequently it is even to cut pieces of little fish captured the biggest agents of the cod household of fish. You have the liver yummy!

Pike, perch, bream, roach– every one of these fish are constantly present in the catches on the Volga. With the bream here, regrettably, did it to the end does not get better: hasn’t recovered yet from the fish tapeworm, although bite simply completely, specifically at midsts of 4 to 5 meters. (By the way, this is the normal average deepness of the lake Volgo.) Any person caught bream need to examine, intestine. However progressively recently become come across healthy specimens. It resembles it recuperates.

Circles commonly feasible to capture quite a decent perch. The best real-time lure in the fall is the cockroach, which are very easy to capture at a depth of 1.5– 2 m someplace near the shore. Imported Karasik is also excellent. He had lengthy kept in Cana. Pike along with these fish with an appetite to consume and perch; in the Volga oculata scooting groups near the algae.

Lake Volgo, Tver region entertainment center Chaika

When our firm arrives on the Volga, we typically remain at the base « the Seagull ». It is a good base– a two-story, brick, resort, cooking area, home heating, provided to live. Recipes to bring is not necessary. Regional administration rather very carefully refers to our bro fisherman. From the base to the lake just a couple of mins leave.

Where to fish on lake Volgo In a superficial grassy bays hiding in the thickets of the Volga hordes of sharp-toothed predators. To catch perch, pike or walleye, even in such a productive place for them also, need to be able. Much relies on the expertise of specific habitats in sharp-toothed. Don’t be shy, if you appeared for the very first time on this lake.

Ask at the cost of neighborhood fishermen, they are people pleasant, going to trigger fish areas. Most likely, you will certainly be suggested to head to the top Volga dam, where a huge amount of released along with water Malek is going to a squadron of predators. Judge Judy-or Judith Sheindlin, as she passes when she’s out television-is eagerly anticipating nesting in Newport, Rhode Island, at the appropriately called

The tale about fishing on lake Volgo

Me (the story will lead among the authors) is usually reminded of a fantastic event that occurred with my good friend Victor on a fishing expedition a year ago on the Volga. In two boats we slowly crept to one of the lots of superficial creeks. The climate was terrific, although under the evening sky on the horizon tightened grey clouds. Thunderstorm, most likely, can erupt in the evening, so we took our time on base, despite the fact that the Cape was left in the vehicle.

We secured beside you, turning backs per various other, and promptly started to sh in locations of water along the turf. I teased the predator long silver « lengthy », while Victor chose in some way common residential ««» spoons » type « Moscow ».

At first the benefit was clearly on my side: the pair extra pound jacks already bucked at the bottom of a well-worn « omega ». As well as I was about to call Victor to display the catch, prior to dropping the pike in the storage tank, unexpectedly listened to behind, in the distance, loud as well as sharp slap on the water. I turned around. The initial thing I saw was pressed to the water carefully vibrating the tip of a spinning pal. And after that I saw just how strained the back of a magnificent Victor. My good friend– the solid guy, corrects the alignment of a curved ice choice, a mild movement of the hands. But after that!. I was afraid for Viktor, recognizing that on the other end of the line under the water lurks a real monster.

If Victor prior to leaving for the evening dawn would certainly not bank on the spinning extremely angling line diameter of 0.3 mm, than made me laugh, it is most likely to hold currently on the line would certainly have been certain.

At this time, the clutch does not squeaked, customarily, and also simply shouted, most likely out of admiration for the power of the opponent. As he tried immediately sweaty Victor to lift the rotating over the water, the great of his efforts was insufficient. Brake clutch remained to shout, stretched a string line prepared to break at any moment. And after that a wonder happened.
The tip of the rod gradually yet surely crept up to the frowning before the storm the skies. After that my buddy, mystified was in an unequal battle, has come to be greater as well as higher to elevate the spinning, pumping the fish. I also at a range really felt a sigh of relief Victor. There is no question that currently he is this monster can handle it.

Unusual, but fish were moving in the direction of our boats practically without a struggle. And if I did not see exactly how quickly a moment ago slipped away into the water line, you would certainly think that we are going up from the lower log. I have long deposited your old « Abu » as well as calmly enjoyed the scene.

Victor was being in the boat now almost laterally to me, turning in the direction of open water. I saw the fishing line gradually filled the continuing to be on the spool notch. Clutch periodically creaked, yet uncommon and currently weak. We were the last meters. Once under the surface of the water started to arise the details of a predator, Victor grabbed the landing internet, but soon recognized that he is ineffective– the fish simply won’t match it.

It was an actual monster with a size of 1.5 m: dark, virtually black back, massive head. The range in between guy as well as fish has come to be important. Both stopped. The ellipse rods powerful bow connection based on the bluish background of the forest. Those few secs while your opponents quietly examined each various other, felt like an infinity. Bagaric would be the moment! However, initially, we have the boat hook was not, and also second of all, unlikely to be pike accepted relocate at the very least a few inches to the watercraft.

The first recouped fish: all of a sudden fast for such a huge reversal, a powerful tail strike, explosion spray, okatyshi from head to toe my friend, and once again painfully familiar horrible song clutch of the tired coil.

Pike torpedo blinked previous my « omega », then instantly transformed direction, jumping nearly on poltulovischa out of the water, snagged in the air a horrible significant head, without the dazzling steel spinners, after that madly tumbled in his aspect and was gone forever. About the mindset of my pal, I will certainly not tell. I can just say that to speak about that angling for one reason or another he does not like.

That’s what occasionally points happen with our sibling angler. And not in the reduced reaches of the Volga, not in the Siberian wilderness, as well as not up until now from Moscow! Oh, you constantly have to be planned for the unanticipated conference. Unintentionally ask themselves the concern: « maybe the Volga starts with the Volga?»

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