Proper playing and hooking fish

The ability to strike klyunuvshey fish — — the key to productive angling, as well as the lack of skill of right podsekanie recommends that the fisherman understands fish actions, and also does not understand the basics of fishing.

It would seem that podsekanie fish — the very first point individuals comprehend the essentials of fishing, respectively, as well as this skill needs to be established much better. As a matter of fact it ends up differently, many people began to strike and to extract incorrect, simply continue to Polish their mistakes, and consequently this is mirrored in the number of angling trophies.

In this post, we will talk about the primary mistakes when hooking and playing a fish. This applies to basically all equipment.

Errors when you strike

If the fishermen does not strike instantly after the bite, and also starts some adjustment of the kind for winding the angling line reel — — this is a severe mistake. For a bite must always be complied with by reducing. Fishing with any gear consists of a component of taskania — — the sting of the hook ought to puncture respectively cutting required.

The 2nd blunder is too much cutting. There are some nuances — — first, the fish are all different as well as not every lip can stand up to solid cutting. For instance, are conveniently torn soft lips perch. And also the hook can be merely to pull the mouth of the fish, not captured. Yes, and also in the visibility for the fishermen on the waterfront of the trees with a strong, but idle the strike, there is a high chance to leave a snap in the branches. You need to strike moderately hard, provided the size of hook, dimension and stamina of the lips of the claimed fish.

The third error is too early, or too late cutting. Below you need to know the routines of the fish, not every fish orders the bait confidently. Suitable — — when the bait fish’s mouth, and also she sailed — — currently there is either a certain dip of the float to the bottom or appearing, or the float is swiftly dodging.

When angling on the feeder — — a sharp bend or complete expansion of the pole pointer. Reducing at the initial twitching of the float, with fluctuations from side to side, is usually futile — — you simply pull the lure from under the nose of the fish that thinks do it your worm, or to look for an additional. So usually unsuccessful late cutting, which is brought on by the ideas of the fishermen « it is Better to wait to swallowed absolutely» — » — if the fish really feel anything suspicious — — stress angling line, the hook it spew the nozzle and hooking has to… be just absolutely nothing … the exact same thing with a weak bite when the fish takes slow-moving and inactive, typically enjoy the nozzle she simply departs.

For the efficiency of the perfect cuttings are several crucial elements. It is structure of poles, or more especially the versatility of the pointer. If you catch the fish of a little size, or fish with soft lip, for instance the cockroach, perch — — you need to use a rod with a soft idea and also reel it in gently. If your objective is pike-perch, Chub, pike or Bursch — — are precisely the opposite — — there is even advised sharp cutting. With a soft move, you just may not pass through the tight lips of walleye — — this is the reason numerous gatherings at the beach. The fish lips is very dense however soft, so sharp reducing them will break.

With the method of the cuttings, we chose, as well as the fish detected — — yet it’s just half the tale — — the fish on the pole and also the fish in the — cage are 2 different things — stayed the most important point is to overcome it — — it specifically harmed to shed a trophy that was already on your rod.

Fundamental rules of right having fun is easy: first, never ever loosen the line — — it must constantly be limited while playing fish. As soon as you give up the slack — — if the fish are not discovered well — — she is freed from the hook. Or, if it’s a carp, or barbel, there are situations when standing up to, the fish draws the fishing line totally free and gets between the teeth of the dorsal fin it is reduced. These troubles are very easy to avoid — — maintain constantly while playing fish under the angling line stretch.

A vital factor is likewise experienced in the use of the clutch. If the threshold line on the space close to the weight vyvazhivanii fish, especially. Persistently as well as constantly drawing the fish to the shore to damage fishing line, lips the fish, or even can correct a malfunctioning hook. This protects against the rubbing clutch, which absorbs the solid jerks of the fish caught. Clutch — — a gadget the hemorrhage line on a spinning reel with strong stress. The threshold of triggering of the clutch is changed manually by tightening or loosening up. The clutch enables to efficiently integrate the flexing of the rod, the line stress, and also depreciation jerks fish. Always readjust it with the tension of the angling line from the pole tip, not attempting to pull the line from the focused coil by hand at the base.

Vyvazhivat fish, bear in mind the topography of the area of fishing. Do not let the fish enter the yard and aches, where she strives instinctively for cover. It’s noticable the Lin — — after hooking it pierce rushing into the thick marine plants. Try to build a path of a battle so to bring her out of the comfort area. The very best would certainly be to elevate the fish to the surface of the water, give it to take a breath — — as an example bream then stands up to a lot less energetic.

Keep net, even if you don’t desire large fish — — it can constantly unexpectedly arise. Throughout playing big fish to the shore on top of the water carefully make it over exposed in the water with a web and also sufficing leave the catch the fish has virtually no chance to slip. If it so occurred that swallowed the big wheel, however the web is not close — — carefully overview it to the cutoff of water, as well as grabbed by the gills. Don’t attempt to pull the fish to the shore using an angling line, specifically if it is slim or shore is not flat. Keep in mind that on the banks of the very same weight will certainly be more than in the water — — there is a threat to break the fishing line.

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