May Walleyes: Quick & Easy

May in the underwater globe of the Minnesota walleye screams “transition time!” It’s that time of the yearly fishing cycle when various schools of walleyes thoughout Minnesota are adapting from their Spring spawning places to their late Spring feeding locations.

As well as depending on where your following big fishing journey is set up, there can be several patterns or methods to take note of in order to achieve success. Currently don’t obtain me wrong, not every one of the fish swim out of the shallows that they covet throughout May and also quickly dart for much deeper water at the very same time-as some think.

In fact, in a lot of bodies of water, some walleyes never ever leave the shallows (5-10 ft.) all summertime long-and that’s one of the simplest patterns to fish. That’s a later post, in the meantime we are worried about the fundamentals of May walleye location.

Transition time.

May walleyes are primarily eating devices and can be discovered in depths ranging from 4-30 ft. The even more effective depth varieties generally appear to be between 6 as well as 20 ft.-which is either up on the superficial apartments (6-12 ft. focused around skins of lure fish and also newly expanding weeds just inches tall) close to spawning areas and afterwards remaining out to the first break (decline off) and also down potentially to the recently expanding weed line-12-20 ft. In either place, food/ baitfish is the essential to locating May walleyes-year round for that matter!

Walleyes need food 24/7/365. They eat day or night, over cast or sunlight. So venture out the Humminbird side imaging sonar and utilize it as a radar light beam to scan the shallows around your boat for sheathings (blobs) of bait/minnows as you idle around the superficial water apartments. Discover the food and the walleyes will be close by-within backyards of the food resource. Lengthy line stick baits like Rapalas or Salmos while you are searching/scanning with the boat-preferably by utilizing your trolling motor for stealth. Oh yep, do not forget the lengthy lining or planer boards with tiny flutter spoons frequently made use of for trout and salmon fishing on the great lakes. Deadly.

When multiple pods of baitfish or walleyes are discovered (or caught) quit the boat and also merely function the area more thoroughly by pitching a tiny jig 1/16 -1/ 8 oz. eco-friendly, blue, or glow white jig tipped with a shiner minnow hooked via the lips fished on clear 6 pound. or 8 pound. monofilament line. Line stretch aids the fish inhale the bait easier than a non-stretch line. Drag the jig along the bottom and slowly function the area you think the college is utilizing. , if you are having troubles maintaining bottom contact with your jig-try a slower boat rate or fetch speed prior to using a heavier jig.. Another fantastic option are real-time bait gears (like Lindy gears) included a 30-40″ leader, 1/4 -1/ 2 oz. slip/egg sinker, and also a # 2 or # 4 hook tipped with an active black eye minnow, tool leech, or a night spider will additionally generate fish.

Attempt casting a gold or silver JB Lures Walleye Weasel spoon tipped with a minnow tail as well as aggressively functioning it back to the boat or coast. Make use of a fast pull and after that allow the spoon flutter to the base, repeat till the fish suck it off the bottom or the get is total.

Hold your placement with the trolling electric motor. This is where your anchor function on the Minnkota trolling motor can be found in helpful. Do not anchor with a rope anchor or a Talon kind support till you have actually caught various fish in the very same area. Interrupting all-time low can spook the fish! Normally in May, small institutions of walleyes are strolling as well as will not spend time lengthy anyway-hence why some motion of your lure using trolling or drifting works well on the flats this time of the year.

Focus on the superficial feeding flats in between spawning locations as well as much deeper water-30 ft. plus. Your search should stop at the initial break causing much deeper water. Ensure to use your Humminbird graph or Vexilar flasher to check the drop off trying to find fish-especially as the month of May is blending right into June.

One last tip-don’t ignore current areas like in streaming rivers/creeks for some wonderful night fishing. The walleyes will filter into the shallows as the sunlight sinks beneath the perspective making for some wonderful shore fishing/wading opportunities that sometimes a watercraft angler can not maximize. Ok, one more tip. The same great coast angling (or financial institution throwing from the boat) can be discovered after a day or more of heavy winds pounding the coast creating turbid water. It’s not uncommon to bang walleyes in 1-2 ft. of water. Yes I stated 12-24 inches of water, throughout the day! Try casting a silver or gold JB Lures Walleye Weasel spoon tipped with a minnow tail as well as strongly functioning it back to the boat or coast. Use a fast pull and afterwards allow the spoon flutter to the bottom, repeat up until the fish draw it off all-time low or the recover is complete.

While there are no fast as well as hard policies in the sporting activity of walleye angling, there are basic patterns in fish habits, location, as well as activity. This quick summary of simply a little portion of May walleye fishing in Minnesota shares some consistent fundamentals as well as ought to assist bring results to your next May Minnesota walleye fishing trip.

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