Recreation on Each lake Peipsi

Recreation Friend remains in D. Salakhova, directly right into the generating Bay. For its dimension lake Peipsi is the 5th largest in Europe. Its length is 96 kilometres, and also the size reaches 50 km, lake Peipsi is abundant in fish gets, as well as the stunning nature as well as close closeness to the cities (to St. Petersburg, concerning 160 kilometres) makes this place incredibly popular with anglers and also campers.

Directly on the coasts of the lake just 4 camp sites as well as bases of rest. Leisure Friend. Framework: Beach, bath, service, billiard, Corona, gym, boathouse, gazebo, bbq location, Parking for automobiles, fishing. Tourists can enjoy exciting strolls in the timbers, skating as well as skiing.

Removal of the lake for entertainment and also angling on snow sleds with sledges. In summer season You can enjoy the warm sunlight, sunbathing on a wonderful coastline and swim in the pond, ride a boat, watercrafts. Instantly at the base of the mushroom and also berry places. On the basis of rest there is a wooden gazebo with a lovely sight of the stunning nature. For barbecue or fish, visitors can capitalize on complete areas with barbecue. Recreation: Russian Banya. Sauna. Beach/shore. Angling.

Gathering of berries and also mushrooms. Gazebos. Barbeques Sport: Skating. Ski. The snow sleds. Boats. Watercrafts. Volleyball. Football. Billiard. Crown. Simulators Can suit: in different spaces inthe Guest home or take 1/4(2 spaces)as much as 1/2( 5 rooms)entire residence there are 5 houses of different classifications from 1-room to 4-bed requirement, to3-room 9– seat.

Furthermore, the base has Camping can suit as much as 10 camping tents. Loosening up at the Campsite can utilize totally free Parking. power, drinking water, toilets, showers, bbqs, beach, sunbeds, youngsters’s and also sporting activities premises The export in wintertime, snow sled sleigh flights with child seat, on the most affordable rates on the shore: bays, devices as well as Rashpal-the lake towards Pontipee — Rashpal-Ostrovtsy, —. -Clenna — Storozhynets.- in the direction of Estonia on the elimination of as much as 8 km.

Limited accessibility to our Coast —(border area), but we’re workingon the main permission of the FSB as well as from You to take a trip on our « visitor Card » you require just Passport The earliest timing of the start of winter months angling(the very first ice gets on the bays—)— this wintertime from us fish for 1.5 months

The current days for the end of the winter season fishing (the ice thaws and also breaks up in to bays)Location nearly all houses along the water and the beach’s edge of the Bay Base location — the most effective beach part of the territory just in the Soviet period, summer season camp on lake Peipsi, as well as Children, as we understand, distinguished the excellent Food: — can cook(in your homes have kitchen corners and also the bed and breakfast has 2 complete kitchen areas). All over there are 4 or 2 heater gas cooktop, refrigerators, microwave — you can fry the meat as well as barbecue in the outdoors — for free barbecues, grills — you can eat in the Restaurant on a neighboring pleasant base 999 — it is essential to pass 50 metres — you can buy food or eat in restaurants in the cafés nearest D. Spitsino—. Peaceful, serene, pleasant and also tiny base

The distance of 230 kilometres. from the red town. To the message 86 km of Road to our intersection asphalt, in excellent problem.

— From the intersection people to 900 m. the road grader with the ache forest. Attractive sliced bath of— aspen, which is warmed « on-black ». In the bath as well as is an added powerful stove of
— the Finnish « Harvia legends. » Rent housing for any duration from 1 day.

Suit Your Pets affordable size, observingthe Rules of keeping pets in human settlements of the Russian Federation. Secure Parking practically next to your homes. 24-hour a day as well as 365 days a year — any type of related details on the location, ice problems, fish bite in the surrounding locations of the town «of Gdov to»d. Ostrovtsy — Accepting orders for placement and also elimination in the lake — Accommodation as well as service to visitors and also guests

The Deposit for the appointment in the quantity of 30%by any method: — on the Card of Sberbank or VTB24, Yandex cash, cash — at the expenditure of phone drivers MegaFon and also MTS Upon termination of the appointment: — transfer the reservation to one more date and time — the return of the Deposit in the amount of from 20 to 50%depending on the term of failure

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