Early morning quiet, surges as well as wrinkles in a wind of far-off ples

Recently white from the scorching sun for days it appeared that the desert has actually pertained to your community and will soon rustle on the pavement a trickle of sand, kicking up dune, zasirayut around lizards and spun balls of tumbleweed.

Especially strongly this impact was developed, if you shut your eyes as well as open up in the middle of the structures, where there are no trees. Then hot dazzling haze covered you powerless and lonesome, as if someplace amongst the substantial and also completely dry expanses of the Atacama or Death Valley.

Just the water was after that to breathe of quality and also relax, enjoying the simple life of the river. River jets and brilliant eyes among egg pills have always been some motion. Boom the flash of a perch, and also a spreading of silver presnet fry in various directions. Sleepily and slackly slap on a cozy water not aggressive, yet with a heavy tail. And it turned out that in spite of the warmth the fish took.

Worried perch

Lately I began to pay even more focus to close to our city reservoir. It began with the reality that in one pergolide came below to state just tempt and also stroll water. Day and also much was not going to go. And so, effortlessly and goauche, drew the appeal a couple of pounds of perch. Placed imitation fish, captured a tiny pike, however in the springtime, quite Volzhsky with confidence caught and rather decent ones: 3 and 5 kg.

With these impressions returned and also all of a sudden bore in mind just how in youth as well as adolescence, caught right here in the river, the site of the future tank, large bream. In short, what from the excellent to look?. Unlike urban tanks of large capitals, there is still relatively clean water. Sample it is taken frequently and, according to responsible persons, all regular. At the very least for on officially sanctioned bathing beaches, which are here and there. An additional plus — — no « electrotechnical ». Also done in the mind.

However there is a big minus. Constantly stunned by the brutality of our people, some thick, not even a pet or beast, specifically, the bestial mentality, most likely unknown to the occupants of civilized nations. On the banks of the gorgeous and also the fishing pond are unloads. Right here the fire in the clearing, and also near the hills of trash. It is tough to melt the packing of juices and sausages, paper?
Or, at the very least, to compress, to squeeze and take residence with them, to get rid of on the way to container? It had brought in the filled as well as Packed. Back smaller sized as well as easier to carry would be… … No, much better to shit under him in a lazy and sleepy unconscious citizen obydennoi country… … And offer a lesson to their kids, who concerned the outing. I believe the reason is the lack of a systematic state of the nationwide concept as well as a minimum of some positive ideology.

As soon as also several, her ideological background was. Currently there is only Hapay… … Everything else is secondary. Arriving just recently on a fishing expedition, we initially eliminate the seat at the minimal livestock. Before leaving, do not neglect to fill up fire and scavenge on their own. What might do thrown a cigarette butt or smoldering fire, I needed to see in 2010, when I was a volunteer on the fire. As well as I am sure that the majority of residents of my country, smart, , sympathy and understanding refers to the place where he lives, where to live his children, yet, alas, how much a lot more dense pets shitting on his land, in the world?.

Today is a day off. Hot… … to Go someplace far away just no power, but for angling I desire — — just no power … So taking place the storage tank. Take a spinning pole as well as a small supply of rewriters as well as crankbaits. Just « turntables » will experience bought the day before. The shore of the tank currently mainly thick with high impervious sedge. To the water is not suitable where it is required. As well as spinning will not draw back. You have to take a boat.

The early morning is quiet, only a little ripples and also crinkles in the breeze the remote ples. On the water split circles clasps and also occasionally little ECOSOC, driving chick-verkhovka. Even more along the shore, where there are nearly no sedge, extreme noticeable figures of the anglers, looking into muddy tyhovoddya ringleader, at their drifts. For all the time while I am trickling over this side of the bite of a big fish and not seen. A minimum of, not seen and not listened to. However you could hear it slurping the fish throughout… … Who’s bream, crucian carp? It was clear just one point: fish feeds upon bugs and larvae with plant life and, apparently, fed and mindful. Oh, I ‘d catch it, outmaneuver it… … But now I have various other objectives.

Harmonize absolutely no white turntable as well as plop… … it Falls thirty meters, on the side of the coastal strip of lawn. Really felt, right away begins to work after the first turns of the coil. Another cast as well as one more… … no One is interested. Put yellow follower of the first issue. After a couple of turns of fishing line heavier and it rests on a tiny perch. He fast enters various instructions, and also… … goes. Unusual … Typically, these events are characteristic for angling appeal silicone lure with a single hook on the jig. After that captured a few perch and also once more gatherings. Taken a look at the hooks are sharp to the extreme. Stays with your fingers pierce your flesh.

There was a furious attack of some perch, gone after for a trifle. From his reckless techniques entered various directions definitely crazy as well as frightened stark. Among them is jumped by a lot of thick brilliant green slime and also gathered on it. I went by watercraft as well as took this little bleak. Live bait will not fall asleep in the first minute. As well as I simply pinned her to the Threesome « turntables ». The first and also last transaction with online fish brought me a perch bigger. The predator, of training course, knocked my makeshift live bait.

Tiny perch were taken quite often, however there were a great deal of events. Something nervous and hasty peeks in the actions of the candy striped predators. These strange celebrations started to jump on my nerves. Yet the most regrettable miss out on and also the gathering happened when I placed the white « chopper » No. 5. Swiping it along the strip of yard, I felt a soft stop, and after that the fishing line went in the direction of the trees, flexing spinning short eruptions. The nature of the grip as well as resistance it was possible to think that the tee rests on a little pike or large perch. But to see the fish never ever had. Ten meters from the watercraft on the water whirled breaker and also the tiger was gone…

… The reason doubts perch bite is, I believe, was a straightforward: soon the skies first gray Khmara, and after that cleared up as well as came over the city with hefty blue clouds. Someplace over the perspective grumbled, rumbled, and after that went to sparkle. Thundered in the city, raskatyvaete artillery volleys. The sky sprung a leak and spilled a shower, and afterwards drizzling the whole night. In short, negative weather condition began, albeit a brief one. And also this misbehaves as the fish, and quarrelsome better halves…

… River pigs Today I’m going again

on the tank. Only now in the bass, and also the thud of the fish staying clear of the lure and the nozzle neighbours fishermens. This fish was clearly after that a hearty and also well in drowsy shock warm days as at first and also nimble bass. Before any kind of storm and also waiting for her — — never by yourself…

… Some thoughts about concerning I already had. I saw fishermen sitting with a float pole. Feeder or any various other donkey appears to have actually had none. Evaluating by the broad strip of greenery near the coast and also in the instructions of ples, the location was not extremely deep. It is rather possible that the fed mindful fish after that merely relocated away from the coast at deepness.

Along with float fishing rods, this time around I took with him as well as the feeder. Chose a site on the coast to make sure that the floats of fishing pole had the edge of the grass, and also the course of the feeder on the recover and anticipated just the same, PAH-PAH, playing absolutely nothing obstructed. The hooks float poles I planted the pellets cool ape as well as « sandwiches» from maggots worms. Tempt porridge with an exclusive bait and also tiny maggots.

For feeder I, according to its presumptions, has actually left the nozzle is simple, as bait. The hooks were spiked modest worms. As bait in an easy half-closed feeder was pressed to the land, with chopped worms.

The catch was small: a number of tiny skimmers and a Bursch on with a float rod and feeder brought only one fish… … But it was a fish worthy and also heavy. Red-eyed uporoty Lin involved the feeder and nozzle of the feeder at a range of concerning twenty meters, along the strip of yard that extends from the financial institutions. Fishing happened.

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