Perch angling on little rivers with visible current

Of course, each winter season is really various: that a long time held a strong frost, it often calls almost of the springtime thaw, or neither, and after that sweeping snowstorms, concealing a thick impenetrable blanket of icy water, stop the gain access to of air as well as light under the ice.

It is an actual gluhozime with Zamora as well as complete lack of fish in shallow ponds as well as lakes. Poachers-grabbers are just waiting on the moment when the fish will begin to « throttled », the masses will certainly gather around streams or springtimes streaming right into the lake, and afterwards it will certainly be easy to attract, starting the ball rolling.

As well as yet even in the difficult duration of winter season manage to discover a considerable variety of water bodies where the true angler will locate an intriguing fishing. It is very important to comprehend in regard to a particular fishing place actions of fish at the time of gluhozime.

Think about for instance, the habits of the bass, which is greater than simply our waters, and since the team hunting him with an agent.

In addition, the bass in all periods of the wintertime in their activity significantly above various other participants of the fish populace, generating often is that Ersu, consequently, to understand whether it is worthwhile to try to extract a bream or a cockroach, « test » function on the perch. One might suggest that there is « Platina » climate, and sometimes « sets down », therefore it is not necessary to thaw to evaluate the bite for perch. It is feasible to answer that the mitigation of frost and snow do not need to catch redfish on the same « perch » areas– superficial ridges and undersea humps.

He, like all other fish, during the thaw in gluhozime starts to look for areas where the melt water, where he might capture my breath, do away with the annoying leeches, as well as, obviously, be fed accumulated right here a trifle. And as a result will not fish « candy striped », also the thin rope where there are just a couple of passive predators, but also the big spoon will capture equivalent in size to her ««»seafarer », if you can locate fattening flock.

Therefore, the noticeable conclusion is that despite exactly how it was hard in gluhozime, but this time a lot more need to search for concentrations of fish, as well as the jobs will be recuperated with rate of interest. Exactly how can you try to find locations where it perch? Of all, on the seabed as well as in the water column, since the beginning of the rough problems under the ice « striped » most exposed vertical movements, occasionally clinging to the really bottom edge of the ice « roof covering ». An indicator of the visibility of feeding bass can be a fish that all of a sudden semiliterate in the just made opening, it is not scared of the unusual intense light.

While perch fishing, specifically from under the ice, the hole much better be carefully dimmed, since the killer prevents over-lighting. For the « seed » of the killer is better to start with a proven spinners– it quickly tightens bass from long distances. If will be a whole lot of vacant ««» knocks » or podbadrivali fish, after that you ought to right away go to catch with a jig. Efforts to do the opposite, that is, the replacement jig on the spinner to boost the rate of fishing commonly leads to scattering of Okuneva pack.

Experienced anglers, particularly athletes, whose perch was the main victim, have actually lengthy found out to gather under the hole « red stripes » and without rewriters– its on the competitions can not be used. They often, in tiny sections, are starting to throw in the opening feed bloodworms: bass from away grabs the vibration from the living gradually reduced swarming ««» clouds » and also feed on all sides mosting likely to the opening climbing higher to the ice, where the density « cloud » of the Joker a lot more.

The angler stays just synchronous with the fish to reduce the line as well as raise the rate of capturing– it is important to check into the eyes, after that success will be astounding.

Extremely intriguing in one of the most tough duration of winter season seem to be catching it perch on tiny rivers with significant current, where it looks like all the fish just « recognizes» what gluhozime. However, fishing right here calls for a certain discretion and also even caution, to suddenly not be in the icy font style, albeit on a really tiny depth. The reality that the middle of winter months, ice thickness on rivers becomes the optimum, it lowers the sample of river bed as well as inevitably results in raised flow on river network formation of gullies, covered with just a thin snow-ice crust.

Yet the increased circulation pushes the perch near to the coast, under thick ice and in the almost stagnant water grouper does not such as fast current, unlike, for instance, from Dace, Chub, cockroach, gudgeon. To uncover the Parking lot striped predator is often essential to pierce holes near the shore where the deepness is barely two dozen centimeters.

Obviously, the hole needs to be carefully dimmed, so as not to alarm wary of large fish. Sometimes you have to wonder the number of perches fit on a really small patch, when effectively found the site of the bite examined the jig followed one after one more for hrs.

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