On the fish pond of my youth

Today made a decision with a good friend to check out the pond of my childhood years. It drove my grandpa with his buddy for a number of years, that’s where I caught my initial carp on the float rod. In numerous methods, it is as a result of this reservoir, I had such a love for angling.

The location is called Hamoutene, that is to say, the area of the lake. Possibly with 7 to 10 years, I went to this fish pond every spring and summer season numerous times. Came the pestilence on the pond, and also individuals somehow have neglected about him.

But because of the flooding of the river Tobol in the previous year, Hamoutene once more filled with fresh water as well as fish. Fish wintered securely, as well as one of the buddies told me that on this pond polivaet pike. I with satisfaction have mosted likely to those places.

The method I suggested mate, as well as I merely forgot it. Over the last 10 years on this water I was only 1 time. And the closer we approached the desired spot, the extra was the memories in my head. It was a good time!

And below we are. Beginning angling I imagined a completely various. Just with the first casts of our attraction clung to the network. Just how after that was the poacher or group of poachers stretched numerous networks along the shore. They put them near each other. That is, they make one huge network with a length of 600 meters! Just fenced and took story lake fish to go no place. So greedy people I have actually ever satisfied. However these poachers were the same dumb– they placed the network rather close to the shore.

Consequently, we cling to the network of our baits, he drew them to himself and simply drew ashore. Further especially reduced them and hid in the shrubs far from the coast. Sorry, I can not burn them, so of course it would be more reliable. In total amount we shot about 8-9 connect with a complete length of 500-600 meters, all fish, certainly, released back into the fish pond. It took us about a hr. However it is excellent as well as it was worth it.

Well, on the fishing. With him, I took the pole 22L Gravity Maximus. The stick I acquired mainly for angling on a jig, however with oblomkami I truly intended to examine it out. The place where stopped, was just perfect for crankbaits– shallow water with light brushwood. As well as likewise has some not yet resloving voblikov from LureMax. The fight went minnochka called Jet X 70SF in light green and also light blue in colour. Valleron invested ryokami short with stops briefly. The first bite was not long in coming, caught small surenos.

Acid is quiet, determine to attempt natural coloring. First obtain a number of some tentative bites, I even thought that it was a perch. After that I obtain a more confident bite in the seaside zone. And also again a quick shoelace.

There was some calm, fish emphatically rejected to respond to my attractions. It was determined to stroll around the lake looking for fish. Strolled and walked as well as finally located. Once again it was Jet X 70SF in all-natural shades.

Back to the original point, again, there are some regular butting Wobbler. Quickly see the perch chasing the fry. Well, time candy striped really energetic, then you need to catch him. Tiny voblikov not been with him, but that was kolebalki. Into the water goes the spoon LureMax Konga in a gorgeous fluorescent orange colour with gold backing. Kicks have ended up being a lot more positive, and afterwards, finally, I catch one of the offenders of this anxiety. Tiny candy striped boxer.

At the end of codeblock I managed to capture another tiny pickerel.

I was pleasantly satisfied with brasovului Gravity 22L, this 5-gram spoon and also he threw just over the perspective. Soon made a decision to end the angling was ahead of us the road with a lovely sunset.

In general, check-out was really effective. Yes, the start of the fishing was quite unpleasant, yet the existing problem we decided, and afterwards a number of chaski good catch fish. That’s the tank of childhood years, I really hope Hamoutene will certainly thrill us further. If only the people their greed spoiled this gorgeous body of water.

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