On cloudy days pike can to stand the entire day on fairly little areas

Among the attractions, one of one of the most successful spinning attractions, embraced a rather arbitrary classification according to the body shape, the intensity dip at the beginning of the purchase, and the level of buoyancy.

On the basis of the very first specification typically identify these types of lures like minnow, questionable, destiny, rattlin and grouchy, which will certainly be a discussion. At first look Wobbler crank — lure is instead primitive. Thrown out and started electrical wiring uniform, which have to react fish.

Something similar to a pinwheel, regardless — really chopper like. But why take one attraction to 700 rubles and more, if — it’s so very easy? If to take in the concern « head-on », it turns out that the KranK «is extremely fascinating bait, appropriate for usage in a range of conditions as well as different fish. PERCH Below’s what can be easier than bass?

Sometimes perch Riddler. Well, with tiny, normally no problems develop. Medium and particularly large — complexity is almost always. The current instance is the beginning of the rotating of the 2011 period in the upper reaches of the Cheboksary tank. A year back, the bass is effectively spoken right here on the twitching of wobblers 60-80 mm, as well as this year we mosted likely to some whims.

Whether utilized to shivering the lure, or something else, yet was interested in the candy striped wobblers « minnow » is rather weak. Huntsman fishing camps «where we stayed, verified the supposition, claiming that successfully catch perch up to 300 grams per meter. Where does the turntable truly act as well as crank. As an outcome of the shift from crank-crank minnow on, perch was caught and also much more secure, and bigger.

For melakim(and also this hvosta Islands, and the top of the Seine tidewater Svalov, as well as « navel ») was made use of, naturally, the shallow variation of the attraction — SSR «and SR. The perch here has actually caught up to 300 grams, not bigger. In such — areas, and goes big, but in the twilight, in the evening. But during the day the big bass are holding much deeper. As well as if on a gloomy day, the humpback
can get to a depth of much less than two meters, on a Sunny day you can only get him with the very best « scuba divers » with deepness of over 2 meters.

These appeals are significant DR «or DD. Currently about the purchase. It does not strictly have to be «foolish » ravnomernoi. Even on fairly little places, overgrown by mid-June, sparse turf is better to use tipovyh(or deep joggers) options the kranks’. Yes, there are hooks for the turf, however occasionally or deal is when you swipe your attraction along the bottom, or no fish.

Krenk, incidentally, pretty good bounces from obstacles, and grabs, in some cases not a lot. Attributes carp angling in September If the hook has actually taken place, it is essential, on reaching the location the Circlip carefully, to try to release the attraction with serious uncoupling. My unhook evaluates greater than a kilogram. Long might not choose to acquire this, today sure of the proper option. PIKE Quite often captured along with bass in his fishing. For a little lure, a length of much less than 4 centimeters And hot summertimes — and even little bait would be better. But there is a « universal » size for big perch and also pike. It will certainly be 5 — cm In this dimension is a fantastic bait from lots of companies.

And also thankfully «, a lot of these lures are readily available in two or even three variations, varying in the deepness of the dive. As an instance, Rapala CK 50F. This is 3 versions: with immersion depth of 30 cm, one meter and also two meters. CHUB AND IDE For a variety of reasons as well as the tributaries of the Volga-rich IDE, as well as the southerly Chub, yet on the Volga river Chub as well as IDE « maintain parity» as well as usually caught alternately from one and the same position on the exact same lure.

As well as these lures commonly become irritable. Better small compact, such as Diving Chubby 38 from Salmo or Deep Cra-Pea from Lucky Craft. The Parking Chub and also IDE could not be so hard if there is circulation. Islands for often cleans away the pits, where the flow is turned in suwadi. , if from the very same island bent down to water the tree trunks is the best Parking Chub or IDE.. And also here we have the crucial advantage of the KranK before the chopper. Perhaps chopper « white killer » will certainly take as well as no less willingly, but to bring the chopper under overhanging the water tree is sometimes a difficult task. As well as crank — absolutely nothing might be easier. A lot of understood to me the kranks ‘ have positive buoyancy, so you need only to stand upstream and float Wobbler to the ideal location.

However, precise spreading and also right here has «not been canceled, so you need a healthy deal with. Spinning for the KranK, in my point of view, should not be too long(no longer than 8 feet )as well as have a middle rapid activity. The coil catching on in the crank and not most likely to such tons as an angling twitching, so ‘ light-weight designs from Daiwa Luvias 2508 is great. Cable for Chub as well as IDE choose with a breaking lots of regarding 5 kg. IDE stick to the Chub in various other locations, for instance under the financial institutions of the Volga flow, and also at the entries to such networks. Small, approximately 400 grams, IDE as well as relaxes in a fundamentally various area — in the stony superficial water pretty much from shore .

It is mainly caught cockroaches considering 150-300 grams, which, from my perspective, and also have cooking worth. Roach 3 days kept in the salt and also under pressure, and after that took in tidy water a couple of hrs and also dried out. Dark fatty meat roach in no other way substandard to sun-dried meat of the famous « sea » of sorage of the Gorky reservoir. But proselyte thick back bigger IDE stopped working, so captured a bullhead evaluating greater than — 300 grams me instantly launched back home.

Chub is released no matter size. Effectively catch IDE and also Chub you can, certainly, not only on large rivers. On small rivers fishing from coast to crank « white predator » is also quite efficient. In General for a small river I would certainly have lowered the bait size, restricting the length «of 4 cm, while on the Volga good work five-centimeter model. ASP If in the case of Chub and also IDE crank bait is No. 1 in the catching fish I would certainly put the KranK position on the 4th or 5th after pilkerton oscillating rewriters, wobblers « minnow » as well as turntables, and also perhaps listed below the banners as well as Babikov.

Tiny Chub are quite often caught when fishing «for perch and also pike on Melaka, however, for hunting big I would definitely have actually made a choice in favor of a basically different lure. Yet capturing fish on crank — a rather common event, jazz up angling, so ASP is really our client and also welcome guest, and promptly let go, incidentally.

SUDAK Usually we capture walleye on a totally various other baits on jig, discharge leash or a minimum of in deepwater draws « minnow ». When evening angling for pike, and also grouchy usually used. Generally this journey starts progressively with the arrival of hot summertime weather condition in July as well as lasts till mid — late August.

Egg — outs

on Malak from the breaks as well as pits. In the heat of last period, night angling was almost the only option, numerous of «my compatriots practiced it night rotating. But to capture walleye on crank is not only during the night. Can as well as day, especially if the day is gloomy. I have not once in the short article describe — the gloomy weather as a — consider successful angling. Truly, think tranquil(or almost tranquility)gloomy weather condition is best for capturing of a killer.

According to my observations, only Bursch highlighted well captured on Sunny days, yet the Bursch is not « trankovoy » fish, so we today are not thinking about it. If the flow passes over the pit 4 metres and even more, it is really hoped that the bait will certainly not just Chub or IDE, as well as perch. Do not rush! The transaction should be really slow, even with the stops, if the circulation allows the crank to play without reeling. Of course, the benefit will certainly «be the lure», quickly sanyaasa to a deepness of over two meters.

RUDD Succumb to Rudd perhaps in the suggested pike or large perch five-centimeter KranK, yet the system of fishing is just possible on a little vobleri no longer than 3 centimeters. One day in June tornado drove us into a little Volga Bayou, where we hid under the Lee, quite a high Bank. On huge water I walked the distressed waves, as well as in the channel was very silent, even could see the circles from strolling
fish. Obviously, we promptly tried this to catch fish. Some time absolutely nothing took place till we considered using really tiny the kranks ‘ — « germs », as they call such attractions followers of the ultralight.

That’s when we began to tape-record frequent bites of little fish. 2 hrs till the front passed the weather, we have successfully potenciali the Rudd and also wasn’t crazy at the negative climate conditions, to drive out the us with great water. So Rudd is fairly feasible to catch on crank actively and also systematically. It is a pity ‘ — «that seldom catches fish bigger than 200 grams. Rudd maintained always near water plants as well as chooses locations with little current where he can obtain good

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