Outstanding Sturgeon Fishing on the Rainy River

None of us had actually ever fished for sturgeon before, so we were not totally certain what to expect. However, the days leading up to our journey enabled us to talk to pals that had actually previously had the experience so we weren’t entirely blind going in.

Few fishermens obtain the chance to fish for sturgeon. When the opportunity provided itself to my wife and I, along with my colleague Brandon Butler to fish the Rainy River near Baudette, MN, we leapt at the opportunity.

Lake of the Woods and also the Rainy River are referred to as first-rate walleye fisheries. What lots of do not understand about is the remarkable sturgeon fishing that is readily available. That is promptly transforming.

Over the last 15 to 20 years, more and more fishermens have taken a trip to Lake of the Woods as well as the Rainy River to have the possibility at capturing a huge Lake Sturgeon.Roughly 4,000 sturgeon tags are offered every year.

It wasn’t that several years ago that sturgeon were nearly totally eliminated. This remained in huge part due to industrial angler taking a numerous these fish out of the water each year. Industrial fishing finished in 1940, and 1918 was the in 2015 that more than 10,000 fish were collected.That is a lot of fish. Paper mills were dropping pulp in the water which really did not aid out the fish at all.

But, in 1972 the Federal Clean Water Act stopped the air pollution from the paper mills. In addition to excellent science and enhanced public rate of interest, the sturgeon population had the ability to rebound without restocking efforts.

In 1989, it was estimated that 18,000 sturgeons were swimming in Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River that were over 40″ long. That number grew to 59,000 in 2004, and the most up to date research study showed the variety of 40″ plus fish was nearing 92,000.

When the water temperature levels reach 50º, Lake sturgeon begin to generate in late May or early June. Starting in mid-May, the sturgeon begin to move into their spawning premises.Females spawn as soon as every 4 years and the men every year.

Sturgeon can live to be over 100-years old. A male sturgeon gets to maturation at 13 years old and also will be around 40″ long at that age. A female reaches maturity at 20 years as well as you can expect a fish of this age to be concerning 52″long.

Our guide from the Sportsman’s Lodge was more than knowledgeable on the varieties, and it did not take wish for Brandon to land the very first sturgeon. My other half promptly complied with, and eventually I had the ability to place one in the boat.

Throughout the early morning we landed a number of sturgeon along with a few walleyes. I do not recognize of any type of angler that will complain about throwing a couple of walleyes in the colder.

Our tactic was to anchor upstream of a hole in the river, throw our lure out as well as let it settle to the bottom, allow the fragrance of the lure to relocate downstream to the fish, and wait. In some cases the bite would occur within secs, various other times a number of mins passed before we really felt a light yank on out bait.

Utilizing circle hooks, there was no need to establish the hook. The fish primarily hooked itself, and all we required to do was reel the fish in.

Our lure was 2 or 3 night spiders botched up on a circle hook in addition to an Emerald Shiner that is an all-natural baitfish in the waters we were fishing.

Lake Sturgeon fishing has regulations you require to be familiar with. Fishermens are allowed to keep one fish per calendar year, fish should be 45-50 ″ inclusive or over 75 ″. Component of the period is catch-and-release only. Make certain to check the laws before heading out this year. This year’s Lake & & Shovelnose Sturgeon Season ranges from June 16, 2018 to April 14, 2019.
For more details regarding fishing the Rainy River or Lake of the Woods, offered accommodations, fishing records and other opportunities in the area, go to www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com.

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