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The writer is not vain concerns of repressive steps on the part of our state in regard to common fishermens. And innovation such steps appear quite recognizable.

The very first is the padding, after that there is a conversation of the promise not to take out of favor measures, and after that with recommendation to the objective scenarios and the transformed circumstance is accepted by the most stringent extreme regulation.

And also right here we can draw an analogy with the legislation on increasing the old age, which is most likely to have actually come right into force from following year.

However, when you consider what money to endure our seniors, the impending retired life does not seem so desirable. It is instead unpleasant technique of suicide.

Our state uses somehow in challenging times tighten their belts and survive the side of destitution most at risk as well as bad, it is the elderly and also the general public sector from education and society. Tips to tighten the belt somehow do not apply to officials as well as participants.

But back to the fishing. Originally it will be about points relative to neutral and just after that– the important point, in my point of view, the threat to the common angler the Amateur.

So, some of the changes. Judging by the rather contradictory and also instead inconsistent details, angling ponds for General use is totally free.

Probably some areas will certainly have their very own local modifications, as is the timing of the spawning of the ban. As for pay-fishing, after that, as before, angling for money to be created secretive fish ponds.

And also, judging by some excerpts from the job to capture will be cost-free and also on the former paysite, but by contract with the occupant of the tank. Bullshit…

… Since after that they state that will charge an added charge for angling « leisure fishing industry»», that is, as I recognize it, in the same social waters equipped. Additionally, obviously, the occupant will have to renegotiate their contract. Simply put, as usual, until whatever is interpreted inconsistent and, if the modifications are embraced in this type, it once more creates a vast area for corruption.

Patents or the small resolution, as I understand, will certainly be provided for catch of particularly valuable fish types. Is: buddy salmon, pink salmon, coho or sockeye salmon.

Besides repayment of enrollment fee of the patent, which, obviously, will certainly be 200 rubles, will certainly need to pay for each such fish, which may lead to 35 to 47 rubles per person.

Call resolution can obtain the fishermen and fishing webs. The amount of the registration fee coincides 200 rubles. Something very dubious sparing amounts and humane, I can not believe or do not understand the essence…

… About « right of fishing» for 1-5 thousand rubles described in short article Mikhail Semin, found nothing. Possibly refers to the analog of a fishing ticket, which in Soviet times had practically every fishermen. Maybe I just have not discovered the right info.

But, if you keep in mind, then, the Soviet Union, amount of charges angling tickets did take place the reproduction of livestock and also fish care fish pond.

Furthermore, in every manufacturing facility and in large organizations, the unions released for fishing expedition. Organized community work days on cleansing of reservoirs.

If gone back to such a system, I would certainly incline to pay a thousand a year, so fishing problems were fair, and would certainly not need to hide from the assessors, ««» knocks » on the bottle.

When it comes to name resolution on angling webs, I also welcome, especially if it’s not a fairy tale and it is worth the resolution is 200 rubles.

However it is rather. stamp task or a single trip, and then, as always, will start: « Yes, you got it wrong…»… ». Why I agree with the license for internet angling? Say.

I utilized webs, as well as the fish are not moved, till Elektrotechniki and also not to obstruct the streaming river straight wind turbines of the Volga hydroelectric cascade.

Till it started to put almost openly poslaniye of water with barges and also ships that unload waste right into rivers.

Nearly each year the fish hammered the city in tiny rivers Yurinskiy area from filthy effluents of sectors situated upstream. As well as this is just one example.

I directly do not need a license for an angling net, however I pity the regional residents who smallwe are poachers surviving on the river and catching a network of fish for food.

They are invited to rest on the river with a fishing rod throughout haymaking or other immediate farming work or in the shop to purchase capelin.

Yes, all the surveys taken with internet in the flooded area of the Cheboksary HPP, the polls being lawbreakers of the legislations. Most likely, they will certainly not as well as patent buy. Yet at least the chance to catch properly on food network my household.

Coming to fishing in those places, see exactly how the residents live, mainly without formal work.

And below are his parochial risks. Take Finland and Sweden.

There for the angler angling with webs is a typical as well as practically our Russian Finn from « Features of national fishing» Ville Haapasalo considering that childhood, never understood the lure. However the people there like their land as well as cherish nature, his mother.

They won’t block the kms of network of the mouth of spawning rivers that we have done on lawful grounds teams, certified, and also are now able to make and anglers with a personalized resolution. There is such a danger.

However, I believe, the primary risk for the fisherman-the follower is that we have a regulation that pole, which transformed, and also came back…
… If not so long ago was described in the stipulations on paid angling that the proportion of grown and also leased pay-for ponds of the area need to not stand for greater than 10 %, now this might change for the lessees of water, which will certainly rob the anglers of their fishing places.

Quote: « Amendments to the law « On Amateur fishing » will broaden the possibilities of production of websites for paid angling on all water bodies. The draft Federal law « On Amateur angling» for the 2nd reading will certainly soften for the coordinators of business angling.

The government has prepared draft amendments to this paper and also the regulation On aquaculture, which will certainly permit you to choose the place for the industrial fishing, not restricted to a story of 10% of the total water location of the area. This is the existing variation of the regulation adopted in first reading on 10 December in 2015.»

See just how things are done: like a gentle modification, well, introduce licenses, registered authorization to catch red fish, well, the fishing will certainly return a ticket with a best choice. As well as modifications in between the lines, dragged one of the most crucial law for traders– without any restrictions to remove from fishermen’s preferred lakes as well as ponds, which were produced by nature or residents.

Exactly how it’s done, I can inform you the instance of one pond. At first, this pond came from the Council of Ministers of our Republic, after that still Autonomous. The fish the locals could.
Simply below in the cottages rested Ministers and also their families, and also fished Ministers, together with the town guys, well, possibly at an assigned location. Perestroika and the outlaw by the time the fish pond was first drawn, as well as after that went to the waters of the local Union of hunters as well as fishermen. As well as it was protected just from the brand-new electrotechnical.

And after that the destiny of the pond integrated. With the very first new trends and also the influence of law on paid angling pond rented as well as made it a trout farm. On the other hand, this pond was a preferred area of lots of metropolitan fishermens and also carpatica, the citizens caught myself on the ear and also zhareha tidy fish that entered into the pond from the woodland river, the very same which developed this pond when the river was blocked by the dam.

The existing owners have actually done nothing for education of the fish pond, just took away and also withdrew it from use by city anglers and also regional homeowners. Not excavating the pond, didn’t build the dam, but just gotten, making use of severe regulations hucksters.

As well as it might currently endanger several water bodies of our country, if they raised limitations on those well-known 10% of the complete variety of paid storage tanks in each region.
Understanding the rapacity of our oligarchs as well as merchants, you can visualize what they’re mosting likely to transform our clean woodland lake and also town fish ponds.

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