Officially, Saturday was a functioning day

Only a number of hours as well as we are on the river in the Central Chernozem area. The collection of gear. To avoid lure, accumulate one including a spinning Black Hole ONE’S S642-L as well as without the inertia reel Okuma INSPIRIA 2500S. Typical cup of coffee and also heading out to the lovely and also picturesque river.

Officially, Saturday was a functioning day, well, I thought, I don’t benefit « uncle Vasya»», so you toss the equipment in his functioning horse, as well as nominated for fellow. The objective of this trip was: the search for perch– this time, to raslovici lastly your O NES.

2 as well as a fifty percent hours after my first cast. I rinse the attractions as well as silicone baits of different size and shape, however no contact with fish was not, is not apprehensible a number of attacks and also all. Adverse of the unfavorable, included much more unpleasant and piercing wind which blew a good loophole, which is rather complicated to execute normal regulated transaction.

Another modification lure. Put Twister from among the oldest manufacturers of silicone appeals RELAX as well as simply a number of casts, get a clear bite, which gladly provided me a kind to hand. O NES have been waiting for this bite and it is with terrific enjoyment involved in job, quenching all the jerks and also not letting go spotted fish, Yes obviously I took him fishing, but as something unique they capture is not accounted for because he was required to lie in the instructions of the Black Hole Bass Mania EVA S-602ml with his capability to prodelyvat 90 and 110 plugs. Below is the initial of this excellent angling removed Parking to the coast and also quickly rises spinning from the water. The memory of my motosredstva lowered, but the bass comes back in its damp habitat.

Continue fishing. Electrical wiring, I reach the side and also whoops, another definite bite and also the following picture in the piggy Bank. And so the concept of « deja vu » about half an hour.
Attack once again is gone, concerning 20 mins throw in still as well as thinking that the leave of Gorbachev mores than, determine whatever needs to transform lure, the course is Turborib 2″ from INTECH. Casting and clearly feel is not the common bite, as if he took a stick and also promptly ran it across a washboard, sweep, as well as really feel weak, however just the same resistance. There’s a fish on the shore and it was the very first I ever before caught cockroach, truthfully, all the policies of fishing appeals in the mouth. Picture for memory as well as relaxed fish launched.

And then resumed biting as well as catching humpback perch. Space satisfied involved in every play and only were attached to one fish, yet attacks were not, yet merely hang up seafarer plus offset hook, in consequence of which it was not straightforward normal hooking fish.

Fiasco this angling, it was capturing wonderful fish in the location of 2.7 kg, as well as given the truth that he was caught ultralajtovogo stay with 5 gr., wow, I covet your buddy actually needed to help him for 20 minutes, moving practically breast-deep in the water (waders a wonderful point the young boys will inform you).

In overall for angling with a friend we invested fishing a bit greater than seven hours. And despite severe fatigue, a forty-minute Pescarolo back to the cars and truck under the pleasurable conversation, was not obvious.

Summing up this fishing was entirely pleased with them as well as the primary purposes were fulfilled. Black Hole ONE’S S642-L– roslavle as well as his job, I was left really completely satisfied. Striped Gorbach was located as well as caught. My album will certainly populneum great new images. Well, the main thing– I myself have a rest from the city routine and also the constant words « must»».

There is still a respectable weekend, so bye, bye and also see you on the water!!!

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