Perch angling on the bypass leash

Outlet chain — — perhaps one of the most reliable installment jig for capturing passive bass. Because the attraction goes to all-time low, hostile jerks. For an easy bass is really vital is the video game itself of the appeal.

For angling we require the jig spinning. For boat angling — 2.4 m For angling from shore — 2.7 m. Test — 10-25 grams. You need to capture at websites with midsts of 1.5 — 7.5 m. the structure — of the rod — quick, in severe cases — the standard. Reel — spinning, with a capability of 100-150 m spool of fishing — line. The cord or monofil — — 0.14.

How is — the deal with is discharge on the leash, you’ll see in the video listed below.

As to increase the biting passive fish can pheromonal lure. Hook is better to use offsety, since when fishing outlet chain bait pass is actually at the bottom that does the hooks.

From the most effective appeals will function as tornados and also vibrohvost, ideally edible. Twisters are much more lovetime in this case. Function decline chain is thought about to be help with the lure, usporu paced deals you select it up and also slowing the pace down.

The sinker should be light, it is preferable to utilize the edge of the examination variety of the pole. No tail, no scales!

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