Early morning … the Lake is floating

Frozen, reflecting in the still water, coastal want, reed, with tears of dew on fragile stems. Via the sullen darkness of the forest shone in the early morning sun as well as blinked, lit up the lake. A wonder took place!.

Along the coast beside the water lilies positioned replica fish. On lengthy pine poles hanging plastic flyer with fishing line, rocking a little jaunty real-time bait-okunizome. Instantly one of the zherlits boiled Burun, lashed the water flexible end of the pole and spun, rustled cut line flyer replica fish.

Pause … angling Line tight. It’s time!. A couple of paddle strokes, as well as Fisher-galichnik is taken control of the line. Gills alley…, takes off from the water … no, not pike — a crocodile! « Candles » follow each other and each pike shakes his head at the same time opening up the mouth. This time the trick failed «: the weakening activity of a vicious predator, much less steam the breakers, as well as lastly hing on the boat pike stunning and also mows fiery eyes to the fishermen, who somehow has a fine trembling.

Eccentric, he is eccentric … And pike great! Great in the back of the neck, zheltobrjuhy spotty, brief as a stump of a log. The lake, shedding the morning light, the haze is rolling in, bringing the freshness of moss bogs as well as sharp spirit of rosemary. It’s time for pike angling. From youth In the morning my papa as well as capture perch. Fishing while on the Big Martin was unsophisticated as well as rewarding. Barely off the raft homemade homemade fishing rod the float-tube, it instantly disappears from the surface of the lake and runs it under water someplace to the side. Reducing!

And in his hand a minute later, beats krasotulya perch Gorbach, attempting to poke a needle in your hand. Strikes adhere to one another and from this continuous battle with the fish, albeit small fish, soon comes satiety, as well as exhaustion. SMATV rods, we begin sixth and also yearn are carrying on a raft to Gerlich, that dad the night prior to were put along the coastal strip of yard.

Currently from afar it was evident that the angling line hung obliquely on the leaflet of one of Gerlich unwound to the end. Swimming approximately the imitation fish, we observed a remarkable sight: a huge pike was vymahal out of the water and also, iced up for a minute airborne, collapsed, leaving the water rotating breaker. Seeing this thing, father leaned on chrustowski in flexing the pole. As well as raft-salka, hard kalinowskis went polubokom to the imitation fish.(I discovered later on that the pike can go throughout a performance of his well-known « candle light » even with a strong « Finnish » hooks. Although she did not live ). Fishing the ruff Swam to the imitation fish, even damaged father whistled in surprise: thickets of water lilies, on the edge of which was replica fish were being cut down like a titan «’s scythe. Protruded from the water cut line, only stems. — Come on, hold! — excitedly squinted father, propelling my improvised web, as well as took control of the line. In the euphoria of the battle to go unnoticed.

And also currently, lying on the plethora shocked, tired angry « candles » pike-krokodilische. Daddy smokes thumb «— Belomorye » — somewhat shivering fingers. And also I, still not thinking his eyes, feel the dense dark Golden body as well as fish, stunned with a mallet. The perceptions of childhood years are most likely not fairly accurate «, as my memory helpfully adds color that exaggerates the dimension, «however I still» assume that this lovely the very first pike I no longer catch. Will certainly pike for eight, ten, as well as also sixteen-plus, but … this was different, stunning, exceptionally gorgeous.

Possibly since from childhood … Lougher what he was … Only at night, defeating all the lake, capture a lots perch and also bore with replica fish boats: plugging the water lilies in the mud bottom of the staves or score them with an ax in the sand, hang leaflets as well as — hooks. The sun is at sundown, as well as it’s time to get ready for the night. I have actually calmed down under a huge warm yearn. Its roots, covered with turf, formed in the middle of the moist of the moss piles dry area, suitable for over night remains.

The night is warm, therefore large fire is not lit, yet just boiled, cook on the coal in the pot, blueberry compote, good berries hang at arm’s size. All closer the bumps are covered with berries. Is added for level of acidity as well as sheet. Up until midnight meet visitors: posvetio even when the opposite coast was crimson dawn, received from someplace a power water rat. Cleaning hair with dexterous paws, she looked keenly at me, as if he bore in mind, as well as slowly took out. Then at my Desk-Newspapers and mugs with blueberry compote long rustling relentless, not shy shrews. The darkness slithered calmly between the trees the bats, « gynol » really close to the owl-hermit. In the morning, long prior to dawn, being in the watercraft, misted with dew, and swim to the Gerlich. In the summer season, takes a severe fish late at nights, in the evening as well as in the young dawn. Replica fish I have exhibited in various places. 5 — the island «of lilies, twenty meters from the shore.

It is practical to stick the poles into the sloppy soft base. But come across these imitation fish frequently narrow pike-travanti with immoral yellow eyes. Further, rotating with muddy base, sandy stretches of ples, not the thick Lily pads, as well as carved of brownish algae. The posts here have to rack up sharp and also long lasting. Flimsy pole will just flex under the blows of an axe, but in the sand will refrain. In these places lives tolstosheina Golden pike. In the loss Jora difficult she hops on the water, lashing its tail-with a shovel.

There were occasions when he drew seasoned predator racked up poorly in the sand the posts as well as walked away, leaving the water just busted algae.(However, now it is almost there, are really few large pike and perch. Obviously, knocked out the existing pinheads marginalized, living someday). It is from this much, I started to inspect the imitation fish. One of them leaflet looked askance at the grass. The angling line was taut. Select it, which’s under the watercraft came a medium-sized pike. After a short fight, she, as if half asleep, stood alongside a Board and also taken by the net, gathered in the boat. Sail on. At the most up to date the imitation fish angling line left in the turf, as well as tidy water, sandy coastline.

Typically it occurs when the fish are gone or the grip was simply, and also pike is currently relocating right into the sanctuary, turning the lure in its mouth head. Carefully slowed down the oars, take a look at the leaflet. Yes, the line has not been taken up till the end. So she went as well as stretched sideways. Rush!. Flyer replica fish greatly snagged, dropping in one instructions or the various other. Angling line is rapidly rattled her and also finally the limit!. Now complied with by an additional surge. We need to rush. Hearing the noise of an approaching boat, the pike was vymahal of grass and greatly trembled his head. This football strategy is generally helps pike to go, if it is caught by trolling, especially when the latter is disproportionately tiny tee.

Yet right here the predator can just assist an unusual instance. As well as he assisted … When I’ve brought the target to the watercraft, preparing the touchdown net, after a strong jerk might not stand the carbine-swivel. As well as pit Golden pike did me good-bye « tail », leaving the water a small breaker bordered by Flirty videorolikov … Nothing to do, swim to shore to take a look at the remainder of the imitation fish once more to catch the bait fish. Island Lily was currently bathed in cozy light. A light wind brought with dewy Chernichenko sharp freshness and also scraps of haze. Over the rivulet Puddle, beyond of lake birthed day. It started with scarlet side lights, «drifting in a Golden haze. Approaching the Gerlich.

Only one of them unrolled, but not completely. Busted angling line is not tight line left in the lawn. Take it only to end up on a leaflet as «plain » appearance of the equipment did not inspire any type of hope. And holding, all of a sudden really felt not strong, however severe shocks. Pull this real-time abutting the extent to himself. A few meters from the watercraft float to cut the water lilies, however the « candles » no, and also I quickly tighten up the line.

Finally under the boat appeared thick wide back he has … with thorns. Yes, it’s» bass! He’s the jerk nearly tore the watercraft with their needles, each with an excellent nail, but I have caught him in a web. Yes, it was a perch, but what!. Weighted, he pulled 2 extra pounds two hundred grams. Below’s Luzhanska black « Congolese » with the finger!. This set was fairly brilliant, evidently, sandy Gorbach. Consequently, I repetitively caught Lugere perch weighing approximately a kilo or more. The tales of neighborhood homeowners that there is a perch up to 3 extra pounds, that appeared to be tales showed up in a different light.

Strangely enough, the lure as well as spinning this humpback went «, although» I attempted to attract him, rolling blestkami several kinds, brand names, and also their replicas. Not interested in large perch and silicone lures fry jig with okunevy eye, as well as the moth and also the worm. Even for carp-bait coveted perch only dvuhmetrovye and also « Mepps ». A genuine humpback extra pounds taking only his prickly fellow …

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