On the Volga river there are numerous one-of-a-kind places for angling

One of these areas lies in the upper reaches of the Gorky tank as well as is thought about to be probably the most effective. Here throughout the huge roach fishermens crowding from Uglich, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Moscow.

The individuality of the location as a result of the assemblage of 3 rivers– the Volga and Unzha Namdi. Rivers over the confluence are intriguing independently. Contrary Yurievets course of the Volga is reducing, as the width of the spill is one and also a fifty percent tens of kilometers. The training course is separated into strings that are below the city into two beds, and after a few miles, once again meet in one obvious direction with a broad irrigation along the appropriate Bank.

Numerous excellent locations to capture fish near the riverbed on the course or in the pits, which lie in the flooded channels of the Unzha as well as Nemda. The primary things of searching in the winter season are perch, pike-perch, Bursch. Just the « picked » purposefully catch a cockroach, which comes to be the item of mass hunting only for the last ice, when from the bottom up the herd. It went to this time come right here, even the «fishermen, living near the Rybinsk tank.

The best available fishing areas located near the dam that secures the city Yuryevets on the Volga. Near here is the channel of the Volga river, a consistent flow eliminates the opportunity of Zamora, the fish is always active. Along the dam at the end of the cross are various undersea sand. The lower topography is reduced up in position and also superficial water sprinkled with holes.

Makes it much easier to catch that for ordinary or weak. If you locate the delay with the spit in depth, then really to run into a flock of tiny roach or big perch. The use of bait makes no sense, given that the jig with a nozzle peck just little roach, perch and also ruff « country » dimension. Although there are exceptions, when on a break the weather cockroach regularly being caught standing jig with a large moth. I should claim that such cases are uncommon «and also need a» extremely cool tackle.

Safer to take the « evil one » as well as also much better « nymph », which along with the well captured cockroach and a good perch, as well as ruff. If the angler can not emotionally go to baitless jig, it is better to transform the «moth maggots– most definitely will be «capturing larger fish. We need to not forget that local anglers utilized very effectively as bait larvae of dragonflies and also « rat ». One more obtainable as well as fascinating to pedestrian fishermens option for angling even in « gluhozime » lies at « the cross », which was on the contrary, left side of the network, opposite the city centre.

To the left of the « cross » submerged river-bed of the inflow with the depth of 8-10 meters. Along the slope always stroll a decent «perch, it is most likely to capture smaller fish on a jig with a number of bloodworm. To the right of the « cross » located substantial coastline that extends to the Islands. Below fish out of one of the most current ice. For the shallow you’ll snag pit. Right here at a depth of from four to 7 meters, you can capture burbot on the tiny imitation fish, but in the last few years burbot is ending up being much less and also follow him walking concerning 5 miles not interested.

Better, Akpavie Islands, you can locate large perch. A little to the left of the city, above the Volga, with the side of the network of the left Bank is just one of the most interesting close-by places to fish for both winter and also summer. Below at a depth of five to 6 meters is the undersea forest of tree trunks. The trees stand vertically, as well as a result, if you reduced the lure , as well as the descent is two meters, after that it suggests that the appeal got to the top of the dropped tree. In between the trunks of the trees kept the perch grams for 2 or three hundred, and large ruff. You can catch a minnow and also balancer, yet it is much better to Jack with a planting bloodworms or maggots, or perhaps much better, « Balda » without a nozzle responsible.

Another very intriguing place, yet miles away in six or seven from the city, lies downstream, on the left side of the channel. It is located slightly listed below the tip of the Islands. Here, the edge of the channel mosts likely to the hill with a deepness of three meters. From the» hill in the direction of the left Bank is gently sloping drop-off in the depth of the old channel. On the hill all winter months catches of large and center perch on the rockers and also the Jack, and on a gentle slope from a depth of from four to twelve meters is fairly possible to capture a large walleye. Walleye is ideal blesnet not on followers, but on the long and also narrow upright spinners. The length of the rewriter gets to twenty centimeters with a width of just 2.

I have to claim that winter season angling on the Volga, substantially various from fishing on the reservoirs. Fish right here constantly walking looking for food and also oxygen. Tiny bait big fish simply do not see. An additional extremely nice place lies much more downstream with the appropriate Bank. Here vast shoals of regarding six to 8 kilometers away.

The depth over all shoals differs from one to two as well as a half meters. The bottom for me is evocative desert dunes. All-time low without lawn and driftwood, plants is located just in the seaside strip. With the start of cozy as well as secure weather condition here in the network been available in large shoals of smaller sized roach that is captured on a jig as well as out bloodworms. With the introduction of the edges on this « table » rises « sea » cockroach around the tank. In recent years there have been several situations of attacks carp.

In those places where carp are caught purposefully, as well as it’s area in the Elnat river(ideal tributary of the Volga above the Vellore ), neighborhood anglers capture between submerged browse through a worm or a larva of a dragonfly. For catching bersha, it is «suggested to make use of a» jig head on the hook which is baited with sprat. Icy is a lot even worse, as much less resilient. For some profession sprat has actually ended up being an extremely financially rewarding service and the rate of this fish on the pond in the fishing season enhances many times, so you must think about exactly how to equip it ahead of time, for instance, on the
roadway in Ivanovo(angling take on shops).

Some anglers are really effective instead of sprat started to make use of a jig head on objective, that is hung on the hook vibrohvost brownish or grey. The problem depends on the search for Bursch. It can be located in a pit with standing water and quite respectable circulation on a sand spit. Frequently flocks of Berchem are for irrigation, near the bed, on a completely level locations, and they can be located just « knocking », that is to drill a hole by opening. This technique is closest to the tactics of pursuit-reaching institutions of perch.

That is, the holes are drilled almost every meter as well as a half, yet unlike Zander, if the remainder of Berchem found, running more is not needed. Tactics for capturing that perch, cockroach, large perch, a little different. All the same «, the fish has to regularly to browse, the search location might be big, as well as it is tough to locate fish without a snow sled.

For on line is constantly rather strong, as well as to move in wintertime, also on light cars and trucks is very unsafe. When going across the channel constantly have to adhere to Packed trails

and also roadways. In order to in some way be sure that not continue to be without a catch, you require to frequently discover the lake and also observe the actions of the neighborhood fishermen, as well as also far better to seek the services of huntsmen. It is really preferable to contend itself not only Navigator, yet likewise a sounder that will save a great deal of time and effort. Additionally, on the pond there are dozens of attractive locations

where a sharp hill the dimension of thirty square meters with a deepness of three meters, surrounded by pits with a deepness of seven meters eight. To discover a location without a Navigator six to eight miles from shore is feasible at really clear weather condition, when noticeable onshore landmarks. With the begin of water discharge, the fish slid to the bed as well as for are pike and also large cockroach. They are the same day in places out on the shore, the alluvial mounds, but biting a short while. Such hillocks on the Volga a great deal in the area of Yurievets to Kineshma.

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