Little Creek

On Christmas getaway I checked out the nation with a friend, of course, selected him angling. Nearby is a large lake, where streams a stream. On the lake we were drawn in « hunting » areas openings on them and also we took place a very early chilly early morning.

Often fishing surprises waiting on us nearby, in some unmarked river or lake Nibble on the opening was superb, however the dimension of the fish, to put it slightly, not delighted. Caught plotnicki and also okoshki matched just for live bait, but after my buddy placed all of his five Gerlich, suggesting to capture the little point was gone.

Attempted to catch on the big bare jig, still got just the important things. Local fisherman-the old-timers said that the feed opening must be at the very least 3 days, after that it still can be a serious fish, at us was just the second day of feeding, so my Grandad advised us to go with a big fish on the Creek.

I have to state that this ditch, which moved among the reeds, the name of the Creek was also warm. Did not even desire openings piercing to catch something anywhere when I came to him. In length of free space, twenty meters, vast– wide action. And also above and downstream the brook was shed in a swamp, to the lake at the overload was about a hundred meters. I might not think that fish can get into this ditch, particularly considering that it right here can be large. I guess he made a decision just to laugh at newbies.

After the initial transaction in the first drilled opening me, it ended up being clear that the location is not very easy. I promptly got an excellent plotwise and a couple of respectable perch. One more did not bite, I offered him my opening, as well as he aimed to the groove: it turned out that even under deep snow can be differentiated, where it makes a number of turns before you get shed in the reeds. On these turns I drilled the hole.

Right here, as I anticipated, ended up being the pits, and these pits, just contrary to my initial assumptions, started to be caught-dimensional perch.
And biting was, as they state, like a machine gun. It is clear that the bass were extremely tight, and also how can it be otherwise, if he in this creek was very little space for Parking. Biting, nonetheless, did not last long, perhaps half an hour, yet we flew away during this time from the heart.

Bass in the angling delighted, grandfather, we remembered the kind words, although it is, of course, examining our catch, said the clowne, by his standards, was poor, since he generally captures cockroach 400 grams, and a perch for him weed fish.

Well, we enjoyed with that said present. And I through this experience once again convinced, it is necessary to very carefully analyze even what appear rather acquainted as well as natural bodies of water, commonly angling shocks waiting for us close by, in some unmarked small river or lake that we constantly walked past.

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